Planning application for George Street “year round” marquees

At the March meeting of the NTBCC, there was unanimous agreement to object to the Experimental Traffic Order (TRO/14/13) to close off the north of George Street from St Andrew’s Square to Frederick Street and the south side from Charlotte Square to Frederick Street to cars – an objection was submitted to the Traffic order (see our website article).  Continue reading

Picardy Place proposals – now is the time to air your views

Henderson Global Investors (HGI) have made two proposals for converting Picardy Place. The plans are at an early stage and now is the time to think about these proposals and air your views. The New Town & Broughton Community Council (NTBCC), along with other representative groups, have already made a representation questioning whether the impact on traffic flows has been fully considered and asking what this proposed development brings to the residents and communities of Edinburgh.  Continue reading