NTBCC deputation supporting Cllr Caldwell’s motion on reporting of tram-work completion

NTBCC has submitted a deputation supporting Cllr Caldwell‘s motion to the CEC Transport and Environment committee, calling for more detail and transparency in reporting of tram works.

You can read NTBCC’s deputation in this PDF or see the text of the deputation below the ‘read more’.

Cllr’ Caldwell’s motion is item 9.1 in this agenda document.

Deputation to Transport and Environment Committee meeting to be held on 11 January 2024 regarding item 9.1 Motion by Councillor Caldwell – Public Realm (scrutiny) along the Trams Phase 2

We welcome and support the motion from Councillor Caldwell which we believe will ensure a proper focus on the wider outcomes of the Trams to Newhaven project beyond the delivery of a working tram extension.

There are many areas where we have identified issues with the design of the public realm associated with this project which have been dismissed as being of secondary importance but for the residents and businesses along the new Trams route are regarded as being critical to its overall success.

This motion, if approved, will ensure that there is a transparent review of the public realm delivered by the Trams to Newhaven project against current design standards and whether it is fit for purpose.

Peter Williamson,
Chair New Town and Broughton Community Council
9 January 2024