Development on the RBS site on Dundas Street and Fettes Row

The New Town & Broughton Community Council have been actively following the initial proposals being put forward on behalf of The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for the redevelopment of the land in its ownership bordering Dundas Street, Fettes Row and Eyre Terrace.

We have submitted our thoughts on the previous two Public Exhibitions held in September and November 2015 by the developers GVA James Barr & the architects Michael Laird Associates. Our latest comments can be viewed here.

We believe that the proposed site, given its size, central location and adjoining the precious open space of King George V Park within the New Town, offers a unique opportunity to add real value to the area whilst allowing the current owner to leave a lasting legacy to the area.

We have also been very supportive in relation to the early consultation with the community and wider community engagement by the development team. We understand that plans are in place or a final Public Exhibition in March prior to submission of a planning permission in principle application later in 2016.

Representatives from the applicant’s development team will be discussing their latest plans at the next New Town & Broughton Community Council meeting on 8th February.

Whilst being supportive of many aspects of the scheme, for instance, the increased permeability that the proposed development provides in terms of additional accesses / exits from King George V Park; and we are also supportive of the increased permeability of the site from Dundas Street and Fettes Row including the provision of the Urban Square and Entrance Square. This would help to integrate this development with the surrounding area and provides some homogeneity with the existing open spaces of the park. We also note that the importance of the presence and form of the existing trees bordering Fettes Row / Royal Crescent has been recognised.

However, NTBCC also have some further questions on the overall development :

  1. The impact of traffic from the new development and the exit onto Eyre Place.
  2. The proposed heights of the main blocks especially those fronting Fettes Row and to a lesser extent the proposed form of those buildings
  3. The overall 'planning gain' for the public in general from this development, given that despite various mitigating measures as discussed earlier, the proposed plans are seen as detrimental to the amenity afforded by the current King George V Park.

We will explore these further at the next NTBCC meeting and we look forward to hearing any updates to the development plans.