Designation of the whole City of Edinburgh Council area as a Short-term Let Control Area

Adapted from email received by the New Town & Broughton Communty Council on the recent approval of a city-wide Short-Term Let Control Area which will come into effect on 5th September 2022.

Also note the link to the current (final) consultation  on a mandatory licensing scheme for all short-term lets which coincidently closes on 5th September 2022.

Following the consultation, in which you participated, and approval by Planning Committee to proceed with designation of a Short-term Let Control Area in Edinburgh, the Scottish Government approved the designation of the whole City of Edinburgh Council area as a Short-term Let Control Area for the purposes of Section 26B of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 on 27th  July 2022.

The area of designation corresponds with the administrative area of the City of Edinburgh Council.

A map of the area of designation showing the boundary is available on the Council’s website and is available for inspection by any person at the City Chambers Reception, 249-253 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ at the following times:

            Monday to Thursday:  between 9am and 5pm

            Friday: between 9am and 3:30pm.

The designation will come to effect on 5th September 2022.

Upon the designation taking effect, use of an entire dwelling that is not a principal home, as a short-term let will be a material change of use requiring planning permission.

Further information can be found on our website.

Separate legislation introducing a mandatory licensing scheme for all short-term lets in Scotland was approved earlier this year.  This will require all short-term lets to be licensed by July 2024.  A licensing scheme for Edinburgh is being developed, you can give your views on our Consultation Hub until 5 September 2022.

STL Control area team

Planning & Building Standards | Sustainable Development | Place Directorate | Tel: 0131 200 2000 | The City of Edinburgh Council,  Floor G.3 Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG  | email:

NTBCC Objection to the Installation of a BT ‘Street Hub’ at 117 Dundas Street (22/02528/FUL)

NTBCC submitted an objection to the above application and welcome its prompt refusal.

A summary of our objection is outlined below.

This proposal within the New Town & Broughton Community Council’s area forms part of a wider pan-Edinburgh series of applications for the installation of BT ‘Street Hubs’ which are essentially double-sided digital advertising display units with static but frequently rotating content – the majority of which aim to replace redundant BT phone kiosks.

We note that the proposed location is on the periphery but just outwith the (Old and) New Town World Heritage site but the site does sit within the New Town Conservation area.

Generally, the New Town & Broughton Community Council would support removal of redundant (i.e. infrequently used) BT phone kiosks. These kiosks have often been subject to either vandalism to some degree or locations that attract anti-social behaviour or more typically targeted as suitable locations for graffiti or fly-posting. However, whilst this application proposes removal of a currently under-utilised and graffiti’d  kiosk on Dundas Street, it also proposes replacing the redundant kiosk with a BT ‘Street Hub’.

We have considered the proposed benefits as listed in the application documents for BT ‘Street Hubs’  and although there may be elements that could be beneficial to local residents; based on reported (albeit anecdotal in part) evidence from other UK cities which have already approved similar installations, we remain unconvinced that there are sufficient real benefits to support this proposal versus the significant disbenefits as outlined in our  full submission 

Therefore, given the above and that the proposal is, in our view, contrary to a number of  current LDP policies (being Des 1, Des 5 and Env 6) and associated non-statutory guidance (‘Guidance on Advertisements, Sponsorship and City Dressing’), we would wish to register our formal objection to this application as presented.

Although the deadline for submitting comments has now passed, we would also urge Planning officers to refuse the associated 22/02527/ADV application (‘2 No LED Digital Displays’ : Proposed Telecoms Apparatus 16 Metres West Of 117 Dundas Street New Town Edinburgh). (However, as of 29 June,  this application was  still ‘Awaiting Assessment’).


Police Scotland – City Centre Community Policing Team – NTBCC Newsletter 9 June 2022

The following  has been extracted from the City Centre Community Policing Team Newsletter sent to the New Town & Broughton Community Council covering the previous month up until 9th June .

Although we have made comments on the timeliness  of the content of these communications, we appreciate receiving these regular updates from the City Centre Community Policing Team based at the West End Police Station. 

The following extracts from the full newsletter may be of interest. We are hoping that we have a Police Scotland Community officer present in person at our next in-person  NTBCC meeting on 13th June.

Looking Back
This month has seen a continuation of the work of the “Tyre extinguishers” in the New Town and beyond, details are being noted in relation to either breach of the peace or culpable and reckless conduct dependant on the nature of the incident. It is very hard to pinpoint who is doing this as it seems likely to be a number of individuals working towards a common goal. Most of the areas they target are away from CCTV however some of the leaflets left on the vehicles have been sent for forensic analysis. Please continue to be vigilant to those intent on letting down tyres on SUV style vehicles who seem to be doing so in the hours of darkness. Also, please ensure your vehicle, tyres in particular are correctly inflated before driving to minimise any risks to yourself and others.

On a similar environmental theme, a large window was smashed at Barclays bank on Princes Street by an extinction rebellion activist, part of a series of vandalism in Glasgow and Aberdeen, a female has been charged and reported for this incident. Barclays is a target due to its record in investment in fossil fuels.

What We’re Noticing
There have been a spate of vehicle thefts in the New Town. A Landrover was stolen opposite Broughton St Marys Parish church and a motor bike was stolen in the early evening at Fettes Row which has since been recovered thanks to a tracker installed by the owner.

A further motor bike was stolen by three males with balaclavas on George Street. Two of the males were on scooters and the third male drove off on the bike around midnight  on George Street, a person has since been identified for this theft.

There was just one break in to a domestic premises on Great King Street where a male has climbed in an open window and then fled when confronted by the occupier but not before they have managed to steal some small electrical goods. The housebreaking enquiry team have a suspect in mind for this crime. We have been giving attention to areas where we still receive complaints re speeding in the 20mph roads of the New Town with several drivers warned and tickets issues to those travelling at excessive speed. One of these offenders was the driver of a private hire car and he has been reported to the CAB office, a joint police/council department who monitor drivers issued with taxi licenses. As this limit has been in place for several years there is really no excuse for us not to all be aware and follow the 20’s plenty.

Looking Forward
The City Centre continues to get busier now that restrictions have been removed. Resources are already being put in place for Operation Summer City when the festival returns. Officers from divisions out with Edinburgh will be amongst the additional officers being deployed. This will extensively boost the amount of officers that are within the city centre at any one time to ensure that tourists and residents alike can enjoy the festival safely.

If there are any issues which we feel you should know about, we will of course update you in the forthcoming newsletters, but if there is anything you would like us to address, or crime prevention information you would like us to provide, please let us know and we will tailor the content accordingly.

City Centre Community Policing Team

The full newsletter will be discussed  at the June NTBCC meeting and included in the meeting minutes.

NTBCC AGM & June meeting – In Person or via Zoom : Monday 13 June

For the first time in over 2 years, NTBCC’s June meeting will be an ‘in-person’ event in the main sanctuary of Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent.

This will start with the Annual General meeting (AGM), immediately followed by our normal June meeting.

  • In order to gauge the number of attendees, we’re asking everyone to register if they plan to attend in person via the Eventbrite link here.
  • There will also be an option to attend virtually – if this option is desired, please register via a separate Eventbrite link here to receive the Zoom details.

We have been exploring options for holding for hybrid meetings and now believe that with the new facilities available in Broughton St Mary’s , we are more confident of being able to successfully hold a hybrid meeting but with the focus on it being an in-person event.

The full agenda for the AGM and June meeting will be published soon on our website,

We look forward to as many residents as possible joining us for this as well as local councillors – both those newly-elected or those who have been re-elected folllowing the 5 May Council elections.

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Scottish Ministers’ Approval for Edinburgh’s Low Emission Zone

Local media as well as national media has recently covered the introduction of Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in major Scottish cities – Edinburgh along with Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow. 

The following is adapted from an email sent to the New Town & Broughton Community Council  (NTBCC) on 2 June stating that  final approval by Scottish Ministers for the proposed LEZ in Edinburgh was given on 19 May.  The email confirms that the proposal, as agreed at the Council’s 31 March 2022 Transport & Environment Committee, has now been approved by Scottish Ministers and came into force  on 31 May 2022 – with enforcement from 1 June 2024. 

NTBCC had again raised several concerns with the proposal during the final Council consultation e.g. the limited scope of the LEZ in Edinburgh, its adverse impact on residents living outside the area covered by the LEZ and the lack of effective enforcement plans. However, despite these concerns, shared by many other groups, the proposed scheme was approved at the 31 March Transport & Environment Committee without any changes from the initial proposal.

We are also unclear how this proposal will contribute to reductions in emissions to ensure compliance with the Scottish Government’s climate change objectives, specifically for carbon dioxide (CO2) – as stated below.

The specific detail of the approved Low Emission Zone can be viewed on the Council’s website here .

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Young Persons Free Bus Travel scheme – communication from the Edinburgh Bus Users Group

Adapted from an email sent to several community councils by the Edinburgh Bus Users Group (EBUG) highlighting the recently-introduced Young Persons’ (under 22’s) Free Bus Travel  passes. Although the scheme experienced some initial problems, steps have now been taken to make the application process easier and more widely available.   

Dear Community Council members

Scottish Bus Week is 23 May-29 May.
One of EBUG’s contributions highlights the low take-up of the Young Person’s Free Bus Travel scheme (‘under-22’s Bus Pass’). The scheme started in January 2022, but in Edinburgh, the latest information suggests only about 50% of 5 to 15 year olds have the Pass. Although this is higher than in many Council areas and the data changes weekly; but when the cost of living is a serious issue for many families and young people, free bus travel is a big help.
Two factors seem to be at work:
  • Many eligible people haven’t heard of the scheme
  • A demanding and complicated application process

Hopefully applications are now easier with the launch of this website:

AND libraries can now deal with paper applications

So, for Scottish Bus Week, EBUG is asking you just to use your normal communications in your area to publicise AND off-line applications at Council libraries.

Let’s get take-up close to 100%.

Yours sincerely,

Secretary, Edinburgh Bus Users Group

Next NTBCC meeting – Monday 9th May – Agenda items & Registration

NTBCC’s next meeting will again be held via the Zoom platform on Monday 9th. Although we have explored options for holding for hybrid meetings, based on the experience of other events – we are yet not confident of being able to successfully hold a hybrid meeting with the current facilities available to us.

However, in line with feedback from a recent poll amongst NTBCC members,  there was some support to return to in-person meetings in the summer. Consistent with that, the intent is for the June NTBCC meeting (which includes the Annual General Meeting ) to be our first in-person meeting for over 2 years – to be held in the sanctuary (main body) of Broughton St Mary’s church. This will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The full agenda for the online May meeting will be published soon on our website,

We look forward to as many residents as possible joining us for this as well as local councillors – both those newly-elected or those who have been re-elected folllowing the 5th May Council elections.

For those that wish to attend – please register via Eventbrite using this link

We look forward to as many residents as possible joining us for this.

What’s going to be discussed ?

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