NTBCC minutes – Monday 4 August 2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of New Town and Broughton Community Council, held in the Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent on Monday 4 August 2014 at 7.30pm

1              Attendance and apologies for absence

1.1          NTBCC members present

Judy Conn NTBCC Carol Nimmo NTBCC
Stuart Cowie NTBCC Richard Price NTBCC
Lynn Henni NTBCC Christine Ross NTBCC
James Igoe NTBCC Alan Welsh NTBCC
Ian Mowat NTBCC

1.2          Others present

Alan McIntosh Broughton Spurtle Bruce Ryan minutes secretary
John Ross Maclean Broughton Spurtle PC Martin Maciver Police Scotland
Four NTBCC area residents

1.3          Apologies

Susanna Beaumont NTBCC Cllr Karen Doran City Centre ward
Audrey Cavaye NTBCC Cllr Nick Gardner Leith Walk ward
Richard Corral NTBCC Cllr Lesley Hinds Inverleith ward
Jonathan Finn NTBCC Cllr Joanna Mowat City Centre ward
Allan Jack NTBCC Cllr Alasdair Rankin City Centre ward
Gaby Holden NTBCC Mark Lazarowicz MP Edinburgh North & Leith
Iain McGill NTBCC


2              Minutes of Meetings of 9 June 2014

2.1          Accuracy and adoption

A few typos and a confusing but unnecessary sentence were noted. Subject to these being removed, the minutes were adopted (proposed I Mowat, seconded C Ross).

2.2          Matters arising

2.2.1      From item 3.2.1: George St Festival arrangements and item 6.6 George Street – erection of outside decking…

See also item 5 in Responses/updates section of planning subcommittee report (appendix 1).

It was reported that a high timber wall (possibly higher than 6 feet) has been erected on George St – this wall was not covered on the recent planning applications. However, contrary to these applications, the decking/gazebos do have advertising on the large umbrellas being used on some decking areas and those with ‘marquees’ in place are not all the same design. The key element of the stated design was to lessen the impact of the proposed marquees to provide uniformity throughout the pedestrianized areas on George Street. They also do not provide disabled access contrary to the planning assessment. Parking has been suspended on George St between its junctions with between Frederick St and Hanover St.

Action: I Mowat to ascertain why wall was not on planning application, how long it will remain.

Action: R Price to inquire into issues with gazebos, especially lack of disabled access.

2.2.2      From item 3.2.2: King James Thistle Hotel

I Mowat has received no substantive response on KJTH issue. The Council may now be in breach of time limit to respond.

Action: IM to check and advise at next meeting.

2.2.3      From item 6.10: 14/01866/FUL Tesco, Broughton Road extension of delivery times vs. 2009 imposed Condition

See also item 3 in Responses/updates section of planning subcommittee report (appendix 1).

Although no NTBCC objection was submitted due to an administrative oversight, there were a significant number of objections lodged (~20) and this application has been refused  by Edinburgh Council.

3              Police Report

PC Maciver, the PC attending this meeting only had an hour’s notice to do so, so he could only provide a few relevant crime statistics taken from Police Scotland systems. It was noted that police attendance at NTBCC meetings had been less than desirable for about a year, and that a PC attending a previous meeting said that statistics could not be provided. (He did explain how policing had changed since the advent of Police Scotland). PC Maciver reported that PS has weekly, monthly, quarterly reviews. It was noted that NTBCC does not need police representation at every meeting, but does wish regular consistent information to give a flavour of crime in its area, especially whether it’s increasing or decreasing

Action: I Mowat to send list of future meetings to email addresses provided by PC Maciver.

PC Maciver noted the current absence of a ‘beat man’ who had done good work in the past. Accroding to the data he could get, in the last month there had been 4 housebreakings, 1 housebreaking with intent (i.e. the criminals didn’t actually steal anything). Only 1 of these has been solved so far. There had been 2 breakins to business premises, neither of which are solved yet. PC Maciver was asked why his data didn’t include several others breakins, especially in the Multrees Walk area, but could not speak on these due to the limited time he had to prepare for this meeting.

It was also stated by one of the Spurtle representatives that there were a considerable number of other incidents that he was aware of which did not seem to be included in the police data as presented.

PC Maciver also reported about Smartwater: an updated version of a UV pen for marking property. The marks reportedly last 5 years and each ink is linked to a specific owner. The kit is free but subscription to the relevant service, linked with Police Scotland’s crimestoppers is in the region of £50. Also, reportedly Smartwater use leads to discounts on house, bike and car insurance. PC Maciver didn’t know of any convictions based on Smartwater use but confirmed that the company has been CRB checked. PC Maciver reported that the police and fire brigade will still give free advice on home security.

PC Maciver was unaware whether there had been a safer neighbourhood community partnership in June.

On the subject of armed police, PC Maciver reported that there are 2 armed response vehicles (ARVs) operating at all times in Edinburgh. The Police operating from ARVs leave their guns in locked boxes in them, but carry tasers. (Taser use recently prevented a minor stabbing of a Police Scotland member from getting worse.) Hence police do not carry firearms unless they receive a ‘code red’ authorisation to remove guns from the ARV gun-safes.

4              Planning

4.1          Notable items at PAN stage

Further detail is in the planning applications reviewed (PAR) section of the planning subcommittee report (appendix 1)

4.1.1      34B Haddington Place Pre-Application  (student accommodation) – item 1 in PAR

NTBCC has submitted a cautiously supportive response to the developer’s agent as required under the Edinburgh Planning Concordat. Whilst the development could get close to the Edinburgh Council limit for student population density given several other applications either granted or in the planning process, NTBCC is broadly supportive of well-managed, purpose-built student accommodation versus a proliferation of HMOs within residential areas. In addition, NTBCC is broadly supportive of the architectural form proposed and limited parking requirements. It was noted that NTBCC and a resident with relevant experience also expressed a view that students be in properly managed accommodation rather than HMOs

4.1.2      3-8 St Andrews Square Pre-Application – item 2 in PAR

Permission for mixed use but mainly offices had already been granted in 2006 with subsequent approved amendments, however, these proposals had retained the listed façade of 6/7 St Andrews Square either fully retained or dismantled and rebuilt in identical; style. The current proposed amendment is now to demolish the listed 1960s façade. There will be a public exhibition in St Andrews Square on 21 August and potentially a further date / location to be confirmed (post meeting note – 24th August at George Hotel). NTBCC will attend and possibly request a further meeting with the developer prior to making a representation in September.

4.1.3      50-52A Annandale St Pre- Application – item 3 in PAR

Consultation to demolish the present Standard Life single storey building and replace with flatted accommodation. The planning convenor (PC) reported that there was nothing architectural of note about the building proposed to be demolished. NTBCC will again make a representation but it is expected to be broadly supportive at this stage. NTBCC will also add to their website.

4.1.4      30A Dundas St – item 4 in PAR

The PC asked for views on this, noting that installation of an ATM may do visual harm and that there are sufficient ATMs nearby. Concerns were raised re proposed Tesco’s shop front, roof unit and plans for rear of property in an email from a nearby resident. A Welsh saw an opportunity to push for a frontage more in keeping with the WHS than the current 1990s one, citing Elm Row as an example, and was seeking the support of EWH and the Cockburn Association.

Action: PC to consider comments and draft comment on these applications.

4.1.5      30 Macdonald Place – item 6 in PAR

The owners wished to formalise permissions for Sunday opening of this cash-and-carry business. This was eventually denied by the Scottish Government Reporter after appealing the original Edinburgh Council Planning refusal. I Mowat had received an email from a resident indicating to the CC that they would be disturbed by Sunday deliveries. The PC was pleased to note that this decision should provide a precedent for acceptable delivery  times on Sundays in residential areas for similar premises including supermarkets.

Action: PC to submit letter objecting to application on basis that Reporters’ recent findings should be adhered to.

4.2          60 Broughton Road

See also item 6·9 of June minutes.

The PC reported that there has been lots of unwarranted activity on a strip of land behind Broughton Road and Claremont Bank. A representative from the local residents’ group confirmed this, noting removal of trees and removal of ground stability measures that had previously been put in place by a previous owner of the land, and that activity had resumed after the developers were told to cease by Edinburgh Council – knocking down a resident’s fence in the process.

A planning application has now been submitted for a road from 60 Broughton Road (BR) running to the rear of Broughton Road westwards. This application was submitted on 1st July but apparently neighbours were not properly informed, only finding out by making their own enquiries about the development on 8th July. The residents also reported digging without permission, that the architect had been evasive as to future plans and that the site owners have not responded to requests for consultation/discussion. Although the current application is only for a non-metalled road, the intent as stated in the Design Statement is to build townhouses on this land.

Action: PC to submit an objection on the grounds of impact on residential amenity, application process (piecemeal approach), road consent process,, possible lack of necessary listed building consent (Claremont Crescent boundary walls), ccing this to the relevant residents’ body

4.3          Charlotte Baptist Chapel appeal to Scottish Government Reporter

See item 2.2.3 above and item 5 in Responses/updates (RU) section of planning sub-committee report (appendix 1).

4.4          4A Gayfield lane

See also item 7 in RU

NTBCC had submitted a strong objection to this development.  Edinburgh Council’s Development Management Sub-Committee considered it in July and have requested further information from the applicant. However, the PC suggested that the application is likely to be granted without further representation.

4.5          107 George St (See also items 7 and 8 in RU.)

The ESPC’s current lease on their current George Street premises terminates soon, and ESPC wishes to move into 107 George Street (street level). As this would potentially breach the non-retail use guidelines for this City Centre location (as ESPC are not technically a retail outlet), ESPC seeks NTBCC support for their application. The PC and others note that this proposal would be similar in effect to retail use as it would increase footfall in this area. The NTBCC therefore supported a positive view of this proposal.

4.6          Other matters

A Welsh noted that a budget hotel opposite the Balmoral hotel has applied for permission to install a larger sign on Princes St façade, yet its entrance is not on Princes St.

Action: PC to pursue this matter.

5               Environment

See also Environment subcommittee report (appendix 2)

The Environment Convenor (EC) reported that there is now only one outstanding objection to Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) about siting communal waste bins (re Bellevue Crescent) – this will come before Edinburgh Council’s Transport and Environment Committee in October, and no longer prevents other bins being deployed. The Ec also reported that there are on-going problems in Broughton St Lane (BSL): apparently 7 companies are involved, yet waste is not being collected. Cllrs Mowat and Doran are working on behalf of residents. New bins have suddenly arrived in Union St and Forth St – reportedly these bins are not needed but proper handling of BSL is. However, following copious correspondence with Edinburgh Council, the Union St and Forth St bins will be removed.

A Welsh reported that a new container has appeared in Wemyss Place.

Residents from Cumberland St said they had been issued with neither gull-proof bags nor communal bins but now a large amount of bins have now been installed. They stated that this seems to be ‘overkill’, that there was no consultation or advertisement, while apparently bins are only emptied if they are more than half full. I Mowat suggested they contact local councillors or Edinburgh Council’s environment health department.

NTBCC has supported further applications for grants from the climate change fund to stimulate urban food-producing plots.

Various other environmental matters were noted: a new flower bed in King George V Park (I Mowat); extra fringe venues on St A Square, potentially to its detriment (A Welsh), a ‘lovely’ planting on Rodney St triangle (J Conn).

6              Licensing

An objection to a second group of bars/restaurants in George Street was submitted, to repeat our concern that Festival licenses should only apply to the 2014 Festival, and new applications should be made for other periods (i.e. that late licenses do not run right throughout the George Street traffic trial).

The outside catering establishment at the top of Leith Walk was granted a license only until 8pm. (They had requested 1am, and we asked for a maximum of 10pm.)

The August list has not yet arrived.

A Welsh will take over licensing duties pro tem while J Finn is away.

7              Transport

See also Transport subcommittee report (appendix 3)

Matters discussed with Edinburgh Council transport official included access to West End. Options are

  • To allow all traffic to pass between Hope Street and Queensferry Street in both directions
  • To remove the ‘no-left turn’ restriction from North Charlotte Street into St Colme Street
  • To allow traffic to turn into Canning Street heading north and cross Shandwick Place into Stafford Street (not part of our CC area)

The first of these is being recommended by the officials.

The official is also open to suggestions for reducing traffic flow from Drumsheugh Gardens to Randolph Crescent.

NTBCC could canvass more about change of direction of Young St.

I Mowat has seen a map of potential 20 mph zones in Edinburgh – it seemed that the zone will be very large and near universal in City Centre. He wishes NTBCC to have a say on this matter, so would like a copy of this map.

Action: L Henni to ask for a copy of this map, and for information stemming from traffic monitoring on Abercrombie Place.

With regard to bus stops not being reinforced, and hence churned by torque from buses moving off, agreed reinforcement below bus stops should be pushed for when road changes made. C Nimmo reported that Leith Walk improvements planning is currently at a standstill because of the possibility of extending the tram system into the King James/Thistle area

C Nimmo will invite Anna Herriman to speak to the September or October meeting.

Action: CM to send this invitation.

8              Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer was not present, and had not sent a report.

Action: I Mowat to check whether L Henni can become a cheque signatory, due to treasurer’s impending absence.

9               Activities of Local Street or Amenity Associations

Central Edinburgh New Town Association (CENTA) had a garden party – apparently splendid until rains came.

Royal, Regent and Calton Terrace Association reported that there is a great exhibition about the Dome observatory.

The family day in King George V Park today was a great success.

10           Any other business

It was noted that NTBCC would now not hold a referendum hustings. However, more engagement activities should still be pursued

The minutes secretary reported that he would be on holiday on the date of the September meeting.

The ‘Lights out’ event (10-11pm today) at Stockbridge Parish Church commemorating the start of WW1 was noted.

11         Details of next meeting

8 September 2014

Appendix 1: planning subcommittee report

The planning sub-committee requests that members of the community council review this document and any attached links that may be of interest so that comments and concerns can be raised for further discussion at the next community council meeting.

Meeting Details

Planning Sub Committee                                                 
Meeting No- 7 Date of Meeting Thursday 31/7/14
Committee Members Present YES NO
Judy Conn (JC)
Richard Corral (RC)
Stuart Cowie (SC)
Ian Mowat (IM)
Susanna Beaumont (SB)
Richard Price (RP)

Previous month actions

RESPONSES / UPDATES to Planning Applications July 2014
ref Address Application Reference Action Response received (if applicable)
1 11 Cumberland Street North West Lane

Rear of 20C Fettes Row

13/05285/FUL & 14/02485/LBC Mews development (2 properties; 1 on existing car parking;2nd on garden ground at rear of Fettes Row. . Letter of objection submitted on basis of;

– loss of garden ground

– ambiguity re use of materials

Representation acknowledged as material – decision remains pending. Historic Scotland have no objection.

Landscape & Transport have no objection. Revised dwgs submitted. NTBCC has made further representation to LBC application.

2 Picardy Place 13/03853/PAN Response to Public Exhibition on 6/12/13 submitted

– Concerns raised re. traffic management (pedestrians / cars / trams)

–  Believe current proposal for hotel (to possibly replace King James Thistle) is over-development of site.

–  Proposed an improved Public Realm open space integrating more with cathedral etc.

– ”FOI” submitted as agreed to CEC with a follow-up request as initial request inconclusive. Awaiting response.

No further news – still expect further consultation in 1 – 2 months


Incl. on website; no responses to date

Charlotte Baptist chapel 14/00050/REF




(13/02020/FUL & 13/02032/LBC)

Change of use from Class 10 to a Public House (as amended with outside seating area removed)


PP refusal appealed to DPEA (Scottish Government reporter)

Further NTBCC representation made ; Scottish Reporter visit scheduled for 10th June. NTBCC & ++ residents attended.

Reporter refused the appeal. Applicant can now only appeal on legal grounds.

4 73 Logie Green Road (Fusion House) 14/01376/FUL Change of use from office to residential units. Overall supportive but representation made covering mix of units, parking permits & Affordable Housing Representation made – pending consideration. Housing mix / parking provision amended in line with NTBCC submission. Expect to be granted.
5 Street record, George Street (from Charlotte Square to St Andrews Square) 14/01326/FUL, 14/01327/FUL, 14/01328/FUL & 14/01329/FUL Installation of permanent street structures (Marquees) to permit outside food / drink services all year round NTBCC objection submitted. Cockburn & AHSS also made representations but no others. Granted & being implemented contrary to application ? Consider further letter to CEC?
6 Eyre Terrace Lane (RBS) 14/01777/FUL & 14/01126/CON Demolition of buildings (7 Eyre Terrace Lane & Scotsman Building) & development of multiple use urban block NTBCC representation submitted; incl. on website. No further comments received.
7 4A Gayfield Lane 14/01197/FUL Conversion to Guesthouse / B&B NTBCC representation submitted; DMC deferred application pending further information.
8 107 George Street @ junction North Castle Street (formerly Lime Blue) 14/01522/FUL Proposed sub-division & change of use of upper & lower basement from retail (Class 1) to restaurant/bar (Class 3) NTBCC contacted by resident’s group. Representation submitted. Granted at DMC 30/7/14
9 107 George Street @ junction North Castle Street TBC Proposed relocation of ESPC from 85 George Street NTBCC contacted by ESPC regarding retail issue with relocation- part of City Centre Retail Core & limit of <33% non-retail units (which is already breached)

Planning Applications Reviewed

Planning Applications of NOTE Submitted during period July 2014
ref Address Application Reference Description Submitted by
1 34B Haddington Place 14/02115/PAN Pre Application Consultation – attended meeting with developer / architect / agent

200 – 230 unit student accommodation + mixed retail/restaurant/café + possible gym development adjacent to McDonald library (end June) – representation submitted – copy on website

2 3 – 8 St Andrews Square & 7 -21 South St Davids Street 14/02836/PAN Amended Pre Application consultation (June ’14 withdrawn) – amending PP granted against 13/01835/FUL & other subsequent) – non-retention of listed 1960’s façade on 6-7 St Andrews Square, possible rooftop restaurant & public realm improvements.
3 50 – 52A Annandale Street (ex Standard Life office building) 14/02568/PAN Demolition of existing building and construction of a flatted residential development with associated parking and landscaping . Public exhibition / consultation 12th August (see Spurtle for times / location)


4 30A Dundas Street


14/02747/FUL & LBC & 14/02746/FUL & LBC ATM installation on front elevation & other modifications including plant machinery on single storey rear elevation abutting Northumberland Street Lane & replacement of non-original (‘’99?) shop front
5 18 India Street 14/02792/FUL Internal & rear elevation modifications incl. demolition of out-shoot


6 8A Bellevue Crescent Lane 14/xxxxxx Further application for conversion of garage to studio as refused by Scottish Reporter – hearing at DMC on 20th August
7 30 McDonald Place 13/04453 & 14/02892 (also PPA-230-2114) Extend cash & Carry (Batley’s) opening hours to incl. Sundays 08:00 – 12:00 as allowed by temporary granting of application now expired.
8 Sandy Hill / Heriot Hill 14/02607/FUL & LBC Pre-application “unauthorised” clearing of ground. NTBCC have attended Resident’s meeting – application now lodged for Road Access from 62 Broughton Road.

Comments and Actions to Planning Applications Reviewed

The above applications were discussed over a 2 hour meeting and the following pertinent points were raised:

Sub-committee comments and Actions Action
ref Comments JC RC SC IM RP SB
1 145/02115/PAN 34B Haddington Place

Action : NTBCC responded to PAN by end June; also post a summary on NTBCC website (RP/SB)

2 14/01866/FUL : Tesco , Broughton Road – varying Condition from 09/0039/FUL – contact local councillor (Nick Gardner) who has made a representation (RP) – check with Mark Lazorovitz (RP) – submit objection

Action: contact local councillor (Nick Gardner) who has made a representation  (RP) – check with Mark Lazarovitz (RP) – submit objection (RP) – no representation submitted but Condition variation refused (19 comments)

3 14/02026/FUL : Canvas residents through Carol Nimmo

Action : Review amended application & respond accordingly (RP) – no further action – application pending but 16 comments

4 14/02070/AMC : St James Centre – hard copy of key documents sourced from GVA James Barr (RP/SC)  as necessary

Action: Review latest submission & arrange meeting with agent / developer as necessary – still awaiting confirmation

5 14/02747/FUL & LBC & 14/02746/FUL & LBC 30A Dundas Street ATM & other modifications

Action: NTBCC representation by 8/8 & 22/8 on material grounds (Env 1, Env 4, Des 5, Des 13)

6 13/04453 & 14/02892 Extend Cash & Carry Opening Hours to incl. Sunday 08:30 – 12:00 (also PPA-230-2114)

Action: Objection to be lodged in support of Reporter’s proposal (8/8/14) (RP)

Draft complete
7 14/02792 18 India Street – internal & rear elevation modifications incl. demolition of out-shoot

Action: Maintain with India Street Residents Assoc. (22/8/14) (RP/JC ?)

8 14/02419/FUL Proposed Change of use from Domestic Garage to office

Action: Application refused, NTBCC representation in support of refusal ; DMC hearing 20th August – NTBCC attending

9 14/02607/FUL & LBC Road access from 60 Broughton Road

Action : NTBCC representation on material grounds & process (8/8/14) (RP)

9 14/TBC Proposed relocation of ESPC from 85 George Street

Action: NTBCC contacted by ESPC regarding retail issue with relocation- part of City Centre Retail Core & limit of <33% non-retail units (which is already breached) – agreed discussion date (RP/IM)

Appendix 2: environment subcommittee report

The rollout of communal containers for general rubbish in the New Town is about to take place at last. It appears all objections, bar one which will be dealt with at a CEC Transport and Environment meeting in October, have been withdrawn. Unfortunately the imminent arrival of bins on the streets has taken some residents by surprise, causing anger and raising the question of how effective the public finds the CEC’s practice of advertisement leading to a period of consultation. At their meeting on 3rd February the CC agreed that it would be appropriate to leave a response to the TROs to the residents familiar with the streets concerned.

The CC has been kept au fait with the continued frustration of residents in Forth Street and Union Street about the mismanagement of commercial waste in Broughton Street Lane. The residents have been well supported by Councillors Mowat and Doran and there does not appear to be an active role for the CC. It is ironic that extra containers for domestic waste, unheralded it seems by TROs or consultation, have suddenly appeared in Forth and Union Streets, far in excess of what is required according to many residents.

In response to a request from Edinburgh World Heritage the CC has provided a letter of support for EWH’s application for a further grant from the Climate Challenge Fund. This aim is to stimulate the development of food producing garden plots in the heritage site.

Appendix 3: transport subcommittee report

Alasdair Sim met with Alan Welsh and me on 8 July to discuss 3 options that Alasdair had been asked to explore by the CEC Transport and Environment Cttee ahead of its next meeting on 26 August; this followed a deputation from the West End about the difficulty of accessing the West End by car from south Edinburgh. The 3 options are:

  • To allow all traffic to pass between Hope Street and Queensferry Street in both directions (limited space will mean one direction at a time controlled by traffic lights which currently operate for buses in both directions and other traffic heading east),
  • To remove the ‘no-left turn’ restriction from North Charlotte Street into St Colme Street, and
  • To allow traffic to turn into Canning Street heading north and cross Shandwick Place into Stafford Street (not part of our CC area)

Alasdair is recommending that Hope Street be opened up to all traffic in both directions – traffic monitoring suggests that this is unlikely to create an unmanageable increase in traffic and should reduce some of the through traffic through Randolph Crescent/Great Stuart Street etc which should please residents in that area. We also discussed how to minimise traffic flowing from Drumsheugh Gardens into Randolph Crescent – signage already encourages drivers to head south along Queensferry Street but he agreed to see if he could monitor the flow at the junction for a week to see how much of an issue this is. We were happy to support the recommendation for a TRO to open up Hope Street and to add a pedestrian crossing at Ryan’s Bar.

Regarding North Charlotte Street/St Colme, while there was a clamour for the reinstated ‘no-left turn’ to be removed immediately following the recent change, this has since died down and he is recommending to the Ctte that the restriction remains and the junction is monitored for another year. This recommendation will avoid increasing traffic flow through St Colme Street/Great Stuart Street etc. We were happy to support that recommendation.

While the third option is outwith our area, I would support his recommendation against the expensive rerouting of traffic/installation of new traffic lights that he had been exploring. He also looked at parking across the West End and found that there was reasonable free capacity at most times of the day. (Of course this may change when drivers find it easier to access the area from the south but that will be monitored in future.)

Other points we raised:

  • Insufficient time for the green man on either Heriot Row junction now that islands have been removed – this seems relatively easily fixed and Alasdair undertook to get that adjusted.
  • George Street – monitoring and update – not Alasdair’s responsibility but it is proceeding as planned. We did explore the possibility of buses being rerouted to reduce the volume on the west section of Princes Street to make use of the less used west-bound most western section of George Street but it seems bus companies are very reluctant to move away from having bus stops on Princes Street.
  • Reinstate traffic island on Broughton Street that was removed for tram-related diversions – Alasdair thought this was scheduled to be replaced but will check and let me know.
  • ‘no right turn’ into Forth St from Broughton St – Alasdair thought that this was unrelated to the tram diversions and was deliberate decision but has agreed to check and let me know.
  • Tour buses operating from north side St Andrew’s Square should return to Waverley Bridge. There are a couple of factors impacting here – the current demolition at south side of St Andrew’s Square and the proposed increase in footpath space on Waverley Bridge (latter will involve an island running down the middle of Waverley Bridge). Once these are both complete, there is a plan to return some of the tour buses to Waverley Bridge and position some of the others on the south side of the Square – there will be less road space on Waverley Bridge so it will not be able to accommodate the same volume as before.
  • Leith Walk plans – the upper end of Leith Walk is still under review while work has started further down. (Good news is that we will eventually get the pigeon statues back along with the clock that used to stand in the middle of the London Road roundabout!)
  • Direction of traffic on Young Street/Hill Street – this is currently under review.