Care and Repair Edinburgh – Better At Home

Care and Repair Edinburgh (C&RE) is a registered charity supporting older (60+) and disabled people to live safely at home through providing a range of practical services.

C&RE is contracted by the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) to provide the following core services:

  • small repairs
  • adaptations
  • FREE handyperson/volunteer
  • keysafe fitting (police approved)
  • trade referrals.

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MUSIC IS AUDIBLE CONSULTATION – Representation by Community Council

New Town & Broughton Community council have objected  to the proposal currently being consulted on by Edinburgh City Council to replace the current licensing condition which requires amplified music to be inaudible in nearby residential properties with one which merely requires that it shall not be an audible nuisance. Our objection is based on the following reasons:

  • the present condition is clear cut and readily enforceable, whereas the proposed condition is subjective – who decides what is a “nuisance”? Who arbitrates in a difference of viewpoint?
  • supporters claim it will enable Licensing Standards Officers to make a “fairer and more balanced judgement”. In reality, it will have the opposite effect of making judgements more difficult and subjective, harder to resolve satisfactorily, and therefore open to judicial review
  • the proposal is at variance with the Music Venues Trust recommendations that, when a venue opens up in an existing area, the venue operator as “agent of change” must ensure soundproofing
  • although it is claimed that the inaudibility clause discourages musicians from performing in Edinburgh, no evidence has been produced to support this view. Indeed, the city has a thriving music scene. Venues which have failed have done so for commercial / management reasons
  • research shows that exposure to persistent noise can lead to health problems – deafness and chronic stress is linked to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and immune problems
  • if Edinburgh’s policy is stricter than many other places, it reflects the need to protect the amenity of the unusually high residential component in the centre. This sector makes a valuable contribution to the economic health of the city, far greater than the music industry
  • we note that the main agitation seems to be from venue proprietors rather than musicians, which suggests commercial motivation rather than altruistic support for the arts
  • as other cities rediscover urban living, the Edinburgh policy could set the way forward rather than being perceived as outdated and restrictive

The full representation submitted by NTBCC can be viewed here

World Heritage Site Public Consultation

A period of consultation has been launched, inviting the public to have their say on how the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site is being run.

The City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh World Heritage and Historic Environment Scotland have teamed up to launch the process that will run through July.

It is a requirement of all World Heritage Sites that robust management plans are in place to ensure its key values are conserved. The current plan expires at the end of 2016. The new plan will be drawn up later in the year based on feedback and suggestions from the public. The consultation runs from 1 – 25 July.

The New Town and Broughton Community Council have a place on the committee overseeing  the development of the new plan. We encourage all residents to take part in this consultation. Please follow this link to take part in the consultation:

If you have any questions about the consultation or for further details, please contact:

Planning application for Royal Bank of Scotland site expected late July

The Community Council has been told by the developers that this planning application for the RBS site on Dundas St/Eyre Terrace  is unlikely you be submitted till late July at the earliest. We do not meet in July , our next meeting is  Monday 1 August,  so if the planning application has been lodged by then we can consider it at that meeting. However, as it may not be lodged till early August, we  have  booked the Drummond Room ( where we normally meet) for Monday 22 August, to ensure we have a date available  to discuss it. Our next meeting after then is Monday 12 September .