NTBCC minutes Monday 13 September 2021

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FLY Open Air Music Festival – NTBCC’s Response to Request for Comments


23 August 2021

“New Town and Broughton Community Council take the view that events that require significant infrastructure build and de-rig out-with the Ross Band Stand area, both in terms of area used and time taken, are clearly major events and therefore not suitable for West Princes St Gardens (WPSG). We agree with the position taken by the Old Town Community Council in whose area this sits). Over recent years there is and continues to be a strongly emerging view that spaces like WPSG essentially belong to the people of the City of Edinburgh, as such they are used daily and extensively by residents and they should not be subjected to commercialisation.

Assuming that everything runs according to plan, the park will be occupied by FLY for 14 days.

St Cuthbert’s Churchyard is the only level access to WPSG that is suitable for those with mobility issues as well as those who are unable to navigate the steps and slopes whilst using wheelchairs and prams. Additionally, it is a popular through route for local residents and those working in the Old Town traversing to and from Princes Street. The proposed entrance closes WPSG to these people, creates clear equality implications and the site plan cuts WPSG in half blocking access from one side of WPSG to the other.

It is imperative that the top path remains open throughout the timing of the event, including set up and take down to enable public access for the event to meet its claim that WPSG will remain open to the public throughout.

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NTBCC AGM & June Meeting Agenda – Preview

The New Town & Broughton Community Council Annual General Meeting (AGM) and June monthly meeting will be on Monday 14 June 2021 at 7:00pm.

Consistent with continued Edinburgh Council and Scottish Government guidance, this will again be held by video conference, using the Zoom platform.

The normal monthly meeting will immediately follow the AGM which starts at 7:00pm (via Zoom). The full agendas for these meetings will be available on our website, https://www.ntbcc.org.uk/meetings/ very soon.

In the meantime, here’s a preview….

We look forward to as many residents as possible from the New Town & Broughton Community Council area joining us for this.

If you’re interested, please register via Eventbrite here

Annual General Meeting (starts at 7:00pm) 

A summary of the the Annual Report will be presented by the Chair followed by the Annual Accounts. NTBCC Office bearers will also be (re)-elected.

June NTBCC meeting (immediately following the AGM)

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NTBCC Meeting Agenda – Monday 14 December 2020

Agenda for online meeting: 6:45pm for 7.00pm start

We very much welcome members of the public joining the meeting (using the Zoom platform).

Please register here: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/new-town-broughton-cc-meeting-via-zoom-monday-14-december-tickets-131718277915

Log-in details / Zoom link will then be emailed to all those who have registered.

Anyone who wants to raise an issue for discussion can do so either by submitting a Contact Us form (links to ntbcc.org.uk) or send a message via Twitter @NTBCC.

  1. Technology check / Admin/ Welcome
(6:45 to 7:00 pm)
  1. Minutes of 9 November meeting (via Zoom) and matters arising
    (To approve)
  1. Police Report
    (To note, Police Scotland key messages as received/circulated prior to meeting)
(5 minutes)
  1. Transport  
    1. Presentation from representatives from ‘Better Broughton’ followed by Q & A
    2. Other SfP updates from 12th November TEC from Transport Committee Convenor
(15 minutes)

(5 minutes)

  1. ‘Public Space Management Plan’ 
    1. Update following The Cockburn Association / EACC meetings on PSMP (To note)
    2. NTBCC input to PSMP (note final date for input / comments extended to 20th January 2021)
(20 minutes)
  1. George Street & First New Town Project
    Developing proposal – update from NTBCC attendees at recent consultation sessions (1 & 2)
(10 minutes)
  1. Environment
    1. Summary of agreed Committee Structure (Please note paper circulated) 
    2. Communal Bin Review – update including Residents’ Associations input
(10 minutes)
  1. Planning 
    1. Latest Powderhall (ex-Bowling Green area) – Public Event 8/9th December
    2. Update on 108-116 Dundas Street (20/03923/PAN) Pre-consultation
(10 minutes)


  1. Engagement/Communications update
(5 minutes)
  1. Licensing
    (by exception)
  1. Local residents’ associations/local interest groups
  1. Any other business
    (including any contact by residents not previously covered)

During the meetings, names and email addresses may be recorded. Email addresses are held and used for circulating information about NTBCC but may also be used to seek residents’ views on local issues.

NTBCC minutes – Monday 14 October 2019

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s ordinary meeting, held in Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s church, Bellevue Crescent on Monday 14 October 2019 at 7.30pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision. Continue reading

NTBCC agenda Monday 9 September

7.30 p.m. Monday 9th September 2019

The Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent

(enter by ramp, suitable for wheelchairs, entry at right hand side of church)

N.B. Current SGN works in front of the church – with access by car only possible from northern end of Bellevue Crescent

  1. Minutes of Meeting of 12th August and matters arising
  2. Police report
  3. Presentation : Edinburgh Council – Update on Parks & Greenspaces / Events approach – with Lindsay Grant (CEC Parks Programme Manager) & Sarah Murphy (CEC)
  4. Presentation: (19/03803/PAN) ex RBS site Dundas St. etc. : Preview of public consultation on 11th September (with representatives from Ediston Real Estate/Turleys)
  5. Licensing update *
  6. Transport – incl. ‘Fast & Furious 9’ road closures
  7. Planning *
  8. Environment
  9. Communication
  10. Neighbourhood Networks / local residents’ associations
  11. Community Council elections (Sept ’19) & Local Interest Group registration
  12. Any other business

* Summaries to be issued prior to meeting


During the meeting an attendance sheet seeking names and email addresses will be circulated, though there is no requirement to give either.  Email addresses are held and used for the sole purpose of circulating information about NTBCC and seeking residents’ views on local issues. If you wish to be removed from this circulation list, please email minsec@ntbcc.org.uk at any time.

NTBCC Objection to FLY Open Air Music Festival, 20th to 22nd September 2019

New Town & Broughton Community Council, along with the Old Town Community Council (OTCC) have registered their objection to Fly Events Ltd’s application for permission to run their all day Open Air Music Festival at West Princes Street Gardens on 21st / 22nd September (total event duration extended with set-up / de-rigging extending  to 18th to 24th September).

This was in response to a consultation from Edinburgh Council’s Parks & Greenspaces and an Emergency Deputation by the promoter at the council’s  August Transport & Environment Committee.  The decision to register a unanimous objection to this was agreed following discussion at the recent August NTBCC meeting (at which OTCC members were also present).

NTBCC have been concerned at the continued increase in commercial / ticketed events in Princes Street Gardens and their impact on the lives and amenity of local residents. This latest proposal involves restricting public access to a significant area – including the enclosed Ross Bandstand area but also extending significantly outwards from there and would also again (we assume) necessitate erection of barriers / curtain along Princes Street for reasons stated as being necessary for “public safety”.  The arrangement in place for the current series of Summer Session concerts is generally accepted to be inappropriate and perhaps an even more dangerous intervention by significantly reducing pavement width.

Furthermore, the extended performances will result in unacceptable noise levels / frequencies across the city centre for virtually a whole weekend, affecting nearby residents, shops and businesses.  Although the organisers have stated that their “state of the art sound system which will mitigate noise problems“, this has not been demonstrated and no noise monitoring is being stipulated nor any maximum noise levels for the event. Our view is that as the nature of the “boutique music” proposed is almost inevitably going to involve a high decibel level and a heavy bass beat

Much has been made of the fact that this event is aimed primarily at young people.  We fully accept that the Council has a responsibility towards young people and for providing them with amenities and facilities for enjoying appropriate cultural, entertainment and leisure activities, but this must not be at the expense of the wider population of the city.  To meet this particular responsibility the Council should accept that at present the city has no suitable venue and the provision of an appropriate venue is something that we would hope is given priority in any future budget.  A purpose built or appropriately adapted building outwith the city centre would also help in the current push to diffuse the various Festivals beyond the centre.

This may be a challenging  aim but given the lack of a suitable venue we urge that consent is not given to the Fly Music Festival.  The central open air venue of Princes Street West Gardens is not appropriate.

Further details on what is proposed can be seen in the OTCC  website posting  and the full text of NTBCC’s objection can be viewed  here.