NTBCC meeting minutes 12 December 2022

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s ordinary meeting, held via Zoom, on Monday 12 December 2022 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

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1 Summary of actions

Item Actor Action
3.b D Henderson Ask DCHS for information/website content on ‘cost of school day’ initiative
3.b B Ryan Put DCHS materials on NTBCC website
3.b Cllr Miller/NTBCC investigate numbers of Hogmanay bars
3.b Cllrs McFarlane and Mowat Obtain details of Princes St hoardings
4 NTBCC Chase and circulate police report
5b Dundas St developers Advise definitely how many dual-aspect flats are in revised plans
6 Cllr Finlay Seek clarity on how ‘public places’ decisions will be made
7.a R Price Finish and submit NTBCC’s STL consultation response by the 22 December deadline, and put it on NTBCC’s website.
7.d R Price Advertise 104-108 Princes St pre-application consultation on NTBCC website
8.a Cllrs McFarlane and Mowat Ascertain whether traffic monitoring has started on East London St etc
8.a East London St resident Supply the Spurtle with data on nocturnal bus-disturbances
8.a M Birch Investigate why traffic management (1 lane) remains at the top of Broughton St
8.a M Birch and Cllr Caldwell Engage about ban on left turn from Leith Walk onto London Rd and related matters
9.a A Gaillard Share draft response to statement of licensing policy consultation
P Williamson P Williamson to organise a meeting early in 2023 about communal bin project outwith world heritage area.
10.c NTBCC members
P Williamson
NTBCC members to inform P Williamson what should be in NTBCC’s response (Edinburgh’s Thriving Greenspaces consultation) by Friday, then PW to submit it
10.d P Williamson Organise a meeting, involving other relevant organisations, to consider better rules and guidelines for engagement city-wide.
11.a NTBCC office-bearers Organise business meeting on 9 January (TBC) , public meetings on 2nd Monday of following months apart from July (no meeting)

2 Welcome/Admin/Apologies

2.a Attendance

Mike Birch NTBCC Ken Lochrie NTBCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Annick Gaillard NTBCC Stewart Mills NTBCC Cllr Jack Caldwell Leith Walk ward
Laura Graham NTBCC Carol Nimmo NTBCC Cllr Finlay McFarlane City Centre ward
Stephen Hajducki NTBCC Richard Price NTBCC Cllr Max Mitchell Inverleith ward
Simon Holledge NTBCC David Renton NTBCC Cllr Jo Mowat City Centre ward
Jack Hugh NTBCC Peter Williamson NTBCC Alan McIntosh Broughton Spurtle
Deirdre Henderson NTBCC Alan Welsh NTBCC ~15 residents/visitors, including Morgan Architects and Scott Hobbs representatives

2.b Apologies

Susan Macinnes NTBCC Ben Macpherson MSP Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Cllr Jule Bandel Inverleith ward Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North and Leith
Cllr Vicky Nicolson Inverleith ward

3 Minutes of 14th November 2022 meeting and matters arising

3.a Approval

  • Approved subject to making some corrections later supplied by A Gaillard to data in items 5.a.i and 5.b
    • Proposed M Birch, seconded D Henderson, ND

3.b Actions

All actions had been completed or are covered in the agenda below apart from

  • Item 4: B Ryan has emailed the school representative but has not yet received a reply
    • Action: D Henderson to contact the school’s head, for B Ryan to put on NTBCC website
  • Item 5.c: Cllr Miller not present
    • Action: Cllr Miller/NTBCC to investigate numbers of Hogmanay bars
  • Item 5.c: no information yet supplied to NTBCC
    • Action: Cllrs McFarlane and Mowat to ask obtain details of Princes St hoardings

4 Police report

  • No report received
    • Action: NTBCC to chase this, then circulate it if it arrives.

5 Presentation on revised planning application for BUPA/Centrum House (108 to 114 & 116 Dundas Street) by Morgan Architects/Scott Hobbs)

See also PDF assembled from screenshots of the presentation. Unfortunately, either not all slides were presented or the minute-taker did not get screenshots of all of them.

5.a Presentation

  • (slide 2) A previous application was refused at committee. At appeal, the Scottish Reporter (DPEA) made two main points but dismissed the appeal:
    • The cantilevered ends of the block facing Fettes Row were deemed to have a detrimental effect on the listed buildings on the other side of Fettes Row
    • There was an unacceptable effect on the residential amenity of 120 Dundas St, specifically its south-facing windows. That is, the proximity of this new development would be detrimental to these windows.
  • The reporter stated that the scale, massing, details, materials, building line being brought forward were appropriate, as would be the ensuing removal of trees. Hence there is a dichotomy between following the Victorian building line and the ‘requirement’ to push back to avoid impacting 120 Dundas St’s south-facing windows
  • Slide 3, slide 4: the new plan has a section pushed back from the building line to reduce impact on 120 Dundas St. The façade on the Dundas/Fettes corner has also been pushed back by 1.4 metres. The stonework now goes all the way to ground level. These changes may also give room for pavement tables and chairs, [as visualised in slides 8 and 9].
  • Slide 5 shows the pushbacks in plan view. Yellow = previous design; red = pushback next to 120 Dundas St; green = resulting pushback of other side of this building. The new design is still 7·1m out from the current buildings. This leads to more daylight/sunlight on the back of the buildings.
  • Slide 7 shows plan view of the 5th floor, including detail of separation from 120 Dundas St’s penthouse.
  • Slides 8 and 9 show visualisations.
  • Slides 10 and 11 compare massing etc of the original application and the current application.
  • Slide 12 shows a mocked-up view from the second floor.

5.b Q&A

  • A resident: occupants on the planned roof terrace will have a clear view into my feature window. A ‘privacy screen’ would mean my view is of a wall. I do not mind the terraces being adjacent, so long as there is no invasion of the privacy of my living rooms. The windows should not be subservient to the new development, according to the government report.
    • We have proposed a planter as privacy screen. That is, it would be a living screen, not a blank wall. It would screen your living area in perpetuity. It would protect the privacy of the new building and 120’s residents.
  • K Lochrie: It cannot be ensured that the screen stays in place. It might die. Also, CEC is not good at enforcement. You could move the terrace further back.
    • Morgan Architects stated that there would be a planning condition that the screen remains in perpetuity. This is not unusual, and rights to views and impact on property values are not planning matters.
    • Moving the terrace further than 1·4m is possible, but has not been required in terms of the previous decisions.
  • K Lochrie: how many parking places and affordable units?
    • 32 or 34 parking places. This is not one per flat. 25% = 12 affordable units.
  • S Hajducki: How many flats are north-facing single-aspect?
    • Guidance requires at least 50% double-aspect. (Later: it appears to be 43% dual aspect. I will confirm by email.)
    • The reporter had said that the original application provided ‘acceptable levels of amenity’.
  • A Welsh
    • The original design of the Dundas St façade had straight lines. The new design does not. (See magnified detail of slide 3).
    • There are effectively 3 façades. This is a result of pushback, and a response to the other side of Fettes Row.
  • M: Birch: what is the timetable
    • We have submitted the application, so it’s up to CEC.
  • A resident: I understand the building would have 8 levels, so would be higher than the existing building.
    • it’s the same height as the previous proposal but slightly higher than the existing building.
  • C Nimmo: why not use the space available behind the building?
    • We plan to use this for gardens and amenity space – it provides better sunlight and daylight to these buildings.
  • L Graham: the design is questionable because it looks into private rooms. This would not be permitted elsewhere. There should be more thought put into the redesign.
  • R Price: I reiterate NTBCC’s thanks for this presentation. Please supply the slides. I would like to contact you offline.

6 ‘Use of Public Spaces for Events & Filming’ (formerly PSMP)

  • C Nimmo: an important report is going to CEC tomorrow. NTBCC is submitting this text deputation, and an oral one.
  • S Holledge: NTBCC has been involved in attempts to develop a comprehensive guide to use of public spaces for events and films since 2020. The deputation is backed by the other city centre CCs, all of which are unhappy with the lack of substance in the report. We want it to be sent back for strengthening, but like the underpinning ideas. We want it to be a practical, useful guide. We thank Cllr McFarlane for hearing our concerns.
  • S Holledge: Looking at the report, [councillors] actually may go in different directions and pick up different things in the report because of its complexity and lack of coherence.
  • C Nimmo: it appears that community engagement has fallen off. We only saw this document last week.
  • R Price: this report is disappointing because it has taken a long time to not get very far. The intent was to develop both principles and guidelines springing from them. However, the collaborative engagement only got as far as the principles and then stopped. NTBCC is concerned that CCs would not just be informed about what is happening, but that they are determined by Council officers so it’s key that robust principles and guidelines exist. The report really only contains 17 watered-down principles. Further development does not appear to involve any community engagement.
  • S Holledge: the collaborative engagement included writing both principles and guidelines. The latter were eliminated at the workgroup stage, partly because we spent a long time discussing the principles. The guidelines then disappeared, but are referred to in the CEC report.
  • C Nimmo: this report is not ready for a CEC decision. There is no urgency because other systems remain in place.
  • Cllr Mitchell: I may not be able to attend the CEC committee. I am inclined to cede to residents’ views. It would help to hear these in the meeting.
  • Cllr Finlay: NTBCC should say that continuation is needed, and why. I will seek clarity on how decisions will be made.
  • Cllr Mowat: I echo NTBCC’s views on the process. One amendment is to remove actions which would be beyond any individual councillor’s remit. It is unclear what levels of upset would trigger actions.

7 Planning

All points were made by R Price unless otherwise noted.

7.a Consultation: ‘Short-term Let Planning Guidance for Edinburgh

I am working on a draft response. The draft is not far from the Cockburn Association’s views. I will finish and submit NTBCC’s response by the 22 December deadline, and put it on NTBCC’s website.

7.b Consultation: ‘World Heritage Site Management Plan

NTBCC’s response must be submitted by 11:59 tonight. Our draft, posted on the website and circulated, received minimal feedback, so I assume residents like it [Post meeting note: now submitted].

7.c Summary/status of Short Term Let applications

  • 51 (almost all retrospective) planning applications that had been submitted, prompted in part by a change in fees in early May (+25% increase for retrospective STL applications). NTBCC submitted a blanket response to all of these. Comments on Twitter state that STLs will be completely banned but of those 51, 40 were subsequently approved, 9 were withdrawn and 2 have not yet been determined. Determination is based on the current local development plan, so I look forward to the more robust city plan 2030 coming into force, once approved by the Scottish Reporter.
    • They still need to obtain licenses but having planning permission does not guarantee a license. They are typically whole blocks, operated commercially on behalf of investors, in areas that are not fully residential.
    • M Birch: I am concerned that the new scheme has not redressed the balance between STLs and long-term lets/ownership. This may be rectified via the licensing system.
    • Most retrospective applications for properties on tenement stairs have been refused by CEC and at appeal.
    • D Henderson: The Scottish Government last week decided on a 6-month delay for the licensing regime (now until September 2023), giving those who have been operating outside the law 6 more months to apply for [retrospective] planning permission. It would enable these bad actors to carry on as late as the end of the festival. This is the second time that the working group has simply been informed of a change – a poor impact on democracy. CCs should push back on this. The Scottish Government minister shouldn’t act unilaterally.
    • D Henderson: this delay is to the licensing scheme, to give existing commercial operators additional time to obtain planning permission.
    • A Gaillard: can a compromise between planning and licensing be reached, especially to sort commercial STLs?
    • Cllr Mowat: CEC is ready to go – it is accepting licensing and planning applications, but have no discretion over SG’s decisions on start dates. New STLs can’t be started without licenses but existing operators can continue.

7.d Pre-application consultation: 104-108 Princes St (Russell & Bromley, Next etc)

  • This is on 19 December (2pm to 6pm) in James Clerk Maxwell rooms at the Royal Society of Edinburgh (George St). The plans are for class 7 (hotel) use, maybe with some street-level retail. I will advertise this on NTBCC’s website.

7.e Royal High School

  • CEC’s DMSC has approved both the full and listed building consent applications. HES had concerns about interventions on the Hamilton building (new balustrades and light-wells) and addition of a formal entrance block.
    • M Birch: my residents’ association would now like to engage with the developer about the building activities.

8 Transport

See also report in appendix 1. All points were made by M Birch unless otherwise noted.

8.a Trams to Newhaven (walkthrough etc) and East London St

  • There is robust evidence of significant use of ELS day and night. The Trams Team (TT) has said that there is nothing preventing buses using Picardy Place and the top of Leith Walk to return to Annandale. TT will pursue this with Lothian Buses. Cllrs Mowat and McFarlane have also chased this.
    • Cllr McFarlane: I, Cllr Mowat and Cllr Miller are ready to write to Lothian Buses. We could make our letter stronger. We have not written yet because Leith Walk is not due to reopen to 2-way traffic (LB’s sticking point) until 19 December.
    • We should push as soon as there is clarity on when Leith Walk will fully open. I am not sure whether Cllr Bandel has raised this issue with Trams for Edinburgh. It is not clear whether traffic monitoring has started.
    • Action: Cllrs Macfarlane and Mowat to ascertain
    • A resident: this Saturday 16 buses used ELS at 00:30. Does the law permit use by commercial vehicles 24/7?
      • Action: a resident to supply the Spurtle with nocturnal bus-disturbance data
    • Another resident: the vibrations are damaging our properties, leading to health and safety concerns.
  • R Price: what is happening at the top of Broughton St: bollards are still there but traffic is going either side.
    • This was part of the traffic management from when Picardy Place was a single lane, but it should not have stayed. I will investigate.
  • It appears that Leith Walk will have 2-way traffic by 19 December, but public-realm work will continue. We anticipate TT’s response to our walkthrough input soon. There is no plan to repave at the Blenheim Place/Leith Walk junction, so the step will remain. The proposed mitigations are unsatisfactory, so I am following this up.
    • Cllr McFarlane: there will be tarmacking here during the winter shutdown, but there is a shortage of pavers.
    • L Graham. The crossing from Gayfield to Blenheim Place has become dangerous because cars are not obeying the ban on left turns from Leith Walk to London Rd. Has this been raised with TT?
    • M Birch: very much so!
    • Cllr Caldwell: there is debate among Leith Walk ward cllrs whether the ban is a good thing, partly because there is impact on Brunswick St but mostly because drivers do not realise they need to use the Picardy Place loop. TT had a workshop on Leith Walk’s side-streets. I will raise questions at full council. Police are giving out penalties.
    • Cllr Caldwell: NTBCC’s minutes (item 7.b) stated that some matters are under CEC’s control but this is not my understanding.
    • This crossing stems from a TRO approved by CEC’s transport and environment committee. We were told traffic modelling showed that, without this ban, the junction would saturate. However, we have never seen this modelling, nor the impact of vehicles going around Picardy Place. There are some issues with Edinburgh St Design Guidance, e.g. the question of continuous pavement at Gayfield Square, and Picardy Place crossings.
      • Action: M Birch and Cllr Caldwell to engage about this
    • L Graham: Is the tarmac ramp to the pavement at the top of Leith Walk permanent?
      • Yes – this has been built to the design. (We raised this during the walkthrough, and await TT’s response.)
    • L Graham: the pavements are slippery with ice: people expect textured pavements.
    • P Williamson: cars have recently turned left from York Place to Broughton St, so extended pavements do not work.
      • Cllr Caldwell: these are illegal manoeuvres. Drivers may have been misdirected by GPS, but police are attending.

8.b ‘City Circulation Plan – Delivering the City Mobility Plan’ – T&E Committee 8th December

No discussion – held over

8.c Other transport issues

No other items raised

9 Licensing

See also report in appendix 1. All points were made by A Gaillard unless otherwise noted.

9.a Consultation: ‘Statement of Licensing Policy’ (including over-provision)

  • This consultation closes 20 December. The Licensing Forum wishes to see NTBCC’s response. I will share a draft comment for NTBCC input. It is interesting that businesses conceptualise overprovisioning as over-consumption (but they tend to control this), while residents are concern that more outlets open later leads to disorder. I will base NTBCC’s response on such social aspects.

9.b Consultation: ‘House in Multiple Occupation conditions

  • This is about the two conditions shown in item 13.g. Currently emergency contact details are shared every 3 years, at HMO license renewal. Neighbours currently receive contact details on paper, which is easy to lose as tenants change, so it is key that CEC has accurate records.

9.c Update to recent Licensing Board decisions/news from the Licensing Forum

See details of NTBCC objections, and outcomes, in item 13.e below.

10 Environment

10.a Communal Bin Project: Gull Proof Bag (GPB) World Heritage Site streets – recycling trial – any issues?

  • S Mills: CEC’s on-street recycling teams are very positive about the green gull-proof bag recycling system being trialled, and hopes it’s adopted more widely. More recycling is occurring thanks to our efforts. I believe the system should be rolled out in those streets that have communal recycling bins because they are currently polluted with rubbish.
    • S Mills: other streets cannot buy the green bags because this system is only being trialled in specific streets.
    • M Birch: CEC is only trialling this system on some streets that already had gull-proof bags.

10.b Communal Bin Project: outwith EWHS/Gull Proof Bag area – news/follow-up?

  • Action: P Williamson to organise a meeting early in 2023 about this.

10.c Edinburgh thriving green spaces

  • P Williamson: S Holledge has asked whether NTBCC should submit a response. The report is generally seen as aspirational and hence lacking robustness. The consultation closes on 31 December.
    • S Holledge: the consultation has only 3 questions, but respondents need to read a long brochure first.
    • Action: NTBCC members to inform P Williamson what should be in NTBCC’s response by Friday, then PW to submit it

10.d Picardy Place

  • P Williamson: Some CEC TEC members agrees that engagement less than ideal, so processes should be reviewed. Cllr Arthur would support a method supported by ward councillors.
    • Action: P Williamson to organise a meeting, involving other relevant organisations, to consider better rules and guidelines for engagement city-wide.

11 Any other business

11.a 2023 NTBCC meeting dates

  • Decisions: business meeting on 9 January (TBC), public meetings on 2nd Monday of following months apart from July (no meeting)

11.b News from local Residents’ Associations etc.

No discussion

12 Appendix 1: transport report (M Birch, 10 December 2022)

12.a Tram Works

We have been advised that all work to the carriageway between York Place and Annandale Street has now been completed so there are no longer any temporary traffic management arrangements in place. We have also been advised that full access to the whole length of Leith Walk for two-way vehicular traffic will be available from the week commencing 19 December. We have requested the Trams Project to confirm to Lothian Buses that there is no further work planned for around Picardy Place to encourage them to revert to their normal routes for in-service and out-of-service buses.

Following an inspection walk of the public realm between York Place and Annandale Street with members of the Trams Team we highlighted a number of concerns primarily regarding pedestrian safety. We have not yet received a response to these concerns from the Trams Team but have had follow up discussions with them regarding the pavement area at the corner of Blenheim Place and Baxter’s Place. We are continuing to press for changes to the design to reduce the risk of accidents caused by the step that runs through this space.

12.b East London Street

As noted above there are no longer any restrictions that would prevent buses from the Annandale Street depot using the normal access/egress routes and this not using East London Street. There has been no change in bus usage to date despite efforts by Councillors McFarlane and Mowat to obtain specific assurances from Lothian Buses that traffic will be reduced. As a result of contacts made following the October NTBCC meeting, the local MP, Deirdre Brock, has written to the CEO and Chair of Lothian Buses to highlight the concerns of local residents. We have also sought help from the local Councillors to arrange a meeting with Roads department staff to investigate options for a long-term improvement of East London Street and other streets in the New Town impacted by traffic diversions and city centre congestion.

12.c City Mobility Plan

At the 8 December TEC meeting, an initial Circulation Plan was presented which is seeking to describe current and future street space allocation between different modes of transport. Broughton Street has been highlighted in the report as one where the needs of pedestrians need to be addressed. This initiative forms part of the City Mobility Plan and is intended to provide a strategic direction of the allocation of street space and development of transport networks in the City. Further work including consultation is planned for the next year to allow a final Circulation Plan to be approved as the basis of future decision-making. It should be noted that no Community Councils have so far been included in the stakeholder meetings held to date. This is an area where there needs to be further engagement with all Community Councils.

12.d Low Emissions Zone

In the Business Bulletin presented at the TEC meeting on 8 December, it was reported that work is progressing to install the necessary enforcement measures in advance of the June 2024 date for the LEZ to be fully operational. It was also reported that some changes to the roads network would be implemented to address displaced traffic. It does not appear that any of these changes will apply to our area. We will seek clarification of that situation and whether there will be additional monitoring of streets on the periphery of the LEZ. There is further communication planned including details of grants that may be available to mitigate the consequences of the LEZ.

12.e Travelling Safely

The Experimental Traffic Orders for the continuation of many of the Spaces for People measures including those for the Canonmills to Broughton Street corridor were approved in November and currently run until 20 May 2023. If we have any objections to these ETRO we must submit our comments before that end date otherwise there is potential for these becoming permanent changes.

12.f Active Travel Participation Request

We had a further meeting with senior officers in the Council regarding various issues that we have raised regarding active travel and the impact of other changes to roads and public realm in our area. I will issue a separate note of the status of those issues. Our next meeting is scheduled for February 2023.

13 Appendix 2: licensing report (A Gaillard, 12 December 2022

13.a Regulatory Committee

Last meeting: 21st Nov; next meeting: 6th Feb 2023

13.a.i Edinburgh Council Short Term Let (STL) Planning Guidance consultation (closes 22nd Dec)

Short-term Let Planning Guidance for Edinburgh – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space

  • Secondary letting – AKA Short Stay Commercial Visitor Accommodation (SSCVA) – is the only form of STL that now also requires Planning permission for a change of use (COU).
  • Richard is putting NTBCC response together.
  • Other type of STL – namely Home sharing &/or Home letting – will require Licensing permission only.
  • TimelineLicences and permits applications – The City of Edinburgh Council
    • Since 1 October 2022, new hosts cannot operate until they have a licence.
    • Existing hosts and operators had until 1 April 2023 to apply for a licence, but this would have reportedly been pushed back to 1 October 2023 by the Scottish Government (Six month delay to Scottish short-term lets licensing scheme – BBC News). This has yet to reflect accordingly on the Scottish Government and City of Edinburgh council websites.
    • All hosts and operators need to have a licence by 1 July 2024.

13.b Licensing Service Workload

Current backlog is at ~7,600 applications (which include 300 for Tables & Chairs), compared to 4,500 typically pre-pandemic. It is anticipated that it will take until 1st April 2023 to resolve the backlog.

13.c Alcohol licence registers

13.c.i Licensing Board

Last meeting: 28th Nov; next meeting: 30th Jan

13.d Licensing Board Policy consultation (closes 20th Dec)

Licensing Board Policy Consultation – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space

Draft of NTBCC response will be shared next – a copy will be shared with the Edinburgh Licensing Forum in due course too.

13.e Recent Alcohol Licensing applications

13.e.i St James Place (St Andrews Hall)

Provisional Premises licence application 474741, for a “premium pub, bar and restaurant in mixed commercial/residential development” with Onsales hours until 1am daily, and Offsales hours until 22pm daily. Operations would extend to a large outdoor seating area. Sports such as World Cup/Euros etc. would be shown out with core hours.

NTBCC objected and made a representation in person on 31st October. The application was continued so as to allow for a site visit by Board members, and was subsequently granted on 28th November, with a condition on no audible nuisance for neighbours.

NTBCC requested a statement of reasons in respect to the Board’s decision – specifically, as related to section 8.5 Impact of Overprovision Assessment of the Board’s current policy.

13.e.ii St James Quarter (Unit 4.02A)

Provisional Premises licence application 474742, for a “premium interactive football and immersive gaming premises with ancillary drinking and dining facilities, in a mixed commercial/residential development” with onsales hours until 1am daily, and offsales hours until 22pm daily. The premises are on Level 4 but accessed from Level 3, via a “players tunnel” – namely a repurposed emergency exit at St James Quarter.

NTBCC objected and made representations in person on 31st October & 28th November. The application was continued so as to allow for a site visit by Board members, and was subsequently granted on 28th November.

NTBCC requested a statement of reasons in respect to the Board’s decision – specifically, as related to section 8.5 Impact of Overprovision Assessment of the Board’s current policy.

13.e.iii 38 George Street (Caffe Centro)

Variation of Premises licence application 477708, to extend terminal onsales hours from 1am to 3am daily.

NTBCC objected and made a representation in person on 28th November. The application was granted regardless. The terminal onsales hours of 3am daily has set a precedent for licensed restaurants on George St.

NTBCC requested a statement of reasons in respect to the Board’s decision – specifically, as related to section 8.5 Impact of Overprovision Assessment of the Board’s current policy.

13.e.iv GF, 95 George Street (Fat Hippo Restaurants)

Variation of Premises licence application 476148, to extend terminal Onsales hours from 11pm to midnight daily.

NTBCC objected and made a representation in person on 28th November. The applicant & their agent proactively requested for terminal onsales hours to be increased to midnight Friday-Saturday only. The application was granted accordingly.

NTBCC requested a statement of reasons in respect to the Board’s decision – specifically, as related to section 8.5 Impact of Overprovision Assessment of the Board’s current policy.

13.f Civic & Miscellaneous licence registers

13.f.i Licensing Sub-Committee

Last meeting: 5th & 6th Dec; next meeting: 19th Dec

13.g HMO conditions consultation (closes 30th Dec)

House in Multiple Occupation conditions – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space

The consultation is on whether the frequency shall be increased and made annually for licence holders, with regards to these two standard conditions:

  • Provide the Council with an emergency contact number (HMO11)
  • Give neighbour notifications (HMO12)

NTBCC Response was submitted on 12th December.