Environment report July/August 2014

The NTBCC Environment Report for July and August 2014 focussing on the rollout of communal containers, commercial waste collection in Broughton Street Lane and the application for a Climate Challenge Fund grant for Edinburgh World Heritage.

Communal containers

The rollout of communal containers for general rubbish, as part of the reorganisation of waste management in the New Town, is about to take place at last.  The Traffic Regulation Orders required before carriageway space can be legally allocated to bins were advertised at the end of January and their ratification by the CEC has been delayed on account of a small number of objections. Most of these, it now seems, have been withdrawn with any outstanding to be discussed at a Council meeting in October.

Unfortunately, the arrival, imminent or actual, of bins has taken the residents of some streets by dismayed surprise.  Unaware of the advertisement of the TROS and their stated purpose of freeing sites for bins and therefore of the three week window for consultation in January/February, they missed the opportunity a) to discuss the principle of using on street communal bins as a method of rubbish collection and/or b)if in agreement with the principle to argue for more appropriate siting, given their knowledge of their own street.  When the CC considered the advertisement of the TROs at their meeting on 3rd February they agreed that it would be best to leave it to the residents of the streets concerned to respond according to their local knowledge.

One way or another black bags on the New Town streets look soon to be a sight relegated to the past either through the introduction of containers or of gull proof bags.

Commercial waste collection in Broughton Street Lane

The CC has been kept au fait with the understandable anger and frustration of residents of Forth Street and Union Street  over the mismanagement of commercial waste collection in Broughton Street Lane.  Too many waste firms, including the CEC, are involved for rubbish to be dealt with efficiently.  The problem is compounded by possibly irresponsible and inconsiderate  waste disposal by some restaurants and businesses.  It is ironic that extra general waste OMB containers for use of residents have now appeared on Forth Street and Union Street, apparently unheralded by TROs, and regarded as overkill by residents.  CEC Services for Communities and Councillors Mowat and Doran appear to be doing what they can.  The CC can really do little more than offer moral support.

Climate Challenge Fund grant

Edinburgh World Heritage over the past  three years have used a grant from the Climate Challenge Fund to run a number of imaginative projects to help reduce carbon emissions in an area of the city affected by heritage strictures.  The CC has provided a letter of support for an application for a further grant, this time with a view to developing food producing urban garden plots in the World Heritage Site.