West Princes Street Gardens/Ross Development Trust ‘stakeholder group’ meeting

The West Princes Street Gardens/Ross Development Trust (RDT) ‘stakeholder group’ meeting was held on 14 March 2018.


Donald Anderson Karl Chapman (Cultural Venues Manager i/c Ross Bandstand)
David Ellis (RDT) Cliff Hague (Cockburn Association)
Simon Holledge (NTBCC) Tasha MacKenzie (CEC)
Carol Nimmo (NTBCC) Patrick Keady (OTCC)
Fiona Rankin (Edinburgh World Heritage) Roddy Smith (Essential Edinburgh and RDT trustee)

RDT announced a ‘rebranding’ and a new website to be launched on 21 March, but no new designs from wHY Architects.

There was a general discussion about clarifying the extent of multi-day ‘events’ and scaling them to the gardens. The number and type of events would be determined by the Parks Events Manifesto, which we understand is under some kind of revision. 

Karl Chapman (Cultural Venues Manager i/c Ross Bandstand: biography) assured us all events were subject to health and safety regulations limiting sound levels. 

A further meeting would be held in May, after the conclusion of ‘Stage 2’ and the beginning of ‘Stage 3’ of the design process. At that point, the designs should be much more detailed, and there would be a new consultation.