An end in sight for Improvement Works at Broughton Road / Rodney Street

It was originally announced by the City of Edinburgh Council that major improvement works would begin in June 2018  at the Rodney Street / Broughton Road junction (see posting ). This included repaving all the footpaths in this area, improvements to traffic signals and resurfacing of the roadway.

Later, it was announced that this work had been delayed and would start on Monday 2nd July and was expected to take approximately 7 weeks (see initial Notification here ).

Traffic management including temporary traffic lights / diversions and signage (including parking restrictions, footpath closures and temporary bus stops) would be put in place for the duration of works. Despite the initial delay to 2nd July, the works did not appear to get underway until 9th  July ; with the work still in progress until now, a duration of almost 11 weeks.

However, this important  circular distributed to local residents this week by Edinburgh Council announces details of the final roadway resurfacing starting on Monday 1 October – with a sequential full closure of the northbound carriageway for 3 days followed by a similar full closure of the southbound carriageway for a further 3 days. The resurfacing work will be undertaken from 7:00pm through until 4:00am during this period – with unspecified noise level restrictions in place after 11:00pm. However, NTBCC are making the assumption that although resurfacing work will be limited to only the “off-peak” hours, the respective carriageways will remain closed for the duration of the resurfacing work.

The circular covers impacts on vehicle traffic but is not particularly clear on impact to pedestrians, bus users and cyclists – so care is required when approaching this junction during this period.

Although being supportive of these works, it would appear that the disruption caused to all (vehicles, pedestrian and bus users) will ultimately last for close to double the time vs. the original 7 week duration.

We are not aware of any significant additional work that has been undertaken to justify this extended disruption and are left to conclude that either the original contract duration estimate was highly ambitious or it was felt that announcing the full extent of the disruption expected initially would have resulted in too many negative comments at the outset.

However, we are hopeful that by 8 October, all works will have been completed and this extended disruption will come to an end, allowing traffic to flow more freely and bringing to an end the queue of traffic that occurs in Bellevue, Canonmills and Broughton Road at peak times and the environmental impact that this causes.