NTBCC ordinary meeting minutes Monday 14 June 2021

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s ordinary meeting, held via Zoom, on Monday 14 June 2020 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

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Stockbridge Town Centre – Spaces for People Phase 2 Proposal

Email from the Spaces for People team to local Ward Councillors and other key stakeholders including Stockbridge & Inverleith Community Council, Craigleith/Blackhall Community Council, West End Community Council and  the New Town & Broughton Community Council.   

Dear Councillors and Stakeholders

Covid-19 Cycling and Walking Emergency Response Measures

Proposed waiting/loading restriction changes to facilitate footway widening – Raeburn Place, Deanhaugh Street, Kerr Street and Hamilton Place

Following our email of 26 June advising that we would notify you once further details were available for the proposals above, we are pleased to be able to provide these now.

We would suggest that you view the  attached plan to see the detail of what is proposed. In summary it shows:

  • Due to narrow pavements intervention is required to widen footpaths on both sides of Raeburn Place, Deanhaugh Street and Hamilton Place adjacent to commercial properties, unfortunately, all of these streets have considerable street clutter that reduce the available width.
  • Additional parking/loading/unloading facilities will be provided on Cheyne Street, and other locations may be possible.
  • All Bus stops remain (with the two noted on Hamilton Place moved out to reflect the new temporary kerb line if necessary).
  • Unfortunately, due to the extremely narrow footway on the south side of Raeburn Place it is not possible to provide on-street loading or parking facilities in this area. The bus stop at this location will move out to the new temporary kerb line during phase 2 to provide additional space.
  • Significant footway widening along the full length of the high street from Dean Park Street to Hamilton Place, to provide opportunity for social distancing and business queuing.
  • Loading places are retained at several points throughout the area to provide space for deliveries to and collections from local businesses.
  • Widened footway on the north side of Kerr Street, including the narrow corner at St Stephen Street.

In the first instance these measures will be introduced quickly using temporary traffic management equipment, such as cones. Where deemed suitable, this equipment will then be replaced with more robust semi-permanent materials once available.

Given the urgency to make the required changes any comments relating to these proposals should be received by 1200hrs on Friday 10 July 2020 to spacesforpeople@edinburgh.gov.uk.

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Notification of major gas replacement works: Raeburn Place area, Edinburgh Update 16 March 2020 Update 29 March 2020

(copied from an email from SGN: It furthers the information in this recent NTBCC post.)

I’m writing to you further to my recent email about our ongoing work to upgrade our gas network in Raeburn Place, Stockbridge area, Edinburgh.

We know that during the coronavirus outbreak, our communities will rely on us now more than ever to keep them safe and warm. The safety of our communities and our employees will remain our number one priority in the weeks and months ahead.

Following the latest Government advice to stay at home, we must make changes to our usual ways of working. From Tuesday 24 March, we are only continuing with safety-critical and emergency work.

This means we’ll temporarily suspend our ongoing gas network upgrade in Raeburn Place, Stockbridge area, Edinburgh.

Over the coming days, we’ll wind down all our network upgrade projects in a controlled way to ensure people and sites are safe, and our network is secure.

We will continue to operate the 24/7 National Gas Emergency Service across the south of England and in Scotland during the coronavirus pandemic. Our engineers will continue to attend properties and make the situation safe, as always. We have extra safety precautions in place to make sure our customers and colleagues are protected from catching or spreading the virus.

There’s more information about our coronavirus preparations on our website: sgn.co.uk/coronavirus

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times. I’ll write to you again when we’re able to restart our gas mains replacement project.

Kind regards

Caroline Lawrie, Stakeholder and Community Manager
T: +44 (0)131 469 1701 (: 31701)
M: +44 (0)7747 7577 99
E: caroline.lawrie@sgn.co.uk
SGN, Axis House, 5 Lonehead Drive, Newbridge, Edinburgh,EH28 8TG

Major gas replacement works: Raeburn Place area, Edinburgh – Update Tuesday 10 March 2020

SGN has just sent NTBCC the following update.

Our work in Raeburn Place is still on track and progressing well.

We’ve been carrying out additional work to our network at the junction of Hamilton Place and Kerr Street due to an emergency. This work is almost complete and the temporary traffic lights in place at the junction will be removed by Monday next week [16 March].

A section of our new plastic pipe has now been inserted in to the old metal pipe in Raeburn Place. Because we’ve completed our work in the narrowest section of the road, the Lothian Bus service will become available to those travelling eastbound from Tuesday 17 March. The temporary Stockbridge Shuttle service we were providing will run until the evening of 14 March.

Thanks again to Stockbridge residents and business owners for your continued patience and understanding while we complete our essential work.

Kind regards


Caroline Lawrie, Stakeholder and Community Manager
T: +44 (0)131 469 1701 (: 31701)
M: +44 (0)7747 7577 99
E: caroline.lawrie@sgn.co.uk
SGN, Axis House, 5 Lonehead Drive, Newbridge, Edinburgh,EH28 8TG


Raeburn Place SGN works: bus update

Following on from recent posts about the SGN works in Stockbridge, SGN tells NTBCC:

In relation to what will happen with the buses when we move to the next phase of our works in Stockbridge. The bridge will reopen to two way traffic on Monday morning and Raeburn Place will open to citybound traffic in the afternoon.

The switch in bus diversions will not happen until start of service Tuesday morning so that there is no confusion as to whether buses are on diversion or not.

I have attached a map showing the diversion routes that will be followed by buses from start of service on Tuesday 11 February. A copy of this map will go up in the bus stops affected from the start of next week. You are welcome to distribute this map to help spread the word’.

In simple terms all citybound buses on routes 24, 29, 36 and 41 will return to normal route while all buses in the opposite direction will stay on their current diversion.  The diverted 36 will continue to serve the temporary stop on George Street eastbound to enable passengers on 24, 29 and 42 to get to Howe Street.

Note that the road is expected to open sometime on Monday and due to the lack of a specific time the bus company have decided that it is easiest if they wait until Tuesday to make the switch to routes.

Caroline Lawrie, Stakeholder and Community Manager
T: +44 (0)131 469 1701 (: 31701)
M: +44 (0)7747 7577 99
E: caroline.lawrie@sgn.co.uk
SGN, Axis House, 5 Lonehead Drive, Newbridge, Edinburgh,EH28 8TG

NTBCC minutes – Monday 11 November 2019

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s ordinary meeting, held in Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s church, Bellevue Crescent on Monday 11 November 2019 at 7.30pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision. Continue reading

Open Streets Edinburgh consultation: NTBCC’s response

(The following is the text of NTBBC’s submission to CEC’s Open Streets consultation, submitted 2 November 2018)

The New Town and Broughton CC supports the principle of holding vehicle-free Sundays in parts of the city including the city centre.

In the city centre an obvious location would be sections of George Street with Charlotte Square or St Andrew Square, an area which already experiences pedestrianisation at least in part during the Festival. There might have to be a break at Hanover Street to allow for north/south traffic. Continue reading