NTBCC AGM & June meeting – In Person or via Zoom : Monday 13 June

For the first time in over 2 years, NTBCC’s June meeting will be an ‘in-person’ event in the main sanctuary of Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent.

This will start with the Annual General meeting (AGM), immediately followed by our normal June meeting.

  • In order to gauge the number of attendees, we’re asking everyone to register if they plan to attend in person via the Eventbrite link here.
  • There will also be an option to attend virtually – if this option is desired, please register via a separate Eventbrite link here to receive the Zoom details.

We have been exploring options for holding for hybrid meetings and now believe that with the new facilities available in Broughton St Mary’s , we are more confident of being able to successfully hold a hybrid meeting but with the focus on it being an in-person event.

The full agenda for the AGM and June meeting will be published soon on our website, www.ntbcc.org.uk/meetings/

We look forward to as many residents as possible joining us for this as well as local councillors – both those newly-elected or those who have been re-elected folllowing the 5 May Council elections.

What’s going to be discussed ?

The meeting will start with the AGM – this will include a report by the Chair and committee conveners on the activities of the community council over the last 12 months and the presentation and  submission for approval of NTBCC’s Annual Report & Accounts.

In line with the requirements of the Council’s Scheme for Community Councils, this will be followed by the election of office bearers for the coming year.

Following the conclusion of the AGM, the June meeting will follow on immediately afterwards.

The normal June meeting , after a few necessary formalities, will start with the Police Report & we hope that there will be Community Police officers from the West End  Community Policing Team attending in-person – again for the first time in over 2 years.

There will then be a short prsentation from Irina Tavera , Community Partnership Manager. at the University of Edinburgh introducing the ‘Our Edinburgh Neighbourhood’ initiative : see more at www.ouredinburghneighbourhood.org/index.html

We will then discuss the Council’s response to our recent submisison on the ‘George Street & First New Town project (GFNT), addressing concerns that were raised by NTBCC in May. The Council’s response to NTBCC concerns can be viewed here.

This has been a long running engagement with key stakeholders including NTBCC and the finer details are now reaching a conclusion.

Under Transport, the main topic for discussion will be the latest position regarding NTBCC’s Particpation Request to the Council for improved community engagement on the Travelling Safely initiative including the imminent ETROs for several streets within NTBCC’s area. Also – there will be updates to several ongoing topics (EV charger roll-out & latest updates from the Trams to Newhaven team).

Finally, a proposal to further discussion in June / July on the issues faced by residents along East London Street with the continued high level of bus movements there.

Under Licensing, we’ll discuss our response to the recent (& final?) consultation on the Short Term Let (STL) Licensing proposals  – which closes on the Council’s Consultation Hub on 10 June here .

Following that, under Planning, will be a discussion on NTBCC’s current position on the raft of (mostly retrospective) STL applications which bloated the Weekly List earlier in May as well as the continuing discussions with the developers on the planning application for the former Duncan’s Biscuit factory at 27 – 29 Beaverhall Road . Finally, details of the pre-consultation on the final phase of the Powderhall Waste Transfer site  with online sessions planned on behalf of the applicant scheduled for w/c 12 June (TBC).

We’ll then cover environmental issues including the agreement to proceed with a proposed Communal Bin Hub trial for the World Heritage site.

The final agenda item will be the (Old & ) New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site Management Plan review including NTBCC’s response regarding proposed engagement.

Finally – if that’s not enough (& if time allows), we’ll again gauge the communities view on future plans for either in person or hybrid community council meetings in the coming months.

This isn’t all that’s on the agenda but it should be more than enough  to fill the 2 hours available comfortably but if there are other issues that local residents are interested in – then always happy to hear these, please contact us via https://www.ntbcc.org.uk/contact/

We’ll then try to make time available under any other business to respond to any other issues or concerns raised – either at the meeting or to be followed up later.