Environment Committee Report January/February 2014

Summary report of the New Town and Broughton Community Council issues for January/February 2014

(1) Powderhall Waste Transfer Station

Visit arranged to Powderhall Waste Transfer Station on 25th January on account of complaints by local residents about offensive smells and rubbish falling from refuse vehicles into the nearby streets.  The smell emanates from the food waste in the general rubbish,  not from the food waste sorted at source and contained in dedicated food waste bins, which is not stored in Powderhall for longer than 24 hours.  Greater use by the public of the dedicated food waste facilities would solve the problem of  smell.  The site manager attended the NTBCC meeting on 4th February and answered questions.  He agreed that his staff could usefully from time to time carry out a clean up of the path to St Mark’s Park which is often littered with rubbish blown from the site.  It is due to close in 2017.

(2) Traffic Regulation Orders

The NTBCC noted the Traffic Regulation Orders advertised for the siting of general waste containers in those New Town streets where gull proof bags had not been distributed.  It was decided to leave all comments about choice of site to the local residents who would be familiar with the situation in any particular street.

(3) Parks Events Manifesto

The launch of a consultation on the efficacy of the Parks Events Manifesto (comments due by 31st March) was noted.  Calton Hill is affected by the terms and conditions laid down in the Manifesto and the NTBCC decided to consult the Regent Royal and Calton Terrace Association for their views before responding.

(4)   Broughton Street Lane

The NTBCC was represented at a meeting between Councillors Karen Doran and Joanna Mowat and residents whose homes backed onto Broughton Street Lane.  The residents have been experiencing a high level of stress on account of the longstanding inconsiderate behaviour of some restaurant owners who were depositing rubbish noisily late at night and also on account of the vehicle movements of up to 7 waste disposal firms, again late at night or early in the morning.  Enforcement action by the CEC looks likely.  In addition, a new regulation, scheduled to come into force at the beginning of March, might help. This would give traders and restaurant owners in Leith Walk a specific two hour window for the presentation and collection of waste.  Unfortunately it appeared that that private waste disposal firms were objecting that it would be unrealistic for them to operate within the restricted time available.

(5)   Broughton Road Putting/Bowling Greens

The NTBCC had been represented at a consultation meeting in December 2012 when the future of the underused putting green and one of the bowling greens had been discussed.  The bowling clubs who use the site had agreed that the retention of a single green would be adequate and  conversion to allotment use of the rest of the site was deemed acceptable.  Should the ground, adjacent as it is to Powderhall Refuse Transfer Station, prove to be contaminated, raised beds could be created.  The NTBCC noted that the CEC was currently planning to open a period of consultation on this issue.