Meet the funders

(adapted from a post on the Neighbourhood Partnership website)

The next Meet the Funders event will take place on Thursday 3 December 2015 and will be held in Portobello Town Hall from 1 to 4pm.

'Meet the Funders' is a free marketplace event providing access to funding information for community projects.  It is an opportunity for groups to discuss their ideas with potential funders and collect a range of information about possible sources of grant aid.  The event also offers the groups an opportunity to meet and work together.

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Edinburgh’s budget challenge: stakeholder engagement

(Adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council)


Edinburgh Council has launched its budget engagement for 2016-20 and is inviting all partners and citizens to take part. It is asking you to participate in this engagement through completing the feedback channels in the e-flier below and/or attending meetings which you might be invited to.

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Look Around – See Me (Rozejrzyj Się – Zobacz Mnie)

(adapted from an email circulated by Edinburgh Council on behalf of NHS Lothian and FENIKS)

The suicide rate among Polish people living in Scotland is higher than the Scottish and Police averages, we are told.

FENIKS, a mental health support organisation for Polish people in Edinburgh, has published (in partnership with See Me) a booklet to try to reduce suicide rates. To obtain copies, contact FENIKS via their communications officer, Barbara Wesolowska:
Mobile: 074 1312 1012

Agenda for NTBCC meeting: 12 October

This will take place at 7:30 in the Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent. Enter by ramp, suitable for wheelchairs, down at right hand side of church.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of Meeting of 7 September 2015 and matters arising
  3. Police
  4. Presentation of initial masterplan of redevelopment of Edinburgh Academy campus, 42 Henderson Row by Turley, Planning Consultants
  5. Planning
  6. Licensing
  7. Transport
  8. Environment
  9. Neighbourhood Partnerships
  10. Activities of Local Street or Amenity Associations
  11.  Any Other Business

Members of the public are very welcome to attend this meeting.