NTBCC minutes – Monday 3 August 2015

Please note that NTBCC did not meet in July so there are no July minutes.

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of New Town and Broughton Community Council, held in the Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent on Monday 3rd August 2015 at 7.30pm

1 Attendance and apologies for absence

1.1 Present

Judy Conn NTBCC CI Bob Paris Police Scotland
Audrey Cavaye NTBCC Alan Alstead Resident
Jonathan Finn NTBCC Caroline Roussot Resident
Alan Welsh NTBCC Alan McIntosh Broughton Spurtle
Ian Mowat NTBCC Anne Dick Resident
Christine Ross NTBCC Dorothy Leeming India Street Association
Stephen Hajducki NTBCC Iain Brown Abercromby Place resident
Richard Price NTBCC Jan Anderson Save 1-6 Canonmills Bridge
Ross McEwan LCCC Ian Buckingham Broughton St Mary’s Church
Cllr Joanna Mowat

1.2 Apologies

Lynn Henni NTBCC Cllr Karen Doran
Susanna Beaumont NTBCC Cllr Alasdair Rankin
Richard Corrall NTBCC Cllr Lesley Hinds
Carol Nimmo NTBCC
Iain McGill NTBCC
Allan Jack NTBCC

2 Minutes of Meeting of 8th June 2015


Approved by Alan Welsh, seconded by Richard Price.

3 Police report

Chief Inspector Bob Paris attended the meeting in response to a letter sent by the Chair following issues raised at the 8th June Meeting.

Firstly anti-social behaviour. St Mary’s Cathedral is a hot topic and is very much on the Police agenda. In general warnings are given not to drink, which works. The beggars outside Tesco on Picardy Place were difficult to deal with as begging is not a criminal office, with the Police tending to refer them to agencies who can help. If anti-social behaviour is noted, then different action is taken. The Police can use fixed penalty notices and exclusion orders. CI Paris advised that on review against other areas of the city it was not felt that this area was any worse than others. He also advised that there had been 45 calls in relation to anti-social behavior in the North of the city centre per week, with Princes Street, George Street and Rose Street generating 80% of these, particularly overnight.

New Community funded officers – the Police have a £65m savings target per year. They have maintained officer numbers, as they started by shedding rank officers to thin down the command structure, before moving on to cars, buildings and redundancy. CI Paris has been allocated 9 officers for Central Edinburgh and he is targeted with delivering a level of service to secure the funding from the Council for next year. He is able to source additional personnel and teams to deal with the increased footfall during the Festival, etc. Community Officers are attached to each Community Council. Weekend evenings (between 9pm and 7am) CI Paris pulls in 50 additional officers from outlying areas of Edinburgh and he deploys 6 to Picardy Place and 6 to George Street/Queen Street. Of the 50 the vast majority are on foot, but around 2am around half this number are off the streets due to dealing with arrests. 3/4am tends to get busier and at that time CI Paris pulls in mobile units from other areas.

CI Paris also advised that crime stats can be made available for this meeting, but were also available on the Police Scotland website, and then entering your post code.

Question/Answer session – Julian Farrar and Janet Pope – Ironside Farrar, Design Consultants

Ironside Farrar were appointed by the City of Edinburgh to look at the future of George Street. They were looking at Design Principles, lessons learnt from pilots, models used historically, aspirations, etc. A workshop was likely to be held towards the end of August, with a report on findings and a presentation around the end of September/October. They are half way through their initial analysis, and agreed that there was too much clutter on the streets. Ideally would like to see George Street rescued from Essential Edinburgh. There are too many powerful interest groups representing a narrow view, but who tend to have the loudest voice, so they are keen to speak to many groups.

From the meeting, the following observations were made:

  • There is only a small window to get this right as the new St James development will pull a lot of retail away.
  • One resident asked them to remember that the majority of people who are bothered about George Street are the city centre residents.
  • Suggested not to have a segregated cycle lane, as they encourage speeding along in a straight line when it can be dangerous for pedestrians
  • Consideration of the impact on surrounding areas and the knock on effect of any changes (eg. North/ South traffic)

Mr Farrar advised that at the next workshop there will be emerging principles and ideas, along with some illustrations, and in October there would be a presentation back to the Steering Group.

4 Environment

Christine Ross advised that a meeting of the Environment Sub Committee had been held to discuss trade, domestic, recycling and general waste/litter and to discuss the questions to be posed to the Council’s Environmental Wardens. Also discussed the Public Meeting which will have focussed questions and identified solutions about November.

5 Planning

Richard Price discussed the following:

  • Heriot Hill – representation has been made and the NTBCC strongly objected to the proposal. There had not been adequate documentation along with Listed Building Consent needed due to the removal of walls in Claremont Crescent. Noted that an offer to discuss the plans with developers had not been taken up.
  • Bellevue Crescent – is a repeating application/refusal. The resident is now appealing to the Scottish Reporter and it is felt this is due to Edinburgh Council not taking the correct action and issuing an Enforcement to knock the structure down to its original height.
  • 1-6 Canonmills Bridge –application for demolition Ross McEwan and Jan Anderson were local residents who explained the reason for their opposition and the campaign that had grown against demolition – the NTBCC objected to this years ago when it was first raised. We have a slot at the hearing and will work with Leith Walk CC to raise our views. It is difficult as the bridge is located on the boundary of 3 CC’s. Ms Anderson advised that they were hoping to have a public meeting on 19th/20th August at the local Baptist Church.
  • 154 MacDonald Road – a representation had been sent regarding this follow on application. The Developer wishes to build a sub- station and put up a summer house, but putting a modern structure against the listed building is not in keeping and will be objected to.
  • Charlotte Baptist Chapel – an application for an upmarket restaurant/bar and hotel after the original application for a mega-pub was turned down. The main objectors at the public event were residents and of those most are buy to let owners. Overall it was thought to be a good proposal and was approved by the majority of the CC, although there were still concerns that this might end up as a mega pub further down the line. A change of use would be needed to move from a restaurant to just a bar. Noted this was at consultation stage, no application has been made.
  • South East of Scotland – Issues Report – is up for consultation. If people want a voice they should review the SESplan. Meeting scheduled for 27th August at Waverley Court. NTBCC should get a hard copy of the issues report. This is the main chance to influence/change policies.
  • St James – Hotel – hearing scheduled for 12th August – but Richard Price did not feel we had more to say than we had already raised.
  • Batleys (McDonald Place) – have appealed against not being allowed to trade on Sundays during the Festival. Noted that noise was already an issue for residents.

6 Transport

No issues raised.

7 Licensing

Jonathan Finn advised on the following:

Royal Terrace – had been granted by the Council and a statement of reasons has been requested

Brew Dog – Dundas Street – has also been approved. Again a statement of reasons has been requested.

8 Neighbourhood Partnership

No discussion

9 Edinburgh Association of Community Councils

No discussion

10 Activities of Local Street or Amenity Associations

No discussion

11 Any other business

Notice Board on Broughton Street – noted that the Minutes showing were from February. It was suggested replacing these with a list of meeting dates and details of where to view the Minutes on the NTBCC website. It was also highlighted that Minutes must be approved before they are made available outwith the NTBCC membership. One suggestion was to have a highlights document.