Community plan 2018-28

(adapted from an email from Cllr Adam McVey. NTBCC has not (yet) formed an opinion on this plan, so NTBCC is disseminating it to NTBCC residents purely for their information. 

If NTBCC residents have any comments on the plan, they can tell NTBCC via its contact-us form. Comments can also be sent directly to Cllr McVey. His contact details are here

Setting out our priorities for Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Partnership has agreed a new Community Plan (Local Outcome Improvement Plan). The plan sets out our commitment to work together with communities to reduce poverty and inequality within the city. These are issues that we agree can only be tackled by working together.

Our plan is based on feedback from communities on the issues they face and sets out three priorities:

  • enough money to live on
  • access to work, learning and training
  • a good place to live.

Our plan will develop over the next ten years to reflect the changing needs of the communities and the progress we make in achieving our outcomes.

Adam McVey

Chair, Edinburgh Partnership and Leader of The City of Edinburgh Council