‘Statutory’ agenda for NTBCC meeting on Monday 13 November (BY ZOOM)

The next NTBCC public meeting will be held on Monday 13 November and consistent with our adopted protocol, will be via Zoom.

The Zoom link as well as the detailed agenda for this meeting will be published in due course, but for now here is the ‘statutory’/framework agenda.

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting (9 October 2023) : AGM and Ordinary meeting
  3. Matters arising
  4. Policing matters
  5. Transport
  6. Licensing
  7. Culture & Communities
  8. Environment
  9. Engagement / Communications
  10. Planning
  11. Councillor’s reports
  12. Open Forum (for residents to raise any concerns)
  13. AOCB

Bellevue Crescent – ‘Amenity Ground’ in front of Broughton St Marys Church

NTBCC were aware of the works carried out by SGN here in support of the new St James Quarter about 5 years ago. These works involved installing a new high pressure gas main from Dundas Street, along Great King Street, Drummond Place, Scotland Street and then running along East Scotland Street Lane to tie in with the existing main in the roadway at Bellevue Place which then would supply the increased demand for the new St James Quarter development.

This necessitated works in the parking area in front of Broughton St Mary’s Church (an A listed building) to install a governor (let-down valve) and other associated equipment which resulted in the raised, kerbed, plinth being there, covered in non-heritage brick paviors as well as other equipment e.g. a high level vent. Continue reading

‘Statutory’/Framework agenda for 11 September NTBCC meeting (by Zoom)

In accordance with our adopted position (alternating between In Person & Virtual meetings), this will be a virtual (by Zoom) meeting. To join the meeting – please access via the following link


Passcode: Calton

The detailed agenda will be published later this week, but for now here is the ‘statutory’/framework agenda.

  1. Welcome, introductions & apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting (14 August 2023)
  3. Matters arising
  4. Policing matters
  5. Planning
  6. Culture & Communities ( incl. George Street)
  7. Environment
  8. Transport
  9. Licensing
  10. Councillor’s reports
  11. AGM
  12. Open Forum (for residents to raise any concerns)
  13. AOCB

Along with the detailed agenda, some committee conveners’ reports will be available with links to specific discussion items.

Communal Bin Roll-Out : Off street Developments in the Broughton area

Email to NTBCC with further information regarding the Communal Bin roll-out in the N1 Parking area for off-street developments. It includes removal where necessary of the paper (‘Fibre’) blue-lidded bins such that future paper recycling is contained within the Dry Mixed Recycling (green-lidded) bins. 

COMMUNAL BIN REVIEW –– Off street developments – Broughton area

We are continuing the roll out of the communal bin review improving and enhancing recycling facility available to properties in developments. At off street developments, as the ones listed below, bins are stored in bin stores or bin areas and are not on-street. These off street developments are all different and different arrangements will be made to these sites i.e. some of them just required updated stickers, some of them needed a food waste bin or a glass bin and some others needed the paper bin to be changed into mixed recycling. This is to improve and increase the access to recycling facilities for these residents.

We are ensuring the signage on the bins is updated and/or the appropriate number of bins for non-recyclable waste, mixed recycling, glass and food waste are provided to residents at:

  • Powderhall
  • Hatters Lane
  • 70-72 Logie Green Road
  • 82-84 Logie Green Road/ 9 Warriston Road
  • 73 Logie Green Road
  • 10-12 Warriston Road, 75 Logie Green Road
  • Boat Green
  • 5 Warriston Road
  • 29-31 Beaverbank Place
  • 10-17 Beaverbank Place
  • 2-6 Stoddart Way
  • 154 McDonald Road
  • Claremont Court
  • 21 Dunedin Street
  • 4-6 Papermill Wynd
  • 1-3 Papermill Wynd
  • 121-127 Bellevue Road
  • 16 Hopetoun Street
  • 4 Hopetoun Street
  • 2B Hopetoun Street
  • 15-29 Hopetoun Street
  • 40-50 Annandale Street
  • 10-11 Hopetoun Crescent
  • 6 McDonald Road

Within the next few days, each resident will receive a letter with a guide enclosed which includes the relevant information about the updated service.

Continue reading

Proposed Removal of Glass & Paper Recycling Bins at Tesco on Broughton Road

Email received by NTBCC from the Council’s Waste & Cleansing Service regarding the proposed removal of both the glass and paper recycling bins at the Tesco store on Broughton Road. 

Whilst we understand and agree with the removal of the paper (‘Fibre’, blue-lidded) recycling bin here – as this isn”t consistent with either the adopted strategy of  the Council for recycling of Dry Mixed Recyclables  (DMR)  as well as this bin often being filled with incorrect material (resulting in the contents being rejected for recycling); however, we do have significant concerns with both the proposal and timing for removal of the glass recycling bins here.

The option from the Council’s posted notice to use the 1280 litre bin at Eyre Place as an alternate recycling option for glass is unrealistic  and unhelpful. The capacity avalable there is significantly less than that currently available at Tesco and isn’t a realistic alternative option. 

We believe that this will result in a significant reduction in the recycling of glass in the short term. 

We also question the timing of this announcement. The Council ‘s Communal Bin Hub review proposes adding the option for glass recycling at many locations nearby but this seems to have been delayed with an expected roll-out now being later in 2023.  

It’s clear that the current glass recycling facility at Tesco is well-used and appreciated by local residents. We also believe that the safety concerns that have been raised by the Council could probably be managed in the short term (e.g. by using a banksman) until  proper alternatives are in place. 

Given that this proposed change is expected to take place on 21 August – we would appreciate any comments  that residents may have on this proposal as soon as possible.

Dear Community Councillors
During a review of the glass banks at recycling bring sites around Edinburgh, the issue of safe access at the Tesco on Broughton Road was discussed.  It is not possible to use the one way system due to low overhangs, and reversing out onto Broughton Road is not safe.  Therefore, it is necessary to remove the glass and paper recycling banks that are located at the entrance to the Tesco.  I have displayed posters at the site to advise local residents, and advised the duty manager there, as well as emailing Tesco.  
When the Communal Bin Review reaches this area, there will be glass banks on street for all residents.  In the meantime, there are on street glass banks within 200m, on Eyre Place.
Justine Stansfield CRWM

Project Officer | Waste and Cleansing Services | The City of Edinburgh Council | Seafield Depot | 1 Fillyside Road, Edinburgh EH7 6RD | m 07825 733 623



Licensing Board – Applications in NTBCC’s Area : 20 July 2023

Adapted from an email sent to the New Town & Broughton Community Council from the Council’s Licensing Board covering applications in NTBCC’s area to be considered in July.

Please forward any queries or concerns to us by email to licensing@ntbcc.org.uk so that we can relay comments to Edinburgh Council.

Please find below the following application due to be heard at the meeting of the Licensing Board (dates to be confirmed) which are located in your Community Council area.  Any objections should be lodged in writing by 10/08/2023 (please note we recommend forwarding representations by e-mail to licensing@edinburgh.gov.uk).

Variation      502625    The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6QE

Variation      502320    Black Sheep Coffee & Cocktails, 30 St James Square, Edinburgh, EH1 3AX

Full details of the applications can be found here:


Summary of Proposed Changes :

The Royal Scots Club – to add outdoor drinking facilities incl. prior to licensed hours from 9am as well hosting various shows as a fringe venue, add additional areas, partly within the ownership of the property and partly on the adjacent pavement.

Black Sheep Coffee & Cocktails – to increase capacity from 50 to 75 persons, new layout plan but with no change to the internal configuration of the premises.

Scottish Water : Emergency Works at McDonald Road Waste Water Pumping Station

Email as received by NTBCC from Scottish Water regarding emergency works on McDonald Road.  

“Scottish Water is currently responding to a pump failure at McDonald Road Waste Water Pumping station in Broughton.

Our teams are currently working to resolve the issue and will be installing temporary pumps and generators from Friday night and over the weekend.

A crane is currently being installed in the playground of Broughton Road Primary School and Heras fencing is also being installed around the site.

The generators are planned to be switched on, on Saturday. While we will work to reduce the noise impact of this work, we expect there to be some disruption over the weekend. We are exploring all avenues to reduce this risk.

Letters are being delivered to those nearest and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

We will update you on Monday once the temporary equipment has been set up.

If you have any questions, please contact norma.alexander@scottishwater.co.uk “