Trams to Newhaven – Start of Construction Works at York Place – What it means

Adapted from an update on the ‘Trams to Newhaven‘ website dated 3 February 

“As part of the next stage of works on the Trams to Newhaven project, the temporary tram stop at York Place will be decommissioned and removed to allow the installation of a crossover linking the existing line with the new route.

To facilitate these works, from 9 February 2022 until April 2022 the tram from Edinburgh Airport will stop at the West End. Once the works at York Place are complete, from April 2022 the tram will then terminate at St Andrew Square until the new stop at Picardy Place becomes operational when the line to Newhaven opens in Spring 2023.”

So – in short – when the (now defined as temporary) York Place stop no longer receives trams as from Wednesday 9 February, trams will terminate at Shandwick Place until April 2022. Then during the period from April 2022 until ‘Spring 2023’ (the official opening date for the Trams to Newhaven extension, seemingly now accepted as June), all trams will terminate at St Andrew Square.

The update includes further information on when this phase of the Construction Work will commence, with fencing being erected to establish the construction site taking place in the early hours of Thursday 10 February 2022.

The update also includes details of :

  1. Working Hours – an increase in working hours to allow Saturday working from 7.00am until 4.00pm has been approved by Council officials, with a warning of increased noise levels as the existing (temporary) tram stop is demolished over the next two weeks.
  2. Access to Pedestrian Crossings from Broughton Street – as can be seen from the updated Traffic Management Plan, the available crossing points from the north side of York Place / Picardy Place now necessitates walking west towards Elder St or eastwards to a temporary crossing point by the Holiday Inn Express on Picardy Place to reach the Playhouse / OMNi (shown in blue or more correctly cyan on the map).  The heavily used pedestrian crossing from Picardy Place (Conan Doyle) to Broughton Street will be closed.
  3. Support for Local Businesses  – a package is in place, devised by the Council in consultation with businesses in the area, which will include a local voucher scheme, an ‘open for business’ campaign across a range of media, and a business continuity fund. Full details can be found here Support for Business
  4. Current Logistics hubs on Montgomery Street, Albert Street, Dalmeny Street and near the Foot of the Walk will remain operational to help with deliveries and dispatches. Also, from Monday 7 February 2022, a loading bay will be installed on Union Street to assist local businesses with deliveries.
  5. Lothian Buses – the update includes a link to which will be revised  (probably quite frequently given recent experience) to reflect changes to the Lothian Bus routes. This is also available via the Transport for Edinburgh App.
  6. Bus Stops on York Place – although not specifically mentioned in the update, we understand that the bus stop on York Place is being relocated further west towards Elder Street – but unclear as to the precise location.

We will discuss this briefly at our online (virtual) NTBCC meeting on 14 February.