Street Cleaning & Waste Collections

A report on street cleansing, waste collections, and recycling was discussed at the meeting of New Town & Broughton Community Council on 8th February.  The final report, with some changes and additions suggested during the meeting, can be seen here.

After recent changes in waste and recycling collection arrangements, many residents think the streets in the area have become dirtier, and missed collections of communal bins regularly cause unsightly mess on the surrounding streets and pavements.  Some residents remain confused about how and when their recycling and waste collections work.

The Community Council's Environment Group conducted a fact-finding exercise in 2015, speaking to council staff about household, communal, and trade waste collections, recycling, Environmental Wardens and their responsibilities, street cleansing, and the system for reporting and responding to problems.

Residents and representatives attending the meeting confirmed most of the results of the exercise, and suggested some additional problems they had encountered.  It seemed that the problems are not restricted to the New Town & Broughton areas, but are city-wide.

We aim to bring these findings to the attention of elected representatives, and the senior staff of City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) responsible for the environment, to try to find solutions to the problems regularly encountered by the Edinburgh public.

Any overflowing bins, missed collections, litter etc. can be reported to CEC via their website (, or by telephone (529 3030).  Some guidance can be found at