NTBCC minutes – AGM Monday 8 May 2017

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s AGM, held in the Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent on Monday 8 May 2017 at 7.30pm

Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

1 Attendance and apologies for absence

Foysol Choudhury NTBCC Christine Ross NTBCC
Judy Conn NTBCC secretary Fran Wasoff NTBCC
Christopher Collins NTBCC Alan Welsh NTBCC
Jonathan Finn NTBCC treasurer, licensing convenor Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Stephen Hajducki NTBCC Cllr Marion Donaldson Leith Walk ward
Jack Hugh NTBCC Cllr Joanna Mowat City Centre ward
Stuart McAllister NTBCC Stuart Foster Police Scotland
Carol Nimmo NTBCC Alan McIntosh Broughton Spurtle
Lewis Press NTBCC environment convenor John Ross Maclean Broughton Spurtle
Richard Price NTBCC planning convenor 4 residents

1.1 Apologies for absence

Allan Jack NTBCC transport convenor Cllr Gavin Barrie Inverleith ward
Ruth Davidson MSP Edinburgh Central Cllr Max Mitchell Inverleith ward
Ben Macpherson MSP Edinburgh Northern & Leith Cllr Hal Osler Inverleith ward
Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith Cllr Iain Whyte Inverleith ward
Cllr Karen Doran City Centre ward Cllr Amy Mcneese-Mechan Leith Walk ward
Cllr Claire Miller City Centre ward Cllr Susan Rae Leith Walk ward
Cllr Alastair Rankin City Centre ward Cllr Lewis Ritchie Leith Walk ward

It was noted that Cllr Miller was previously a member of NTBCC, and so there is now a vacancy on NTBCC.

2 Chair’s report

See Accounts, item B.a.

3 Treasurer’s report

See Accounts, item B.b.

In summary, NTBCC receives around £1000 grant from CEC. NTBCC pays around £300 meeting venue rent, £300 for print and online advertising in the Spurtle, £400 for minutes secretary/web-weaver (This is the usual amount, but the minsec was absent for half of 2016, so only cost £140). Also this year, NTBCC has paid for 3 year’s web-hosting (around £300). Hence NTBCC has a slight deficit but has a healthy reserve.

Accounts were approved nem con

4 Election of office-bearers

Position Nominees Proposers Seconders Notes
Chair I Mowat J Conn F Wasoff J Conn chaired this item, no other nominees
Vicechair R Price I Mowat L Press no other nominees
Secretary J Conn I Mowat C Nimmo no other nominees
Treasurer J Finn C Nimmo F Wasoff no other nominees


Hence I Mowat, R Price, J Conn and J Finn were elected.

5 Any other business

A Welsh proposed a vote of thanks to the office-bearers and to B Ryan for minuting and web-weaving (agreed nem con).

New Town And Broughton Community Council Accounts For The Year Ended 31 March 2017

Administrative information

The committee members who served during the period were:

  • Chair: Ian Mowat
  • Secretary: Judy Conn
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Finn

Annual Report of the Committee, New Town and Broughton Community Council

Chair’s Annual Report

The New Town and Broughton Community Council is one of Edinburgh’s 41 Community Councils, established under statute, to represent the views of the community within the New Town and Broughton area, the boundaries of which are set by the Edinburgh Scheme for Community Councils.

Since the AGM in May 2016 it met for public meetings ten times, in May (immediately after the AGM), June, August, September, October, November and December 2016, and February, March and April 2017.

These meetings were open to the public, and were attended regularly by some of our ward Councillors, who along with our local MP and MSP are ex officio members of the Community Council. Community Police officers are also invited to attend each meeting and have attended regularly.

A business meeting was also held in January 2017.

All Edinburgh Community Council were up for election in September 2016. For the 16 places available for individual nominated members 15 valid nominations were received, so all were elected unopposed. For the 8 places available for Nominations from local interest groups only 4 valid nominations were received, from the Regent, Royal, Carlton Terraces and Mews Association, the Drummond Civic Association, the India Street Association and the Claremont Court Residents’ Association. The new community council met on 10th October 2016 and elected Judy Conn as Secretary, Jonathan Finn as Treasurer and myself, Ian Mowat as Chair. No Vice chair was elected. Since then one Nominated member has resigned, and one local resident has been co-opted.

During the year the Community Council has engaged with 4 Pre Planning applications (PAN) consultations, several appeals to the Scottish Reporter and other applications which generated community concerns. We also commented on a number of significant planning applications.

  1. For the site of the former Royal Bank of Scotland building at Eyre Terrace/ Dundas Street / Fettes Row, which followed on from last year’s PAN. This envisages between 350 – 400 new residential flats as well as a new hotel/ office block/ground floor retail, and generated a great deal of local concern, with around 20 residents attending regularly for updates.
  2. A revised application to convert the former Royal High School building on Regent Road into a hotel, again involving building large new accommodation blocks. This was lodged whilst the developer’s appeal against the Council refusal of their first application is still to be decided. We have observer status at the appeal and are being represented by the advocate Fred Macintosh appointed by the Cockburn Association and EWH, for no cost to ourselves.
  3. The redevelopment of the former B & Q site at Powderhall into residential accommodation (180+ units).

On Transport we have remained involved with the Leith Program Stakeholder Group re redevelopment of the southern part of Leith Walk and responded to the short notice consultation prior to the recent Council decisions to close Leith St for 44 weeks for the St James Centre redevelopment. We will continue to seek more engagement with the City Council on both these programmes, and also with regard to the future of George St now the design principles have been fixed.

On Environment we continued to engage with the Council’s Environmental waste services in order to understand the causes of current difficulties with waste collection with the aim of exploring workable solutions with the Council.

On licensing we opposed (in concert with most of the other city centre community councils) a proposal by the city Council Licensing Board to change the standard condition for playing music in licensed premises that it must not be audible by neighbours to a weaker condition requiring that the noise must not cause nuisance. Despite our objections the Board made this change. A number of variations of licences have been sought seeking changes to the “new” condition, but it is too early to say what the effect of the change has been for residents.

On engagement with the local community, our new website has been regularly updated to show forthcoming meetings, minutes and news about planning application/ consultations. It includes a contact form which residents are using in increasing numbers to contact us. We also launched a Facebook page and have continued to attend the Board of City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership.

During the period ended 31st March 2017, the New Town and Broughton Community Council received its statutory grant of £966 from the City of Edinburgh Council.

No remuneration or expenses have been paid to any Community Council member during the year, except reimbursement of expenses incurred by members on postage, photocopying, paper and print cartridges etc, incurred in the course of community council work.


2017 2016
Receipts and Payments Accounts £ £
Grant 966 996
Other income1 80 0
Interest after tax 2 3
Total receipts 1,048 999
Payments relating to main activities
Administrative expenses 44 69
Rent2 300 275
Advertising3 310 620
Web site hosting4 322 0
Subscriptions5 40 40
Secretary’s fee6 140 450
Insurance7 0 26
Total payments 1,156 1,480
Surplus/ (Deficit) for the year (108) (481)
Statement of Balances
Opening bank balance 883 1,364
Surplus/(Deficit) for the year (108) (481)
Closing bank balance 775 883
General unrestricted funds 775 883
Closing balance 775 883
Estimated liabilities at end of year 0 0


  1. This figure includes two donations of £40, being expenses paid to the Councillors for attendance at an event.
  2. Rent of the room used for monthly meetings for the period January to December.
  3. Advertising in the Spurtle magazine and their website for 2015 and 2016 was paid in 2016
  4. Fees to renew the new New Town and Broughton Community Council website subscription for a further 3 years. US tax of £60.32 was also paid, but in the following accounting year.
  5. Subscription to Cockburn Association.
  6. These are paid to an independent minutes secretary, not the elected Secretary of the Community Council
  7. Insurance against libel and slander claims relating to the website was commenced in 2015/6. This was deducted directly from the grant in 2016/7

Independent Examiner’s Report to the Committee of the New Town and Broughton Community Council

I report on the accounting statements of the organisation for the period ended 31 March 2017 which are set out on page 4 and the accompanying notes thereto.

Respective Responsibilities of Committee Members and Examiner

The Committee members are responsible for the preparation of the accounts and consider that the Community Council is entitled not to have an audit. It is my responsibility to examine the accounts and to state whether particular matters have come to my attention.

Basis of Independent Examiner’s Statement

An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the Community Council and a comparison of the accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts, and seeks explanations from the Committee members concerning such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required by an audit, and consequently I do not express an audit opinion on the view given by the accounts.

Independent Examiner’s Statement

In my opinion:

To the best of my knowledge and belief the Receipts and Payments Accounts and Statement of Balances have been properly prepared from the records and are in agreement with them.

The accounting statements comply with the constitution of the Community Council.


C P Johnston MA, MBA, ACMA, CGMA, Independent Examiner, 17a Clarendon Crescent, Edinburgh EH4 1PU