NTBCC minutes – Monday 11 April 2016


1            Attendance and apologies for absence


1.1          Present


Judy Conn                          NTBCC                                             Janice Greenwood                 Resident

Audrey Cavaye                 NTBCC                                             Caroline Bond                         Resident

Richard Price                    NTBCC                                             Dorothy MacColl                    Resident

Ian Mowat                         NTBCC                                             Lachlan MacColl                     Resident

Jonathan Finn                   NTBCC                                             G Govan                                   Resident

Christine Ross                   NTBCC                                             B Williams                                Resident

Lewis Press                       NTBCC                                             G Guperthwaite                      Resident

Alan Welsh                        NTBCC                                             John Ross                                 Resident

Jack Hugh                          NTBCC                                             Greg Kettrick                           Resident

Alan Jack                            NTBCC                                             Graham Frost                          Resident

Chris Collins                      Drummond Civic Assoc                Martin McDonnell                  Resident

Alan McIntosh                  Broughton Spurtle                        Claire Miller                            Resident

John Ross Maclean          Broughton Spurtle                        Caroline Roussot                    Resident


1.2                Apologies

Lynn Henni                        NTBCC                                             Cllr Lesley Hinds                     Inverleith Ward

Carol Nimmo                     NTBCC                                             Cllr Joanna Mowat                  City Centre Ward

Susanna Beaumont          NTBCC

Richard Corrall                 NTBCC


2               Minutes of Meeting of 14 March 2016 and matters arising

Approved without changes (proposed Richard Price, seconded Christine Ross). Question arose regarding EACC changes to planning considerations voted through recently.  Lewis Press to write to EACC.  The change was to reduce the amount of presentation time allowed from 15 minutes to 5.   Alan Welsh recommend that Richard Price do likewise. Chair explained how the 15 minutes has been used to give residents a chance to voice concerns.

3               Police

Police not in attendance.

4               Transport

Alan Jack highlighted the parking consultation. Feelers were put out at the time and this was to be repeated to get feedback and views.

5               Environment

Cllr Ritchie wrote to David Lyon of Edinburgh Council but no reply received yet. Noted that business waste collection was to be fully done by private contractors, rather than the council from May/June 2016.  Audrey Cavaye asked whether the Council enforced orders, such as no bins on the public highway until day of collection, would continue to be enforceable.  Richard Price noted that it was the management of multi company pickups that was the real issue.

Alan Welsh noted the passing of the management of stair lighting to the private sector, meaning it would be up to residents to maintain the lighting.

Audrey Cavaye also confirmed the successful resolution of the disabled parking bay saga, with a larger bin being placed round in the lane which cannot be moved. The lines of the space have also been repainted so other road users are more aware.

6               Licensing

24a Frederick Street – a large basement licensed premises who have requested an increase in capacity from 490 to 800 people. Jonathan Finn advised he had raised this with Diane Bruce who originally said the Police would not be putting in an objection but then came back to Jonathan later to say they had changed their mind. Recommended Jonathan send in comments on this application

32 Castle Street – Jonathan Finn to confirm if this application is again a change to capacity numbers and whether application is appropriate, although he believes this variation to be retrospective.

7               Treasurer’s Report

The Chair’s report was approved

Jonathan Finn presented the accounts. Item of note was that payments to the Spurtle for advertising costs had become out of sync and required a double payment.  Jonathan will now take the accounts to the Independent Examiner.

8               Planning

RBS site, Dundas Street – a number of residents attended the meeting particularly in regards to the progression of this development. Richard Price provided an overview which included confirmation that NTBCC had not yet submitted further comments to GVA James Barr (the agent), but he understood  that the schedule had slipped, and that planning permission in principle was likely to be submitted  during the first half of June.  On 12/4 GVA James Barr had a final meeting with the case officer from the Council.  Richard advised that changes to the plan were not expected to be significantly different to that reviewed in February, but the aim will be to fix the outline of the scheme (height / footprint). Currently, the necessary documents needed for the planning application are being produced by the applicant.  NTBCC issues with the site were noted as:

  • Too much build on the site
  • Impact of additional 700 people on local infrastructure
  • Open/Green space does not fully meet the planning guidelines
  • Proposed buildings dominate the area rather than being subservient to the adjacent listed buildings

Alan Welsh suggested looking at the development in Stewart’s Melville (Ferry Road) and the view to Fettes which was protected, and believes something similar is needed here.


A number of residents made comments asking for the NTBCC to support their request for an independent structural survey following previous developments and their impact to surrounding buildings, including slippage. Noted that a petition had been carried out recently which gather 171 signatures in one afternoon.  A copy was provided and the question asked in the survey was noted, which read:

‘We object to the current RBS plans and suggest that the RBS car park should become part of the King George V Park’

It became clear that the residents felt the NTBCC were not in agreement with their concerns, and the Chair finally read out the Minutes from the March meeting (which were not publically available yet) which met almost exactly the concerns that the residents raised, and explained that this will form the basis of the letter that Richard Price will raise regarding this application.

One resident asked that if the piling work did result in structure damage to private property, what was best route to pursue, and it was recommended that residents took pictures of walls, ceilings, internal and external, garden walls, etc., so that they had hard evidence to use.

Also noted that impact to surrounding buildings had been raised previously in the letter sent after the 2nd consultation, and the Chair agreed that this should be reiterated more strongly.

Old Royal High – the decision to change of use to a hotel has been appealed to the Scottish Reporter (DPEA). NTBCC had sent a statement on regarding comments made by the applicant regarding public engagement and public support for the hotel proposal which contradicts the views expressed to NTBCC.  This will go to the Scottish Reporter(s) and then to the Scottish Minister. A decision is likely after the May Scottish Government elections.

West Register Street – called in by Heritage Environment Scotland. Developer has submitted a further planning application, which has a number of changes, but the demolition of the listed building is still retained.

St James Centre – a “Paving the Way” document outlining plans for the next three months is to be put on the website.

Scottish Land Fund Event (information on community-led buy-outs) is being held at 86 Candlemaker Row on 13th April which Jack Hugh is attending. – Richard Price has also forwarded details on this to the “Save Heriot Hill” campaign group and Councillors agreed support should be given for that.


9.       Edinburgh Association of Community Councils

Noted that the next Neighbourhood Partnership was being held on 13th April – Lewis Press is attending to highlight planning concerns with Edinburgh Council recent announcement.


10.     Activities of Local Street or Amenity Associations

Northumberland Street Residents Association – Jack Hugh made Chair.



11.     Any Other Business

Chair also introduced Chris Collins, Chair of the Drummond Civic who was to be co-opted. This was proposed by the Chair and seconded by Christine Ross.

Claire Miller also spoke to the Chair expressing her interest in joining NTBCC – Chair to send Constitution details for her consideration.