London Street / Drummond Place Pedestrian Crossing Improvements – Coming Soon(ish) ?

NTBCC are pleased to see the Council  administration’s response to the question tabled at the City of Edinburgh Council meeting on 16th December regarding progress on the agreed proposal for pedestrian improvements at the London Street / Drumond Place crossing.

This followed an enquiry sent  to NTBCC by a local resident.  In 2018, we had responded to the Council consultation seeking views on the preferred option and we were not aware of the reasons behind the continuing delays in implementing the agreed scheme.  We then contacted several local ward councillors to get a clearer understanding of the next steps necessary to implement the preferred scheme. Thank you to the Ward Councillors who responded.

Whilst we understand that the time required (as set out in the relevant legislation to ensure adequate scrutiny of Road Determination Orders) can sometimes seem excessive, we are not aware that the process has yet been set in motion, if so, this would be disappointing.  

By Councillor Mowat for answer by the Convener of the Transport and Environment Committee at a meeting of the Council on 16 December 2021

“To ask the Convener of Transport and Environment:

There was an Edinburgh Council consultation in June 2018 on 2 options for the London Street crossing at Drummond Place; either a Puffin crossing (Option 1), which the criterion used by Transport officials within the council would have supported, or Option 2, to add step-outs either side of the junction (to significantly narrow the turning) as well as a raised table. The consultation attracted 173 responses with the step-out / raised table being supported by over 90% of respondents.

A plan has been prepared for these works.

The Policy and Sustainability Committee (under the revised Political Management arrangements in place during the pandemic) discussed an updated Pedestrian Crossing Priority list on 6th August 2020 – this had the London Street crossing at the top of the list with an stated ‘Estimated Construction Year’ being 2020/21 and £200,000 was included in the budget for 2020/21 for pedestrian crossing improvements.”

Question (1)

“When are the works for this crossing to be put in place scheduled to be carried out?”

Answer (1)

“The design work for the crossing is complete. Construction will take place following the successful conclusion of the statutory process for the Redetermination Order required to alter the road layout. This will hopefully be completed by summer 2022, assuming no objections are received.
Thereafter, it is hoped that construction will begin swiftly.”

Question (2)

“Has there been a change in process for bringing forward the Pedestrian Crossing Priority List which is usually an annual report to Committee given that the last time this was presented to Council was on 6th August 2020?”

Answer (2)

“There has been no change to process. It is intended to bring the report to Committee by Autumn 2022. The Road Safety team is continuing to undertake assessments and the outcomes of all assessments undertaken since August 2020 will be detailed within the upcoming report.”