Environment report September 2014

The NTBCC Environment Report for September 2014 focussing on communal containers, Green Flags and planting.

Waste management – containerisation

Large general waste containers have started to rumble controversially onto the streets of the New Town.  Contrary to the belief of many the Council did provide opportunities for discussion about the methods of rubbish collection they were proposing, albeit long enough ago to have been forgotten by most people (see the report by the Waste Management Team to the CEC Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee in November 2011) but nonetheless many people have been taken by (unpleasant) surprise by the arrival of bins in their street all these years later and seem not to have registered the advertisement of  the legally necessary Traffic Regulation Orders in January of this year which heralded the demise of the black bag collections. As reported last month the community council decided that a response to these TROs would come more appropriately from residents of the streets concerned and did not comment.

Angus Murdoch will speak at next month’s meeting of the community council on Monday 13th October. The Waste Project Officer, who is unfortunately not free to speak to us, is currently in charge of the  programme of waste management in the New Town but Angus led the team until recently and during much of the consultation process.  While the programme as it stands is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, he may be able to indicate what leeway exists for, at the very least, tweaking it in the short term or altering it long term in a way that would continue to meet the council’s waste management obligations but settle residents’ major concerns.

The community council has been hearing other mutterings of discontent about the standard of waste collection from the existing bins and we hope that Angus can take some of these back to base and that they can be resolved.

Green Flags

Two of the parks in the area covered by the community council have been awarded Green Flags – Hopetoun Crescent Garden its fourth and the KGV Park its first.  The Green Flag Award is the benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in the United Kingdom.  It was first launched in England and Wales in 1996 and in Scotland in 2008 and the award is given on an annual basis.


At the August meeting of the community council the imaginative planting of some local nooks and corners was noted – specifically the Rodney Street triangle and the two roundabouts at the foot of Broughton Street where municipally cliched bedding plants have been supplanted by herbaceous plants and wild flowers.  Congratulations and thanks have been passed on to the Council staff concerned. Local guerilla gardener Christina Thomson’s gorgeous bed at the top of Bellevue Place was also praised.