20 mph consultation

Edinburgh City Council are currently consulting on a radical proposal to introduce a 20 mph limit throughout much of the City – including all streets in the New Town and Broughton area where there is not already a 20 mph restriction. The last day for sending in comments  is 17 October.  The consultation, the map and a reply form can be found on the City of Edinburgh Council website – http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/20mph. Send your comments to us by using our contact form.

We in the Community Council  are currently  formulating our response, which we will finalise at our nest meeting on Monday 13 October. We are very interested in hearing resident’s views to inform  our decision making process. If you have a view, come along to the Community Council meeting and voice your concerns or support or contact us before the meeting.

In particular we would like to know:

  1. Do you support 20 mph on all residential streets in the New Town/Broughton area (marked light blue on the map) ?
  2. Are there any of the  arterial streets (marked dark blue on the map) which you think should remain 30 mph streets, e.g. Regent Road or Queen Street?
  3. It is hoped to avoid using  speed bumps/chicanes as are used on current 20 mph limits. Are there places where these type of measures would be necessary and if so why?  Do you have any other suggestions for slowing traffic down?