NTBCC minutes – Monday 1 August 2016

Minutes of New Town and Broughton Community Council, Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent on Monday 1 August 2016

1           Attendance and apologies for absence

1.1          Present

Community Councillors

Ian Mowat (chair)                   NTBCC

Lynn Henni                              NTBCC

Chris Collins                            NTBCC/DCA

Judy Conn                                NTBCC

Claire Miller                             NTBCC

Jack Hugh                                NTBCC

Richard Price                           NTBCC

Christine Ross                         NTBCC

Alan Welsh                               NTBCC

Allan Jack                                 NTBCC

Jonathan Finn                         NTBCC

Carol Nimmo                           NTBCC

CEC Councillors

Cllr Marion Donaldson         Leith Walk Ward


PC Chris Green

PC Paul Rich

Broughton Spurtle

Alan McIntosh

John McLean


Elaine O’Donnell

Naomi Jeuningo

Edith Nisbet

D MacColl

L MacColl

Mike Birch

J Raven (Gt King Street)


1.2          Apologies

Stephen Hajducki, Audrey Cavaye, Susannah Beaumont, Iain McGill and PC Derek Barbour

2           Minutes of Meeting of 13 June 2016 and matters arising

Agreed (R Price / J Hugh).  The May minutes still need minor amendments

  • AP Richard Price.


3           Police

PC Barbour had provided stats which the chair had circulated prior to the meeting. The police attending added to this noting 500 incidents recorded in July, most of which were related to the night time economy, George Street and the area around the Omni Centre.  Of specific interest were 6 housebreakings (2 of which had been solved) and 2 assault & robbery (1 solved).  The police also warned about the increasing use of skim devices on ATMs.  They advised a visual check and where anything looked amiss; a gentle tug would probably dislodge any skim device.  They also advised that fish-eye camera lenses were often positioned on the far side of the keypad.

There was considerable discussion on rough sleepers and beggars particularly around the Paolozzi giant foot, the top of Waverly Shopping Mall and Hunter Square (the latter had improved considerably). The police advised they used what legislation they could around nuisance and drunkenness but simply moving people on was not a solution.

The police officers also update the NTBCC on rebalancing between the community team (now solely funded by CEC) and the response team. Plans should be finalised before the new NTBCC is elected.

  • AP – Ian Mowat to ensure on future agenda.

The previously raised issue of cycling on pavements was raised – there had been no action following previous discussion. The areas highlighted were the route between St Andrew’s Square and George V Park and north of George V Park although many had experience of cyclists going through traffic lights etc. across the city. The police officers were asked about stats on cyclists fined within the city centre and agreed to follow that up as well as speak to SPOKES and to PC Barbour about a possible high profile spot check. Additionally, Allan suggested the Transport Sub-Cttee could discuss in more detail at next meeting –

  • AP – Police to follow up stats, speak to SPOKES and discuss spot check.
  • AP – Allan to arrange Transport Sub-Cttee to discuss.

Finally, policing the new 20 mph speed limit was raised –the police reported that all officers would be trained in use of the speed guns. PC Barbour would be asked to provide an update at the September meeting.  There was some confusion over where the limit applied and Jack Hugh noted the CEC map is unprintable.

  • AP – Police Scotland to ensure PC Barbour provide update on speed-camera training
  • AP – PC Green to send list of affected streets to the chair
  • AP – Cllr Donaldson agreed to raise issue of the map with CEC official

4           Planning

B&Q site Warriston Road – at this early stage, details were sparse but plan was for 180-220 residential units in 4 blocks of 4-6 storeys.  The main issues raised were pressure on public transport, school provision and medical/GP services. On the positive side, the development appeared to be considering sustainability e.g. considering shared boilers.

  • AP – Richard Price to convene Planning Sub-Ctee discussion ahead of 12/8 deadline for comments to be received and invite comments via the NTBCC website

RBS site – there had been a suggestion that the Parks Dept might consider seeking part of the existing car park to be provided as an extension to George V Park but it had been recognised that developers would expect a quid pro quo, most likely higher bocks.

  • AP – Richard to seek an update ahead of the 22 August additional NTBCC meeting.

McDonald Road – the previous application for a 5 storey block of flats had been withdrawn with an amended one submitted – the concerns of local residents had been previously raised by Cllr Donaldson – deadline for comments 16/8.

St James Development – an amended application had been submitted to turn James Craig House into yet another hotel, raising the question, how many hotel rooms have a) been approved and b) been built in the last year. ?

  • AP – Cllr Donaldson agreed to find out

Following the recent pre-hearing on the RHS development when each party had arrived with legal representation, it was agreed that there is little more the NTBCC was able to do beyond remind those making the heritage case of our view and encouraging them to make use of our position.  The Planning sub-cttee will discuss further before making a final decision about what further action should be taken e.g. contacting The Cockburn Association.

  • AP – Richard – raise with the Sub-Cttee

Other issues – a site visit had been undertaken by the Reporter to Heriothill with a decision anticipated in mid-August.

5           Environment

Judy, Alan and Stephen had attended the Events in Parks meeting; although the parks discussed had been outwith NTBCC area, the Public Spaces Protocol applied across the city. CEC had been looking at charging more commercial rents but had been resistant to ring-fencing the income.  Further consultation meetings would be taking place.

6           Licensing

The NTBCC wanted to record its thanks to Stephen Hajducki for his representation to the Licensing Board Forum against the proposals for changes to the audibility of music criterion. The Licensing Board had met earlier that day (1 August) to discuss this issue but had deferred making any decision on “music is audible” until their meeting at the end of this month, due to the number of responses received.  There appeared to be some confusion with the Licensing Forum previously voting against the proposed change from “inaudibility” to “audible nuisance” while papers for the meeting on 1/8 appeared to suggest that the Licensing Forum was now in favour of (and so recommends ) the change.

  • APJonathan to contact the Licensing Forum to seek clarity ahead of their next meeting ion 29 August.

Other live requests – new licences for Chisholm Hunter jewellers for their new shop on the corner of Frederick and Princes St and for STK steakhouse at 8 St Andrew Sq. A variation had been requested by CC Blooms to increase access for children and hold tastings/samplings.


7           Transport

Carol had attended a meeting on Leith Walk but it had been more procedural than reaching any conclusions.

Now that broad decisions on changes to parking restrictions in central zones had been agreed, CEC was working through the detail. NTBCC discussed the potential impact of the changes on surrounding peripheral parking zones and agreed that Cllr Lesley Hinds and an official should be invited to the September meeting to discuss this, the 20 mph speed limits and the transportation of rubble during the demolition of the St James’ Centre

It was agreed that discussion of the new localities for provision of council services e.g. waste should be a subject for the new NTBCC to discuss –

  • AP – Ian Mowat to invite Cllr Hinds
  • APIan Mowat to put new localities on October agenda.

8               Neighbourhood Partnerships

No discussion

9               Forthcoming Community Council elections – nominations open

Nominations open 5 September and close 26 September. All existing community councilors who wish to continue need to submit nominations.  Nomination forms and information should be included on the NTBCC website

  • AP – Ian Mowat to ensure website updated.

10           Activities of Local Street or Amenity Associations

No discussion

11              Any Other Business

JCDecaux had asked if they could attend the meeting on 12 September however, the agenda was likely to be full if Cllr Hinds were to attend. NTBCC agreed to offer JCDecaux the opportunity to attend the additional meeting on 22 August; failing that, they could attend the October meeting.

  • AP – Ian Mowat to extend invite.