Environment report – June 2014

Environmental report on waste management and the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership Environment Forum

Waste Management

NTBCC (New Town and Broughton Community Council) have found that the final roll out of waste management measures in the Edinburgh World Heritage streets of the New Town is likely to be considerably delayed. The distribution of gull-proof bags in those streets which requested them has been completed. However, some of the TROs (Traffic Regulation Orders) which require to be ratified before sites can be legally allocated to containers in the remaining streets have encountered objections. The process of dealing adequately with the objections is prolonged with the final decision resting with Council committee. It is realistic to expect that the continued presentation on many pavements of black bags, with all its disadvantages, will continue until at least the late autumn.

City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership Environment Forum

NTBCC was represented at a meeting of the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership Environment Forum on Tuesday 3rd June. The focus was on community involvement with green spaces in the city centre. While we are aware of the valuable commitment within the community to the Barony Street playpark and to Hopetoun Crescent Garden the discussion centred mainly on the Old Town. The possibility that St Andrew Square garden was being over used was noted.