Next NTBCC meeting – Monday 11th April – Discussion items & Registration

NTBCC’s next meeting will again be held via the Zoom platform on 11th April (although we are continuing to explore options either for hybrid meetings or in-person meetings in the future & hope that in the summer, will will be able to return to in-person meetings).

The full agenda for this meeting will be published soon on our website,

For those that wish to attend – please register via Eventbrite using this link 

We look forward to as many residents as possible joining us for this.

What’s going to be discussed ?

After a few necessary formalities, including another discussion on how to get more relevant information in the Police Scotland Newsletter and what the community council / residents would like to see, we will then discuss the forthcoming Edinburgh World Heritage Management Plan and how local residents can be more involved in the process and then hear an update on the latest proposals from the team charged with delivering the redesign of George Street (the ‘George Street & First New Town’ project) – including the current consultation on the Operational Plan (N.B. consultation closes on 8th April) – this has been a long running engagement with key stakeholders including NTBCC and the finer details are now reaching a conclusion.

We’ll also hear from NTBCC’s Communications & Engagement Committee on the recently completed ‘Walkabout’ covering the eastern section of our area (East Claremont St / Beaverhall / Dunedin St / Broughton Rd).

We’ll then cover environmental issues including the latest news on Picardy Place public realm, and the Communal Bin Hub project.

The Planning discussion discusses the broader issues with recent applications for the installation of Photo-voltaic (PV) panels & NTBCC’s input to the Scottish Government’s recent National Planning Framework (NPF4) consultation.

Under Transport, there are several important topics – ranging from the Committee decision on the final consultation for the proposed Low Emission Zone as well as the latest information on the Trams to Newhaven project & concerns regarding the Elm Row public realm works and the latest news regarding the EV charging points roll-out.

Licensing will cover any recent applications that may be of interest to local residents.

Finally – if that’s not enough (& if time allows), we’ll again discuss future plans for either in person or hybrid community council meetings in the coming months and lastly, but by no means least, the details for a City Centre Hustings event, organised by the Broughton Spurtle, for the Council’s May 2022 election to be held in Broughton St Mary’s (both online & in-person) on April 20th. .

This isn’t all that’s on the agenda but it should be more than enough to whet your appetite and fill the 2 hours available comfortably but if there are other issues that local residents are interested in – then always happy to hear these, please contact us via

We’ll then try to make time available under any other business to respond to any other issues or concerns raised.