NTBCC membership

Following the CC election process that affected all Edinburgh CCs at the end of September and beginning of October, the following is CEC’s current list of NTBCC members. Final membership now confirmed by th Returning Officer at the NTBCC meeting on 14 October.

Office-bearers and convenors will be elected from the members during the meeting on Monday 14 October.

  • Susanna Beaumont
  • Foysol Choudhury
  • Susan Duff
  • Jonathan Finn
  • Laura Graham
  • Stephen Hajducki
  • Deirdre Henderson
  • Simon Holledge
  • Jack Hugh
  • James Kilner
  • Stuart McAllister
  • Susan MacInnes
  • Carol Nimmo
  • Richard Price
  • Fran Wasoff
  • Alan Welsh (Co-opted 14 October 2019)

The following local interest groups have been appointed to the community council:

Local Interest Group Representative
Great King Street Association Sheila Warnock
India Street Association Allan Jack
Picardy Residents Association

Regent, Royal & Carlton Terrace & Mews Association

Peter Williamson

Michael Birch

Further clarification from Edinburgh Council on status of other LIGs requested on 14 October.