Crude Council bin hubs set to wreck character of Edinburgh’s New Town

This is the text of a flyer NTBCC will soon publish.

Is this the future for New Town Streets?

Edinburgh City Council has decided to stop the gull proof bag and red/ blue box recycling, and replace them with communal bin hubs throughout the New Town.

Communal bin hubs

  • 7 bins at each hub – food, glass, recycling, general waste
  • A hub within 50m of every household
  • Bin hubs 8m long in lateral parking areas
  • Bin hubs on both sides of the street
  • A bin hub every 100m would mean 8 Bin Hubs in Great King St – and equivalent throughout the New Town
  • No doorstep refuse collection
The proposals are based on communal bin hubs in Albert St.

NTBCC and the New Town Residents’ Associations believe

  • It is wrong to clutter the New Town with ugly, intrusive bin hubs.
  • The Edinburgh World Heritage Site will be permanently damaged.
  • Bin hubs will attract fly-tipping and encourage poor recycling habits.
  • Bin hubs will take up scarce parking spaces.

Communal bin hub at Albert St with another in the background.
More bin hubs are also on the other side of the street.

Edinburgh City Council claims bin hubs will

  • Improve services- no-one will walk more than 50 m to deposit rubbish. But doorstep collection is more convenient.
  • Improve recycling volumes and remove recycling barriers. But evidence for this is weak.
  • Enhance streetscape and improve the public realm. But this is not true. Bin hubs will damage the New Town streetscape.
  • Improve reliability of collection. But reliability can be improved without bin hubs.

Currently refuse is on the streets for just a few hours

Support the campaign to STOP the bin hubs in the New Town!

Write to your MP, MSPs, Councillors, or to NTBCC

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Deidre Brock MP Angus Robertson MSP Ben Macpherson MSP
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Cllr Barrie Cllr Mitchell Cllr Osler Cllr Whyte
Cllr Mcneese-Mechan Cllr Munn Cllr Rae Cllr Ritchie

The character of the New Town should not be needlessly damaged with widespread, inappropriate street clutter. Recycling can and should be increased by improvements to existing services.

To safeguard the outstanding streetscape of the World Heritage Site, current refuse collection methods must continue until a better system is developed.