Consultation on Redevelopment Proposals at the former Powderhall Waste Site

As many will be aware, operations at the Powderhall Waste Transfer Station ceased at the end of 2016. In March 2017,Edinburgh Council’s Finance and Resources Committee discussed and agreed that future uses should be explored incorporating, amongst other facilities, a housing-led redevelopment.

The Council has announced a series of consultation events to allow the public, local interest groups and stakeholders to express their ideas about the area and its redevelopment. Broadly, the redevelopment proposal encompasses 3 distinct areas :

  1. The former Waste Transfer offices located in the listed building adjacent to Broughton Road (“Powderhall Stables”).
  2. The remainder of the former Waste Transfer station to the rear and the west of Powderhall Stables down to the water of Leith.
  3. The green space to the west of the path to St Marks Park (former bowling greens) – the majority currently in use as additional green space by Broughton Primary School.

‘Tell us about Powderhall’, Community events – 26th and 27th June 2018

Collective Architecture will host two community events:

     Tuesday       26th June 2018 between 2 – 6pm at McDonald Road Library (Nelson Hall) &

     Wednesday 27th June 2018 between 3 – 7pm at Broughton Primary School

These are stated as being “community events focused around a model to gather local ideas and opportunities surrounding the existing site.”

We would urge everyone with an interest in this area to go along to one or other of these consultations to hear what is being proposed and express their views.

The Council’s consultation hub  gives more background to this :

“Early discussions with Planning have led to the decision to prepare a Place Brief for the area……The Place Brief shall be based on Scottish Government Placemaking Policies and will consider the following opportunities for the Powderhall site;

Housing – provision of affordable and mixed tenure housing

Existing stable building – creation of a hub providing flexible workspaces and community space

Education –  opportunity to create a new nursery school nearby the existing on primary school

Green space – opportunity to enhance and improve green spaces”

NTBCC already attended a consultation on 18 June with various other stakeholders focusing on the Stable block which had been brought forwards to support the preparation of funding applications planned to be made over the summer. The initial proposal is to redevelop the building into workspaces and community space to replace facilities which have been lost (through redevelopment / sale) elsewhere. A summary of that consultation can be seen here.

The consultation website also states that it is expected that demolitions and decontamination of the site may begin as early as Autumn 2018 and could take up to 52 weeks, depending on the level of work that is required to prepare the site for future use.

Further consultations are planned – informed by the June events – the first w/c 20th August 2018 where Architectural model and work-in progress will be available for public discussion. Public comments will be recorded and fed back to the design and client team.”

And finally, ‘Presenting the vision’, September 2018 – “Presentation of proposed vision (using model and images) to key stakeholders followed by public event to review and discuss.”

We will communicate more details of these and other related information when it becomes available.