Trams to Newhaven – latest newsletter

Here’s the latest (text only). There’s little in this issue about NTBCC-land but the content may well of interest.

Leith Walk

Site investigation, excavation works and surface water drainage installation is continuing from London Road to Crown Street.

Pilrg Street to Dalmeny Street

This section of works has been handed back to our Infrastructure & Systems Contractor, SFN, who will commence the main tram infrastructure works.


Main tram infrastructure works are continuing in this area.

Ocean Terminal

This area is one of the first section of works that was handed back to our Infrastructure & Systems Contractor, SFN. This has seen the commencement of the main tram infrastructure works in this area. The works are progressing well with the much-anticipated track laying works, scheduled to commence in November 2020. Further updates will follow over the coming weeks on our digital platforms.

Constitution Place to Baltic Street

Works are progressing well in this area with the section of works being handed back to the Infrastructure & Systems Contractor, SFN. The Tower Street junction remains closed with further updates expected to follow in the coming weeks.

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