Who we are

Here's how to contact us and who we are:


Chair Ian Mowat chair@ntbcc.org.uk
Vice-chair  Richard Price vicechair@ntbcc.org.uk
Secretary Judith Conn secretary@ntbcc.org.uk
Treasurer Jonathan Finn treasurer@ntbcc.org.uk

Other elected members

Susannah Beaumont
Foysol Choudhury MBE (co-opted March 2017)
Andrew Haddow
Stephen Hajduki
Jack Hugh
Stuart McAllister
Susan MacInnes (co-opted June 2017)
Richard Price
Christine Ross
Fran Wasoff
Alan Welsh
(Kanimozhi Devanathan resigned due to moving out of NTBCC's area in October 2017.)

Nominated group representatives

Christopher Collins (Drummond Civic Association)
Allan Jack (The India Street Association)
Lewis Press (Claremont Court Residents Association)
Carol Nimmo (Regent, Royal, Carlton Terraces and Mews Association)

NTBCC committee convenors and members

committee convenor members
Environment L. Press J. Conn, J. Finn, A. Jack, S. McAllister, C. Ross
Licensing J. Finn A. Haddow, I. Mowat, F. Wasoff (acting convenor)
Planning R. Price S. Beaumont, J. Conn, C. Collins, S. Hajducki, S. McAllister, I. Mowat, C. Nimmo
Transport A. Jack S. Hajducki, I. Mowat, C. Nimmo, C. Ross, A. Welsh
Communications S. MacInnes S. McAllister, F Choudhury, I. Mowat, R. Price, B. Ryan

Associate and ex-officio members

Bruce Ryan
(minutes secretary)
Ruth Davidson MSP

Ben Macpherson MSP

Deidre Brock MP

Cllrs Karen Doran, Claire MillerJoanna Mowat and Alastair Rankin (City Centre ward)

Cllrs Gavin Barrie, Max MitchellHal Osler and Iain Whyte (Inverleith ward)

Cllrs Marion Donaldson, Amy Mcneese-MechanSusan Rae and Lewis Ritchie (Leith Walk ward)

All voting members (elected members and nominated group representatives) were (re-)elected in October 2016. Ex-officio members were (re-)confirmed in the local government elections on 2017_05_04.

Where we work and what we do

New Town and Broughton Community Council is one of Edinburgh’s 44 Community Councils, established under statute, to represent the views of the community within its area, the boundaries of which are set by the Edinburgh Scheme for Community Councils. Click the thumbnail for a full-size view of NTBCC's area:


The Community Council is charged with representing the views of the local community on a wide range of issues. With our area being right at the heart of Edinburgh, there are always a large number of issues to discuss, ranging from major retail, office or residential redevelopments to the environmental effects of waste management in the city centre. In the last year we made representations on behalf of the community on a number of planning , licensing, environmental and traffic management issues, and attended several Council hearings.

New Town and Broughton Community Council meets in full session nine times a year, generally on the second Monday of each month, excepting January, April and July. These meetings are open to the public, and are attended regularly by ward Councillors and Community Police officers. Meetings are normally held at the Drummond Room, Broughton St Marys Church, Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh - see Meetings page.

The Community Council office-bearers are the Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Office-bearers are elected annually, at an Annual General Meeting, normally held in May. The Community Council organises its work through four key committees, Planning, Transport, Environment and Licensing, all composed and convened by Community Councillors, answerable to the Community Council as a whole. Community Councillors are elected tri-annually and normally serve a term of three years. Election is open to anyone aged 16 or over resident within the Community Council’s boundaries. For more details regarding the constitution and operation of Community Councils in Edinburgh please refer to the Edinburgh Scheme for Community Councils.

Here is a video from City of Edinburgh Council's YouTube site about The Role of Community Councils in Edinburgh: