December meeting headlines

At Monday’s meeting of the New Town & Broughton Community Council, there were discussions with a Police Scotland Community officer on parking & how the community can help with 20 mph limit enforcement; a discussion on the City Council’s proposal for Picardy Place; progress of the revised planning application for the RBS site on Dundas St and the Royal High School hotel appeal to the Scottish Reporter(s) ; and finally a brief presentation of Edinburgh licensing issues and NTBCC suggestions on Licensing policy.

Police Scotland reported on a recurrent problem of vehicles parking on double yellow lines during Sunday market at Stockbridge. Tickets had been issued in early December to discourage further violations. There was also an update and discussion about the “Community Speed Watch” initiative to help enforcement of the 20 mph limits using volunteers.

The main topic of the meeting was the extended consultation by Edinburgh Council on the re-design of Picardy Place. A wide range of views on the best outcome were expressed by community councillors and members of the public, but there was unanimity in the view that no decision should be taken until wider plans for Edinburgh city centre “Transformation”, the Leith Programme, and the tram extension as part of wider transport policy were clarified. The meeting also agreed that the City Council had not provided sufficient information on the reasons behind the current proposal.

NTBCC have met the Cockburn Association & Edinburgh World Heritage to agree the best way forward for NTBCC’s views to be represented in the appeal by Duddingston House Properties & Urbanist Hotels of the recent unanimous planning application refusal of their amended plans for the old Royal High School.

There was detailed discussion of the revised planning application for the RBS site at Dundas Street/Fettes Row/George V Park, eventually agreeing that final decisions about NTBCC’s comments on this application would be discussed at January’s meeting.

NTBCC licensing committee has produced a request to the City Council’s Licensing Board, requesting consideration of some additional issues during the Board’s current triennial review of their policy. We continue to object to licensing applications where there is a strong potential for adverse impact to be caused to adjacent residents.

To raise concerns about local issues, please use the “Contact Us” facility on our website. Our full meeting minutes will be available on the NTBCC website ( in the coming weeks.