Scotland’s 2022 Census – Have You Completed it ? If not, this may help

From an email received by the New Town & Broughton Community Council  on 1st April (& it’s not a hoax) from the Community Engagement Officer at the National Records of Scotland who are responsible for  Scotland’s 2022 Census.

As I am sure you are aware, Scotland’s Census Day was Sunday 20 March 2022. This Census is a Digital First Census, acknowledging that, for most citizens in Scotland, this is the preferred method of completion.

However, we are aware that there are a number of people in local communities where this may not be the best way to access the questionnaire, and we have been working very closely with Local Authorities and Third Sector organisations across Scotland to encourage and support these households to take part in the census and be counted.

Scotland’s Census is the official count of every person and household in Scotland, with answers helping us build a picture of the population of the country. Government and other service providers use the data we collect to make decisions on investments and planning, which makes it all the more important that the people of your area are supported to take part.There is still time for those who have not yet completed it, to submit it, either digitally or via the post.

With this in mind, I am contacting you today to consider what your community council can do to inform the people in your community on the importance of Census, and the support available for people to complete.

  • Please follow, retweet, and share our social media posts on our Twitter and Facebook
  • Share messaging from the Stakeholder Toolkit around your network. There is new material here with short (15 second) videos on how there is still time to complete. There are also downloadable posters and leaflets and more.
  • Incorporate census messaging into any newsletters or social media content this week. Our toolkit has suggested copy to use on posts.
  • Share this link how people can request a new code, a paper form, or an individual questionnaire.
  • This explainer video on how to complete the census is also useful to share around your networks.
  • I have also attached a poster template so stakeholders can add in their own instructions, tailored to their members’ needs, using resources from the toolkit if they wish.

The toolkit has helped many partners across Scotland to support local people.

We also have a number of vacancies for Field Enumerators in your area, link here, and we would appreciate if you could encourage local people to apply for these part time, temporary posts.

You can also find important contact information here.

Paul Hyland | Community Engagement Officer

Communications Team

Scotland’s Census 2022

National Records of Scotland

Ladywell House,

Edinburgh, EH12 7TF