New Proposal – Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Re-development – Dundas St / Fettes Row / Royal Crescent

Following on from the seemingly “stalled” planning application (16/05454/PPP) for the former RBS site in the New Town, NTBCC were recently invited to a meeting by GVA / Michael Laird Architects to have first sight of their latest (amended) proposals.

The original application attracted over 400 objections including one from Historic Environment Scotland (HES). The agents and architects have been in discussion with both the Planning Authority and HES with the objective of amending the their plans in light of the many concerns raised with their original proposal, primarily (but not exclusively) due to the impact on the views and amenity of Fettes Row & Royal Crescent and the users of King George V Park.

We understand from these recent discussions that the agents intend submitting a set of amended plans – replacing elements of the original plans to address (at least in part) the concerns raised by HES and many others. We also understand that a further consultation period of at least 21 days  is envisaged which will allow residents to look at the proposed changes and submit further comments. There may also be further "neighbourhood notifications" to alert local residents to these amended plans.

We also strongly encouraged the developers to engage in a face to face discussion to give residents more background and explain the reasoning behind these amendments.

We are pleased that representatives from GVA and Michael Laird Architects will be at the October NTBCC meeting on Monday October 9th at 7:30pm in Broughton St Mary’s (further details on discuss their latest thoughts.

The developers have indicated that their amended plans will be submitted for consideration in the next 1 – 2 months but  should provide a clearer timescale at the NTBCC meeting.



Update on RBS Site Redevelopment including Historic Environment Scotland’s Response

The New Town & Broughton Community Council has consulted widely on the proposal for redevelopment of the RBS site fronting Fettes Row, Royal Crescent, Dundas Street and Eyre Place.

We have also had extensive engagement with the architects / agents who have been involved with bringing forward a planning application.

NTBCC have further refined the draft of the representations that we published on our website recently and have now submitted the final versions covering the Planning Permission in Principle application (16/05454/PPP) as well as the Conservation Area Consent application (16/05455/CON) for the demolition of the existing buildings on the site.

NTBCC’s final representation for 16/05454/PPP can be viewed here and the parallel representation covering 16/05455/CON here. They are also now available on the Edinburgh Planning portal along with other statutory consultees.

We have been encouraged by the high level of community engagement regarding this development and we appreciate the significant effort made by many local residents associations and other groups as well as the robust discussions at many community council meetings.

We have also encouraged many heritage bodies to register their comments on these applications and are pleased that our neighbouring community council (Stockbridge & Inverleith) have submitted their objections as well as Edinburgh World Heritage, the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland (AHSS) and the Cockburn Association.

We are also encouraged by the detailed objection submitted by Historic Environment Scotland - who has taken a strong position regarding the negative impact that the proposed development would have on the World Heritage Site due to the proposed height and massing (which can be viewed here with key statements highlighted). We would hope that their formal objection will ensure that current proposal is withdrawn and significantly amended followed by a further period of public consultation.

We remain of the view that a more appropriate level of development of this prime New Town site has the potential to create a complex of buildings that would truly enhance this area of the city.


NTBCC Draft Representations on RBS Scheme

The New Town & Broughton Community Council have had extensive discussions with the developers of this scheme. NTBCC members attended the three Public Consultations over the preceding 12 – 18 months and have provided comments at each stage.

Furthermore, we have discussed the developing plans at many community council meetings and have had active discussions with many residents’ groups in the local area – the majority of whom would be affected by this development. It is worth noting that despite the high level of pre-consultation by the developers with the community and despite many groups not being adverse to development or redevelopment on the site, there has been a growing level of concern expressed as the proposals have matured.

We have now concluded a draft of the representation that we intend to submit prior to 18 December. Although the majority of the discussion has been associated with the Planning Permission in Principle application (16/05454/PPP), we will also object to the Conservation Area Consent application (16/05455/CON) for the demolition of the existing buildings on the site.

The draft representation for 16/05454/PPP can be viewed here  and the parallel representation covering 16/05455/CON here.

A summary of these representations will be covered at the NTBCC meeting on Monday 12 December.

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RBS Development on Dundas Street / Fettes Row Planning Application Submitted

NTBCC have been actively involved in pre-application discussions for the redevelopment of the current RBS site on Dundas Street / Fettes Row / Royal Crescent and has discussed the proposals at various stages at their meetings.

Following a meeting with the RBS site development team on 31st August where their current thinking on the proposed application for a residential-led development was outlined, we have been waiting for the formal submission of a planning application to City of Edinburgh Council.

We were informed earlier this week that the application had been lodged, both for Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) and Conservation Area Consent (CAC) to demolish the existing buildings on the site. The description is :


It can be viewed on the Edinburgh Planning portal under reference 16/05454/PPP, the link to the planning portal is here

We are currently working through the various documents which accompany this application

Currently, the final date for members of the community to submit comments is 9 December 2016.

We would encourage anyone who has a view on this development to submit comments to Edinburgh Council to ensure that the views of the wider community are fully recognised.

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NTBCC minutes – Monday 11 April 2016


1            Attendance and apologies for absence


1.1          Present


Judy Conn                          NTBCC                                             Janice Greenwood                 Resident

Audrey Cavaye                 NTBCC                                             Caroline Bond                         Resident

Richard Price                    NTBCC                                             Dorothy MacColl                    Resident

Ian Mowat                         NTBCC                                             Lachlan MacColl                     Resident

Jonathan Finn                   NTBCC                                             G Govan                                   Resident

Christine Ross                   NTBCC                                             B Williams                                Resident

Lewis Press                       NTBCC                                             G Guperthwaite                      Resident

Alan Welsh                        NTBCC                                             John Ross                                 Resident

Jack Hugh                          NTBCC                                             Greg Kettrick                           Resident

Alan Jack                            NTBCC                                             Graham Frost                          Resident

Chris Collins                      Drummond Civic Assoc                Martin McDonnell                  Resident

Alan McIntosh                  Broughton Spurtle                        Claire Miller                            Resident

John Ross Maclean          Broughton Spurtle                        Caroline Roussot                    Resident

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Development on the RBS site on Dundas Street and Fettes Row – Response to Latest Consultation

The New Town & Broughton Community Council have been actively following the plans being put forward on behalf of The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for the redevelopment of the land in its ownership bordering Dundas Street, Fettes Row, Royal Crescent and Eyre Terrace.

We submitted comments on the previous Public Exhibitions held in September and November 2015 by GVA James Barr & the architects Michael Laird Associates. These comments were a consensus of the views expressed by various local residents’ associations as well as discussions within NTBCC.

NTBCC attended the Final Public Exhibition in February 2016 – the Exhibition Boards used can be seen here.

We believe that the proposed site, given its size, central location and adjoining the precious open space of King George V Park within the New Town, offers a unique opportunity to add real value to the area. As such, NTBCC are not against development in some form for the majority of the site – replacing buildings that have little or no architectural merit, bordering the Edinburgh World Heritage site and within the New Town Conservation Area.

Overall, NTBCC’s position (reflecting both the changes introduced in the latest consultation in February and the many representations from members of the local community) results in the New Town & Broughton Community Council being against several key elements of the proposed development.

Our latest comments can be viewed here.

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NTBCC minutes – Monday 14 March 2016

1               Attendance and apologies for absence


1.1          Present

Judy Conn NTBCC Bruce Ryan minutes secretary    
Lynn Henni NTBCC Cllr Marion Donaldson Leith Walk ward    
Iain McGill NTBCC PC Derek Barbour Police Scotland    
Ian Mowat NTBCC Alan McIntosh Broughton Spurtle    
Carol Nimmo NTBCC John Ross Maclean Broughton Spurtle    
Richard Price NTBCC 23 residents      
Christine Ross NTBCC        

1.2          Apologies

Susanna Beaumont NTBCC Allan Jack NTBCC Alan Welsh NTBCC
Jonathan Finn NTBCC Lewis Press NTBCC Cllr Lesley Hinds Inverleith ward

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