20mph – facts and FAQs

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council dated 26 Feb 2015, at 16:02)

Edinburgh Council is committed to creating a better, safer Edinburgh and that’s why on 13 January 2015 Councillors approved a new speed limit network for Edinburgh after three years of consultation and research.

There has been a lot of inaccurate information in the local media lately regarding 20mph, which is unhelpful to those who are keen to get informed on this very important matter for Edinburgh.

The following documents have been produced to help give the full facts. (Click the graphics to see the full-size documents.)

20mph Creating a better, safer Edinburgh - The facts 2-1 20mph Creating a better, safer Edinburgh FAQs-1

Edinburgh Council will be launching an extensive education and awareness campaign before it implements the changes, and it would welcome your support, so please share the documents with your friends, family and contacts.

Edinburgh Council believes that not only will the new speed limit network save lives and reduce the number of accidents; it will also contribute to making Edinburgh a better and safer place to live, work and play.

If you have any questions or comments please email the 20mph project team or visit the 20mph web pages.

20 mph Project Team

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