NTBCC deputation on East London St

In reaction to the report on East London St (pages 175-188 here) recommending no further action on East London St, NTBCC today verbally presented the following deputation to CEC’s transport and environment committee: NTBCC Deputation to T&E Committee Meeting 11 January 2023 (East London Street).

The text of the deputation is below the ‘read more’. In brief, there is much traffic nuisance on East London St, disturbing residents, and action is needed.

Following this presentation, the TEC convenor accepted an SNP Amendment with some slight modifications.

NTBCC looks forward to clarification of the exact wording of the approved motion, and of the timing of the work that should take place.

Verbal Deputation to Transport and Environment Committee meeting to be held on 11 January 2024 regarding item 7.2 – East London Street.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you once again regarding this issue which is of utmost importance to the residents of East London Street. As the traffic counts from 2019 and 2023 show this has been a long-standing issue.

Although the latest data shows some reduction in westbound traffic the remaining numbers are staggering for a residential street. Over 4000 vehicles are using this street every day including over 400 PSV/HGVs – not the 25 stated in the report. That is more than 5 times the number of vehicles using similar setted residential streets also surveyed in 2023. Night-time use which most directly contributes to the resident’s reports of sleep disturbance and impact on their well-being accounts for 20% of this traffic or over 700 vehicles.  This equates to one vehicle a minute using the street including PSV/HGVs every evening and night.

The residents are realistic and recognise that as they are living in a city centre area, they cannot expect traffic levels and related disturbance to be the same as in a suburban residential street but they also expect that the Council will do what it can to reasonably mitigate the consequences of this traffic.

We had previously highlighted some discrepancies in the way in which the noise survey data was reported. Unfortunately, the current report does not mention this issue which is the primary concern for residents. One way in which the noise can be reduced is through resurfacing the running lanes with asphalt. This option is rejected in the report citing policy and heritage concerns but this is exactly what has been done on the adjacent London Street. We acknowledge that some traffic calming would also be required to control speeds but this would be appropriate especially with a primary school located on it.

The residents and the Community Council are very disappointed in the recommendations in this report which we believe are based on a flawed interpretation of the data. It is surely not right that the residents are expected to put up with the serious impact on their lives caused by the very heavy traffic using a residential street.

We welcome and support the amendment from the SNP Group to progress the resurfacing of East London Street as a matter of urgency.

Mike Birch

Transport Convenor – NTBCC