Licensing Board – Applications in NTBCC’s Area : 17 August 2023

Adapted from an email sent by the Council’s Licensing Board to the New Town & Broughton Community Council (statutory consultee), in relation to new alcohol licensing applications in NTBCC’s area.

Should you have any queries or concerns – or possibly wish NTBCC to make a representation on your behalf – please contact us by email to 

Please find below the following application due to be heard at the meeting of the Licensing Board (dates to be confirmed) which are located in your Community Council area.

Provisional          502652                24 Forth Street, Broughton, Edinburgh, EH1 3LH

Variation              504621                Marriott Courtyard, 1-3 Baxter’s Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3AF

Any objections should be lodged in writing by 7/09/2023 (please note we recommend forwarding representations by e-mail to

Full details of the applications can be found here:

Summary of Proposed Changes :

24 Forth Street – An office within a business centre. No direct access to the public.

Marriott Courtyard – Major variation to layout plan to account for the inclusion of the terraced area on Level 05 in the licensed footprint, per proposed layout plan 140318 L31-105. There is no change to the capacity figure.