Designation of the whole City of Edinburgh Council area as a Short-term Let Control Area

Adapted from email received by the New Town & Broughton Communty Council on the recent approval of a city-wide Short-Term Let Control Area which will come into effect on 5th September 2022.

Also note the link to the current (final) consultation  on a mandatory licensing scheme for all short-term lets which coincidently closes on 5th September 2022.

Following the consultation, in which you participated, and approval by Planning Committee to proceed with designation of a Short-term Let Control Area in Edinburgh, the Scottish Government approved the designation of the whole City of Edinburgh Council area as a Short-term Let Control Area for the purposes of Section 26B of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 on 27th  July 2022.

The area of designation corresponds with the administrative area of the City of Edinburgh Council.

A map of the area of designation showing the boundary is available on the Council’s website and is available for inspection by any person at the City Chambers Reception, 249-253 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ at the following times:

            Monday to Thursday:  between 9am and 5pm

            Friday: between 9am and 3:30pm.

The designation will come to effect on 5th September 2022.

Upon the designation taking effect, use of an entire dwelling that is not a principal home, as a short-term let will be a material change of use requiring planning permission.

Further information can be found on our website.

Separate legislation introducing a mandatory licensing scheme for all short-term lets in Scotland was approved earlier this year.  This will require all short-term lets to be licensed by July 2024.  A licensing scheme for Edinburgh is being developed, you can give your views on our Consultation Hub until 5 September 2022.

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