NTBCC response to ‘draft Edinburgh Tourism Strategy 2030’

New Town & Broughton Community Council has responded to the draft Edinburgh Tourism Strategy 2030.

NTBCC’s full response is here: NTBCC Response to draft Edinburgh Tourism 2030 Strategy.

The executive summary of NTBCC’s response is:

  • The Strategy does not provide adequate information to allow those responsible for its approval and implementation to understand the expected outcomes and thus required actions.
  • The Strategy has been prepared in isolation with insufficient recognition of the overall goals of the Council in particular regarding climate change and improved health and well-being.
  • The Strategy fails to address the real concerns of residents regarding the impact of current and forecast levels of tourism on Edinburgh.
  • The level of consultation with the wider Edinburgh community and in particular Community Councils has been inadequate and is occurring too late in the development of the Strategy.
  • There is a need to undertake a more thorough review of the Strategy to ensure it is compatible with the overall goals of the Council and the needs of residents.