Public Information Session on Changes for Picardy Place

We have been involved in various forums over the past 2 -3 years on plans for Picardy Place. It is a key element linking the new St James Centre development, the ongoing Leith Walk Improvements and the agreed Leith Street works.

We have continually called for a joined-up and transparent presentation on the “behind the scenes” plans BEFORE elements of the work are agreed and consented.

We made comments on the original proposals for creating a hotel site on the council-owned land which currently houses the Picardy Place roundabout. Our concerns are that Edinburgh Council’s desire to create a marketable space on the land fronting St Mary’s Cathedral (driven by the desire to maximise profit from this site) could result in a scheme which does not provide the best outcome for the residents of Edinburgh.

“Together Edinburgh” – a partnership formed by the Edinburgh St James developers, Edinburgh Council and the Scottish Futures Trust (essentially a Scottish Government agency) – have announced a public information session titled “Picardy Place is Changing” – their flyer can be seen here.

This public information session is at the Valvona & Crolla VinCaffe on Multrees Walk on Saturday 23 September between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

We are somewhat unsure as to the content of this information session – but it is prefaced by “Together Edinburgh” thus : “As part of the wider regeneration of the east end of Edinburgh, we are looking at making improvements to Picardy Place and enhancing the eastern gateway to the city” & “We would like to invite you to an information session so that you can find out what this means for you.”

It’s unclear if this is a consultation or whether the decisions as to enhancing the eastern gateway to the city have already been taken – certainly the relocation of the York Place tram stop is a fait accompli (which we see the logic for). There are other aspects for which we feel public consultation should be sought. We would therefore encourage all those with an interest in the future of Picardy Place to go along and give “Together Edinburgh “ your thoughts and comments on what is proposed, whether you are asked for it or not !