NTBCC Walkabout with members and residents – Broughton / Canonmills

Our third NTBCC walkabout was on Wednesday 30 March, starting and ending at Broughton St Mary’s, and covering East Claremont Street, Broughton Road (to the NTBCC boundary), Dunedin Street, Broughton Road (again), Eyre Place, Logan Street, King George V Park, Scotland Street, and East Scotland Street Lane (with some minor detours en-route).

We picked up litter, checked for blocked drains, poorly repaired roads, and depleted greenery

We noted the locations of the new housing developments in and around Powderhall. It would be interesting to have population estimates for Powderhall after the new housing has been occupied. NTBCC is already the fourth largest out of 46 community councils in Edinburgh by population.

Litter picking was the main focus of our activity and there was a lot of it! In particular, the need for a clean-up around the bins on Broughton Road, just inside the passageway to Dunedin Street was reported. In addition to overflowing litter there was broken glass, graffiti etc.

Links to the Council work requests submitted : Litter 1354288. broken glass 1354289, graffiti 1354290.

Also flytipping at Claremont Court, East Claremont Street (Council work request : 1354294)

Drains were generally clear. but one blocked one outside Broughton St Mary’s reported (Council work request : 1354404).

Trees and parks

There is a obvious need to plant trees along the whole length of the East Claremont Street central island ‘shrubbery’. As in so many areas of Edinburgh, the biodiversity of the area could be greatly improved there without huge cost. Any interest from local residents to progress this – perhaps  a ‘Friends of East Claremont Street Greenspace’?

We noted the removal of ash trees from the central beds in King George V Park, either because of disease or potential disease. (The trees appear to have been turned into wood chips and left in-situ, although the normal advice is to burn infected trees to get rid of the fungi. ) Also noted the prospect of a wide cycle path cutting straight through the park which has been approved.