NTBCC licensing updates

How to comment on or object to licensing applications.

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This month’s applications

NTBCC has objected to granting of variations to amend the condition on amplified music in the following premises:

  • Ref: 349439, 7 Charlotte Lane
  • Ref: 349435, 55a Frederick Street
  • Ref: 349437, 51a George Street
  • Ref: 349488, 113-115 George Street
  • Ref: 349455, 125 George Street (Tigerlily)
  • Ref: 349486, 125 George Street (Lulu)

NTBCC reminds Edinburgh Council’s Licensing Board that this variation was intended to encourage live music. None of these premises, to the best of our knowledge, ever offer live music, nor have plans to do so. Consequently, granting this variation would be contrary to the Board’s stated intention. It should, therefore, not be granted to any of the above premises.

Furthermore, NTBCC is particularly concerned about the premises at 113-115 George Street and 55a Frederick Street, because both have residential neighbours above or adjacent to them. It is therefore inappropriate to frustrate these neighbours’ attempts to maintain a reasonable quality of life within their homes should they be disturbed by noise late at night from the adjacent licensed premises.