Next NTBCC meeting, contacting NTBCC

The next public NTBCC meeting will be on Monday 8 April. It will be an in-person meeting at Broughton St Mary’s Church.

If there are issues that we should be aware of in the interim, please contact us either by using  the contact form on this website or send us a message via @NTBCC on Twitter and we will respond as soon as we can.

The standard agenda will be published at least 7 days prior, with a detailed agenda following shortly afterwards.

As always, members of the public are very welcome to attend this meeting and future meetings (whether in-person or virtual).

Future meetings are likely to follow this outline/’statutory’ framework, with detailed agendas being issued closer to the actual meeting.

NTBCC full agenda Monday 8 April 2024 and conveners’ reports received so far

This will be an in-person meeting: Monday 8 April at 7pm, in the Drummond Room at Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent.

  1. Admin/welcome
  2. Minutes of 11th March 2024 meeting and matters arising
  3. Chair’s update
  4. Canonmills Owners and Residents Association (CORA), Garden Area Eyre Place (23/01201/FUL)
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Community grants fund
  7. Licensing (convener’s report)
    • Supplementary Statement of Licensing Policy: ‘Overprovision’ – consultation closes 13 May 2024
    • Outdoor drinking versus non-drinking areas
  8. Transport (convener’s report)
    • Future streets meeting – proposed arrangements
    • LEZ implementation – proposed questions for quarterly transport meeting with Council officials
    • April Transport and Environment Committee – expected agenda items (confirm NTBCC position)
  9. Planning (convener’s report)
    • 26 Dunedin St – Student Housing (PBSA) – revised proposal (24/01451/FUL)
    • Current cases with Scottish Government, Division of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA), including City Plan 2030 Update
    • Current consultations: City Plan 2040 Participation (closes 1 May 2024)
    • ‘City Plan 2040’: Local Place Plans – update on NTBCC position
  10. Culture and Communities (convener’s report)
    • Update on ongoing issues
  11. Environment (convener’s report)
    • Princes Street and Waverley strategy
  12. Councillors’ reports
  13. Any other business, including news from local Residents’ Associations and points raised by members of public

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Planned Works on Dublin Street / Dublin Meuse & Associated Road Closure

The following is adapted from an email sent to us from Scottish Water covering proposed work on the upper stretch of Dublin Street / Dublin Meuse to repair a collapsed sewer. The work is planned to start on Tuesday 2nd April & last for 8 weeks.  

Dear Stakeholder, 
I am writing to inform you that Scottish Water will be carrying out a sewer repair on Dublin Meuse, Edinburgh,
this work is to repair a collapsed sewer between two manholes (see the map below – the grey dots are the manholes) which is leaking and creating a sinkhole.
Work will start at Dublin Meuse on Tuesday 2nd April and will last approximately 8 weeks.
There will be a road closure on Dublin St. No vehicles access will be permitted and parking will be suspended within the closure for the duration of works. Pedestrian footpaths will remain open and access to local business will remain but we ask pedestrians to follow the signage.
The attached letter went out on Mar 13th as advanced Start on Site (SoS) Notice and another yesterday.
We thank those affected for their patience and understanding while we carry out this essential work.
If you could please share this message with your constituents, that would be appreciated.
Denni Kinnear
Corporate Affairs Officer
Scottish Water

Licensing Board Supplementary Policy Consultation – Overprovision of Licensed Premises, closes 13 May 2024

Adapted from the post on the Council’s Consultation Hub, the Edinburgh Licensing Board is carrying out an assessment of whether there is overprovision of licensed premises (in relation to the sale of alcohol) in the City of Edinburgh Council area.

Closing date for online submissions:  13 May 2024.

Should you wish to share your views/concerns with NTBCC, please contact us by email to 

Full details can be found here: Overprovision of Licensed Premises – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space

Previous responses from statutory consultees provide some useful context:

NB: The current (2018) Assessment of Overprovision as set out in Chapter 14 and Appendix 2 of the Board’s new Statement of Licensing Policy (published 27 November 2023) continues to form part of the Board’s Statement of Licensing Policy meanwhile.

Licensing Board – Applications in NTBCC’s Area : 21 March 2024

Adapted from a Licensing Board notification received by the New Town & Broughton Community Council of new alcohol licensing application(s) within NTBCC’s area.

Should you wish to share your views/concerns with NTBCC, please contact us by email to 

Please find below the following application(s) due to be heard at the meeting of the Licensing Board (dates to be confirmed) which are located in your Community Council area.

Provisional    520487      Unit 9, Omni Centre (see here for site plan), 61 Leith Street (Slug & Lettuce?), EH1 3AU
as related to Planning application 04/03692/FUL | Change of use to form restaurant from existing coffee shop | Unit 9 61 Leith Street Edinburgh EH1 3AU that was granted on 19 November 2004.

Provisional    522065      85-87 Rose Street (ex- Greggs, now Viva Bar), EH2 3DT
as related to Planning applications 22/06370/FUL | Change or Use from Class 1 (Shop) to Class 3 (Restaurant) including alterations. | 85 – 87 Rose Street Edinburgh EH2 3DT that was granted on 16 March 2023,
and 23/04761/S50 | Request for a Planning Section 50 Certificate (Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005) | 85 – 87 Rose Street New Town Edinburgh EH2 3DT that was granted on 23 October 2023;

Variation      515335      28 York Place (28 York Place Hotel), EH1 3EP
includes to amend the layout plan to include an outdoor drinking area.

Variation      520373      5-11 Leith Street (The Newsroom), EH1 3AT
to add Outside Drinking as an activity during and outwith core licensed hours; Layout plan amended to reflect the proposed outdoor area.

Variation      521117      104 Hanover Street (ex- Bar Soba), EH2 1DR
as related to Planning application 24/00464/CLE | Use of premises as bar and restaurant | 104 Hanover Street Edinburgh EH2 1DR that is awaiting assessment currently.

Any comments/objections should be lodged in writing by 11/04/2024 (please note we recommend forwarding representations by e-mail to

Full details of the applications can be found here:

‘Statutory’ agenda for NTBCC meeting on Monday 8 April (in-person meeting)

The next NTBCC public meeting will an ‘In-Person’ meeting on Monday 8 April at 7:00pm in the Drummond Room at Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent.

We’re continuing to alternate between ‘in-person’ meetings & those held via Zoom as we believe that this  best meets residents’ needs although we’d like to host hybrid meetings (in person as well as access via Zoom) but funds / facilities  currently don’t permit this option at the moment.

The detailed agenda for this meeting will be published in due course, but for now here is the ‘statutory’/framework agenda.

    1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
    2. Approval of draft minutes of previous meeting (11 March 2024)
    3. Matters arising
    4. Policing matters
    5. Transport
    6. Licensing
    7. Culture & Communities
    8. Environment
    9. Engagement / Communications
    10. Planning
    11. Councillors’ reports
    12. Open Forum (for residents to raise any concerns)
    13. AOCB

This is the NTBCC standard agenda. A more detailed agenda with specific topics will be published before the meeting.

As always, members of the public are very welcome to attend this meeting and indeed future meetings (whether in-person or virtual).

Any member of the public who would like to raise an issue in the interim can use the contact form on this website or send us a message via @NTBCC on Twitter and we will respond as soon as we can.

NTBCC ordinary meeting minutes 12 February 2024

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s meeting, at Broughton St Mary’s Church, on Monday 12 February 2024 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

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NTBCC full agenda Monday 11 March 2024 and conveners’ reports received so far

This will be an online meeting on Monday 11 March at 7pm, via Zoom (

  1. Admin/welcome
  2. Minutes of 12th February 2024 meeting and matters arising
  3. Chair’s update
  4. Planning (convener’s report)
  5. Licensing (convener’s report)
    • Planning Section 50 Certificates – Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
    • Outdoor area for serving alcohol – licensed footprint vs tables & chairs permit
  6. Transport (convener’s report)
    • Feedback from Transport & Environment Committee on 7 March 2024
      • Cllr Mowat’s motion: CCWEL (City Centre West to East Link) project
      • Change in proposal for determining Traffic Orders
  7. Environment (convener’s report)
  8. Culture and Communities (convener’s report)
    • Reopening of the Nelson Monument (to note)
    • Signage for buskers (to note)
    • Fireworks control zones (FCZ) (to note)
    • Events budgeting (to note)
    • Parks and openspace investment (to note)
    • Million tree city/allergens (to note)
  9. AOCB, including news from residents’ associations, and points raised by members of the public.

Please note: before or during the meeting, names and email addresses may be recorded. Email addresses are held and used for circulating information about NTBCC but may also be used to seek residents’ views on local issues.
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