NTBCC agenda Monday 13 April

6:45pm for 7.00pm Start Monday 13th April 2020, via a popular video conferencing channel

Due to technical constraints, NTBCC will not be able to include local residents in the conference itself, though we hope to do this later.

Any member of the public who would like to raise an issue for the meeting is asked to fill in the contact form or send us a message via @NTBCC on Twitter.

    1. 6:45 – 7:00pm: Technology check
    2. Welcome
      Minutes of meeting of 9th March and matters arising
      (To note, to be approved/seconded prior to meeting)
    3. Transport
      1. Final review of NTBCC response to City Mobility Plan
        (To agree – Final draft to be circulated prior to meeting)
    4. Licensing – by exception
    5. Environment – by exception
    6. Planning
      1. City Plan 2030: Feedback from NTBCC members as input to final NTBCC response
        (To agree – proposed process to submit NTBCC position – details to be circulated prior to meeting)
    7. Engagement
      1. Coronavirus (Covid-19) – support update
        (To agree if further steps required)
    8. NTBCC AGM (May􏰁 2020)
      (To agree deferment until September 2020 earliest but with Annual Report to be completed in May)
    9. Parks & Greenspaces
      (To note current position regarding events – summary to be circulated prior to the meeting)
    10. Local residents􏰃 associations
      (To note information / agree action for any requests / contacts from them)
    11. Any other business
      (To include summary of public contact)