Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 10 March 2022

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting on Thursday 10 March 2022 at 5:30pm, at Trams project compound (165 Leith Walk)

Actions and decisions are red italic. ‘TT’ means ‘Trams Team’. Names are mostly abbreviated to initials.

0 Summary of actions

3.1 TT to issue dashboards in time for review by CCTT before monthly meetings
3.1.1 CCTT (MB) and TT to discuss issues with Gayfield Square traffic offline
3.2.1 TT to include dates of updates on all future iterations of map showing completion dates
3.3.1 TT to take action about dangers at the substation works near the Trams project compound
3.4.1 CW to provide data answering the queries about claims at the next meeting
3.5 RA/TT to add date current map of crossings was prepared, and use consistent colours for crossing-types.
BR to then publish this map on LCCC, LHNCC, NTBCC websites.
3.5 TT to investigate improvements to crossing near Playhouse, and ways to make cyclists walk when using it.
3.7 TT to review signage at Constitution St/Ocean Drive advising that Ocean Terminal can’t be accessed via Ocean Drive.
3.7 TT to provide ‘look-aheads’ about traffic management changes
3.8 CW to provide monthly updates (with data) on business health
3.8 CW to advise total amount of business support disbursed.
3.10 CCTT (HT) and TT to discuss TT’s meetings with other groups outwith monthly CCTT/TT meetings
4.1 future agendas to have an ‘observations’ item
4.7 HT and RA to discuss signage on Leith Walk
5.2.1 RA/CW to provide written response in the next few days, CCIng this to BR so he can complete minutes
5.2.1 RA to escalate the issue raised by JM
5.2.2 RA/CW to provide written responses in the next few days, CCIng this to BR so he can complete minutes
6 RA and HT to meet next Friday to register of post-project measures

1 Prelims

1.1 Welcome, apologies

1.1.1 Present

Robert Armstrong (in person) TT Carol Nimmo (in person) CCTT/NTBCC
Mike Birch (in person) CCTT/NTBCC Jennifer Marlborough (in person) CCTT/LHNCC
Don Giles CCTT/LHNCC Bruce Ryan (via MS Teams) CCTT minutes secretary
Steve Jackson (via MS Teams) TT Harald Tobermann (in person) CCTT/LCCC
Rob Leech (in person) TT Chris Wilson (in person) TT
Andrew Mackenzie (in person) CCTT /LLCC

1.1.2 Apologies

Charlotte Encombe CCTT/LCCC

1.2 Minutes of February 2021 meeting

Approved nem con

2 Major item for discussion


3 TT reports and updates

3.1 Latest (dated) progress dashboard, key metrics and period lookahead table

Action: TT to issue dashboards in time for review by CCTT before monthly meetings

3.1.1 Q: Period Lookahead shows start of track construction at London Road junction – not clear what impact this will have on temporary traffic management.

  • SJ: There will be no additional impact – all work will be done within the existing traffic management/work-site.
    • This is possible because track has been already installed from York Place to the current work-site, and so is already halfway across this junction.
  • HT: Please maintain the existing two lanes (travelling north from Picardy Place) across the old roundabout.
    • RA: some Scottish Water work currently prevents this, but TT will act on this when possible.
  • CN: there are problems with traffic emerging from Gayfield Square. This will lead to congestion on York Place
    • Action: CCTT (MB) and TT to discuss this offline

3.1.2 Q: Drainage works about 4 months behind schedule – overall project impact?

  • SJ: this stems from attenuation works on Baltic St taking longer than expected. A solution is being implemented.

3.2 Latest (dated) route map with completion dates for each section

3.2.1 How to present the dates per section as we get closer to meeting completion, including format on the website (map?)

  • RL/CW: the aim is to present realistic dates of when sections will be completed. As and when appropriate, dates will be presented as months rather than seasons. (Appropriate amounts of contingency-time will be included.)
    • TT will only present one set of dates, in a DDA-compliant manner[1]. This map is on TT’s website.
    • An updated version will be created in the next fortnight, then advertised via TT’s newsletters and social media.
    • CCTT: please make the map’s colours more user-friendly and add revision date to each iteration of the map.
    • Action: TT to include dates of updates on all future iterations

3.3 Latest (dated) H&S metrics (included in main dashboard)

3.3.1 Q: three Environmental incidents reported – what were they?

  • SJ/RA: these were all related to lack of street lighting. An ‘incident’ is when someone is insured.
    • HT: CCTT has raised lighting issues ad nauseam, but such issues persist, e.g. at Dalmeny St. Who is ultimately responsible? There is also potential for public to be injured at the substation works near the Trams project compound.
    • Action: TT to take action about safety issues here

3.4 Latest (dated) comms dashboard (included in main dashboard) and latest geographical breakdown of comms

3.4.1 Q: Enquiry type ‘other’ is second highest. What is included in this category? Also ‘Potential Claims’ taking nearly 200 hours to resolve. How many claims have been submitted? How many have been settled? What is the value of claims?

  • CW: ‘other’ includes Twitter comments, non-enquiries and enquiries that are not about the project, auto-replies to newsletter mailings, spam
    • CW: claimants are advised on the TT website that claims may take some time to process
  • Action: CW to provide data answering the queries about claims at the next meeting.

3.5 Latest (dated) map showing all temporary pedestrian crossing points along the route and distances, location of temporary bus stops, and diverted or narrowed (below 1·2 m) footpaths

  • HT: it is welcome that the map now covers the whole route, but it does not show where pavements are less than 1·2 m.
    • Please provide an update before each CCTT/TT meeting, in time for CCTT to comment at meetings.
    • Action: RA/TT to add date current map was prepared
    • Action: RA/TT to ensure colours for types of crossing are consistent
    • Action: BR to then publish this map on LCCC, LHNCC, NTBCC websites
  • MB: what progress has been made with installing a crossing between Leith St and Broughton St?
    • RL: I know that this situation is poor, but TT’s deadline for restoring tram services to St Andrews Square means TT can’t pause work to install a crossing. Once relevant work is complete at the end of April, a crossing can be installed.
  • HT: TT should consider distances pedestrians need to travel when planning crossings
  • CN: the crossing near the Playhouse has moved and become narrower. Its entrance is hard to find.
    • Action: TT to investigate improvements, and ways to make cyclists dismount when using this crossing.
  • CCTT: there are concerns about pavement widths at Constitution St
    • RA: pavements have been widened here
    • AM: because pedestrians need to cross CS to stay on the pavement, they are walking in the road.
    • AM: please remove the ‘useless’ bus stop directly in front of St Mary’s Star of the Sea church, on the west side of Constitution St between Coatfield Lane and Queen Charlotte St
    • HT: heras fencing should be on the road, to maintain pavement widths.
  • JM: buses and other traffic are being diverted at the Foot of the Walk along Duke St, without notice at bus-stops. (Drivers are being told to divert while en route.) This is also happening to buses bound for the Royal Infirmary.
    • HT: it is up to Lothian Buses to advise passengers of changes, but the root cause is the tram-work causing congestion.
    • RA: TT was not told about such changes.

3.6 Map showing any planned changes (one month ahead) to temporary pedestrian crossing points along the route and distances, location of temporary bus stops, and diverted or narrowed (below 1·2 m) footpaths

none to 10th April

3.7 List of traffic management measures (locations and brief description, dates) agreed and coming into force in the coming 5 weeks: road traffic diversions and lane closures, bus route diversions

  • RA: there may be emergency works beyond TT’s control leading to extra traffic management
  • DG: lack of signage at the Constitution St/Ocean Drive junction is leading to heavy vehicles wishing to travel to Ocean Terminal needing to reverse.
    • RA: there is signage but TT will review it. TT can’t be blamed if satnavs are leading drivers astray.
  • CW: because the Queen Charlotte St/Constitution St junction will soon close, Maritime Lane will soon open
  • Action: TT to provide ‘look-aheads’ about traffic management changes

3.8 Ongoing metrics regarding ‘business health’

  • HT: is an update on last month’s data available, perhaps using proxy data?
    • CW: Leith’s vacancy rate (Jan to Jun 2021) has plateaued while Edinburgh’s has increased. There have been 78 closures and 75 openings over the last year in Leith, while Scotland is losing 4 retail businesses per day. That is, Leith is doing relatively well. The Business Continuity funds, Itison etc are contributing to this
    • Action: CW to provide monthly updates – with data
  • CW: ~400 small businesses may be eligible for support from TT. Of these, 143 have applied for grants. NB such grants are not compensation.
    • Action: CW to advise total amount of support disbursed.

3.9 Summary of the most recent Tram Project Board meeting on a confidential basis

  • RL: Conversations with the board include financial matters, dashboards, health and safety, social media campaigns, relationships with Lothian Buses, materials and labour issues, traffic issues, handling historical materials, risks.

3.10 Summary of TT meetings with Active Travel and Business Groups

  • RL: TT is obliged to engage with various other groups, but gives CCTT much more time/consideration.
    • MB: CCTT is concerned that TT does not have sufficient resources for all these meetings.
    • MB: there has been no city-wide Active Travel Forum meeting since June 2019. This is bound to lead to frustration and anger with TT, even if issues are not caused by trams work. How can CCTT help TT get the support it needs?
  • CW: meetings with the business group are monthly. They report on Itison etc
    • Action: CCTT (HT) and TT to discuss this further outwith these meetings

4 Queries and issues identified by CCTT

There was no time to cover items 4.2 to 4.7, so the following responses were provided by RA by email on 15 March. He also provided a response to 4.1

4.1 Photos compiled by Mike Birch

  • RL: photos are helpful: they may communicate better than long emails. I value the CCTT/TT meetings.
    • CW: comms via the Trams to Newhaven channels go into the customer relationship management system, so are recorded and will survive loss on any individual.
    • Decision: if matters are not resolved quickly via the TTN channels, or are urgent, they will be escalated to these meetings
    • Action: agendas to include an ‘observations’ item
  • RA response
    • TM blown over and reported to Class One
    • Gullies within the buffer zone have been placed here due to the location of services within the carriageway, the design of these are currently being look at within the team
    • Unsure where this is, does not look to be anywhere within our works
    • Surfacing quality of the cycleway has been raised as a defect
    • Access was temporarily blocked to carry out defect repairs and all comms were released on this as well as residents being consulted
    • What is the issue in this photo?
    • Area has not been finished and further works are still required
    • Temp marking to be removed as part of works and are ongoing

4.2 Junction Melrose Drive/North Leith Sands

  • RA: meeting held on site with residents and actions taken away to make junction safer

4.2.1 Driver confusion – the link using entrance for OT deliveries/Harbour traffic and exit for OT no signage to say no through road to Ocean Drive

  • RA: As above, discussed and actions to increase signage
  • RA: Ocean Drive is open to Rennies Isle, unsure on the issue here?

4.2.2 No pedestrian crossing; poor lighting and narrow footpaths

  • RA: We are monitoring the situation in relation to a ped crossing as this will result in congestion on Melrose Drive, however non signalised crossing could be implemented
  • RA: Footpath widths will be reviewed and lighting reported

4.3 Ocean Drive/Victoria Quay

  • RA: what is the issue here?

4.3.1 No pedestrian crossing to Hotel side/entrance

  • RA: An uncontrolled crossing is located in the existing position to the south of the existing north roundabout

4.3.2 Central reservation removed from Southern section of Ocean Drive

  • RA: This has been removed on a temporary basis to allow for bus manoeuvres in the area and will be re-installed once works have been completed – full communications package was put out on this prior to removal

4.4 Victoria Quay entry/exit routes for Cala and Crudens developments not shown and extent of new arrangements for hotel entrance not clear.

  • RA: drawings to be updated where possible

4.5 Drawing (ETYN-SFN-14X-07-DR-Phase4/10/21) on website out of date.

  • RA: drawings to be updated

4.6 Leith Walk west side: remove temporary cycle path markings

  • RA: Works to remove temporary markings ongoing

4.7 Leith Walk: signage posts erected between Pilrig and Balfour – function and location (effectively narrowing pavement event further)? Need to comprehensively review post-construction signage and street furniture.

  • RA: we can add this to discussion on Friday and go over the drawings in detail

5 Final design/landscape

There was not time to cover items 5.1 to 5.2, apart from 5.2.3, so the following responses were provided by RA by email.

5.1 Active travel

5.1.1 Confirmation of the areas along the tram route which will be ‘shared use’ between pedestrians and cyclists

  • RA: the only shared use area is the section between Ocean Terminal and Newhaven, on Melrose Drive

5.1.2 Confirmation of the approved design for segregation of cycle paths and pedestrian areas on pavements

  • RA: As previously discussed the design goes through a detailed sign off process which includes all necessary parties within CEC along with the project team and Atkins and to make sure in accordance with relevant contract design guidance

5.1.3 Confirmation of the final design of the pedestrian crossings on side streets along the route including at Constitution Street

  • RA: As previously discussed the design goes through a detailed sign off process which includes all necessary parties within CEC along with the project team and Atkins and to make sure in accordance with relevant contract design guidance

5.1.4 Plans to improve pedestrian and cyclist access around the Picardy Place site

  • RA: Ongoing and area to be reviewed. Ped crossing to be widened outside Playhouse this week, and other measures to be considered.

5.1.5 Status of the work required to open up the northbound lane on Leith Walk from Annandale Street to McDonald Road

  • Summer 2022

5.2 Final landscape designs sheet 3 (23/11/21):

5.2.1 Removal of trees and shrubs from hotel site holiday in Ocean Drive

  • RA: any tree removal will be compensated for by planting trees elsewhere
  • RA: a central reserve has been temporarily removed to provide a bus stop. The reserve will be replaced.
  • JM: entrances and exits from Cala site are not on the drawing. There are some dangers to do with roads in this area.
    • RA: I will escalate this.
  • RA by email: As discussed at the meeting there are no trees or shrubs due to come out around the Holiday Inn

5.2.2 Removal of OT reference to 5249899-ATK-ETE-DRO-HW-00090 for Discovery Garden not included in final design

  • RA: The landscaping designs on the website give a simple overview of the landscaping along the route. We haven’t included the detail of the discovery garden but it is shown on the designs.

5.2.3 Abandoned derelict building at Melrose Drive/Ocean Drive health & safety hazard causing great concerns for local residents

  • CW: Scottish Government is considering giving CEC powers to handle this. It’s outwith TT’s powers and remit.
  • RA by email: Discussions took place with the residents association on Tuesday 1 March 2022. The building lies outwith the remit of the Trams to Newhaven project however we highlighted the issue to the Council. The Council currently does not have powers to purchase this type of building – we understand that the Scottish Government is looking into changing legislation for this but for the time being there is nothing the Council can do. This was communicated to the residents association.

6 Register of post project measures

  • Action: RA and HT to meet next Friday to cover the following items.

6.1 Review: Draft format with initial entries

6.2 Agree: protocol for adding, amending and priority scoring



8 Date of next meeting/s and guests

Decision: future meetings to start at 5pm

8.1 13 April (Wednesday), 12 May (Thursday), 9 June (Thursday), 14 July (Thursday)

Decision: the above dates were agreed

8.2 SFN Project Director Alejandro Mendoza’ successor; CEC departmental ‘recipients’ of project handover

Decision: such meetings are agreed in principle

[1] Minuter’s note: ‘DDA’ is presumably Disability Discrimination Act 1995. However, it has been replaced by the Equality Act 2010.