delay to work on Charlotte Square

(adapted from a communication from Edinburgh Council)

Edinburgh Council proposes to change the implementation date of Traffic Regulation Order (TRO/12/23) from 2 May 2018 to 2 May 2020. Here’s their wording, changed from BOLD, ALL-CAPS to a hopefully more legible format:

The City of Edinburgh Council (traffic regulation; restrictions on waiting, loading and unloading, and parking places) and (disabled parking places) and (Queen Street area, Edinburgh) (prohibition of entry and turning) and (central Edinburgh) (prohibition of entry and turning, one-way roads and bus lanes) and (Edinburgh tram) (prohibition of entry, motor vehicles and turning, one-way roads, bus/tram priority lanes and weight limit) (variation no.1) (variation no.-) order 201- TRO/18/05

The council proposes to make an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended to change the commencement date of the order that affects Charlotte Square as part of the public realm works, from 2 May 2018 to 2 May 2020.

Details of the draft order and related documents can be viewed 9:30am to 3:30pm Mon-Fri, from 26/01/18 to 16/02/18 at City Chambers reception or online at or

Objectors must state their reasons in writing, with reference TRO/18/05 to Traffic Orders, Services for Communities, City Chambers, High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ, not later than 16/02/18.

There is also a phone number for Traffic Orders: 0131 469 3122.