Planning application for George Street “year round” marquees

At the March meeting of the NTBCC, there was unanimous agreement to object to the Experimental Traffic Order (TRO/14/13) to close off the north of George Street from St Andrew’s Square to Frederick Street and the south side from Charlotte Square to Frederick Street to cars – an objection was submitted to the Traffic order (see our website article). 

The plan was to utilise the carriageway for a 2-way cycle lane and space for existing eating and drinking premises to erect “uniform structures that would be in keeping with the street and be of a high quality” on the existing carriageway by selected commercial enterprises on George Street.

Planning applications have now been lodged by Essential Edinburgh for these structures and associated decking (Planning and Building Online Services ref 14/01326/FUL14/01327/FUL14/01328/FUL & 14/01329/FUL).

NTBCC has concerns over the impact that this would have on the architectural merit of this prestigious street and does not believe that the proposed structures would be in keeping with the surroundings. It believes that the proposals are contrary to several planning policies and a letter of objection has been submitted. NTBCC does not object in principle to the vision of providing further public amenity facilities on this street but the proposed location and standards proposed are, in the opinion of NTBCC, unsatisfactory as a permanent installation. NTBCC does not object to the temporary siting of temporary structures e.g. the Speigel Tent during the Festival.

As always – we are interested in the views of the community – if you have a view on this proposal, please contact us.