City Centre West to East Cycle Link and Street Improvements project update

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This is the seventeenth CCWEL update. These are issued regularly to keep all stakeholders up to date. When construction commences on site (expected January 2021) updates will be issued more frequently with details of construction and traffic management.

Further information on CCWEL is available here:

Project timeline

The project is at the technical phase of the design programme and the CCWEL Team are continuing to:

  • Finalise detailed designs
  • Complete statutory procedures
  • Take forward tender preparation and procurement
  • Carry out site investigatory works

Discussions with the proposed contractor are underway. However, the Coronavirus outbreak is likely to cause various delays and it is now expected that work will commence in January 2021.

Consultation – Statutory Procedures

The development of the project has involved significant stakeholder and public consultation, attracting a high level of interest and engagement.

An update on the latest developments regarding the statutory procedures is outlined below:

Traffic Orders Section 1: Roseburn to Haymarket

The report from the Public Hearing for the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was reported to the Policy and Sustainability Committee on 14 May 2020. The report can be found on our website here. A decision from Scottish Government on the Redetermination Order (RSO) is expected soon.

Traffic Orders Section 2: Haymarket to Charlotte Square

Statutory consultations have been carried out for Section 2. Representations were reported to the Transport and Environment Committee meeting on 20 June 2019. The Redetermination Order for Section 2 is subject to Scottish Government decisions and a decision from the Scottish Government on the RSO is expected soon.

Traffic Orders Section 3:St Andrew’s Square to York Place

The advertisement of the TRO and the RSO for Charlotte Street and St David Street was scheduled to go ahead in the coming weeks following consultation with elected members and key stakeholders.

However, the advertisement will now be postponed to ensure that people have the opportunity to view and comment at a time when there is less uncertainty due to Covid-19.

Supporting Businesses

Our aim is to maintain the vibrancy and accessibility of the streets during the construction period. We are planning an ‘Open for Business Campaign’ to let people know about the arrangements during the construction period and keep people visiting. A Community and Business Forum was established last year for Section 1 and a similar approach is planned for further sections along the route to ensure good channels of communication between the Council, the Contractor and the Community.


In developing the CCWEL Scheme, we have established a monitoring plan to assess the impact of the Scheme.

SYSTRA have now been appointed to deliver the monitoring plan and will assess various aspects of the Scheme before and after implementation including:

  • traffic levels
  • safety
  • environment
  • economy
  • user satisfaction with different groups

By using a standardised set of tools and techniques and with data collected at consistent times it will become possible to compare results. This will enable an analysis of how the new project affects the surrounding area and the people within it.

We are currently considering ways to adapt the monitoring package in order to appropriately account for the impact of Covid-19 on transport behaviours.

Site investigation

It is planned to carry out site investigation work and associated traffic management at key locations along the route. This will allow assessment of conditions and utilities underground.

Site investigation works programmed to start in York Place have been postponed due to Covid 19 and the suspension of construction sites in Scotland. It is hoped that this work will commence during the Summer

More information

We will continue to keep you updated on developments through the Project Updates and the project webpage at

For further information on the CCWEL project please contact Eileen Hewitt on 0131 469 3502 or

Please also use these contact details if you wish to be added to or removed from the mailing list, or to have your data amended.

Data Protection

We are delivering this project in partnership with Sustrans Scotland and design consultants AECOM and WYG. Any information shared with us will be used to inform the development of this project and may be shared with these organisations also if deemed necessary and appropriate. At the end of the project all personal data will be permanently removed.